Bi-Monthly Special Edition 2021

Mabrian Technologies – Leveraging Best-In-Class Travel Intelligence Platform for Tourism Industry


The term Travel Intelligence refers to integrating the analysis of global and current data in the decision making process for the tourism sector. In other words, it is the ability to reduce uncertainty by using information obtained from a variety of data sources in real time. Travel Intelligence is the operational implementation of what is known as Big Data. Nowadays, there is a vast ocean of data that can be used to identify and predict tourism trends. Travel Intelligence platform can be complemented by historical and statistical data traditionally used in the sector.

Mabrian Technologies is one such company that predominantly provides an innovative tourism intelligence tool capable of analyzing multiple, live tourism data points accompanied by analytics and expert advice. The company has developed the first cloud-based platform able to present this data in a simple and accessible way. Mabrian’s travel intelligence platform is the first one able to understand traveller’s behavior throughout the whole travel cycle, and predict tourism dynamics at a real time. It is already collaborating with international destinations like Barcelona Tourism, Seville, Benidorm, Salou, Milano, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, among others.

Providing Cutting-Edge Travel Analytics Solutions and Services

Mabrian Travel Intelligence Platform: Mabrian's tourism intelligence platform provides actionable insights that allow in a simple and accessible way to understand the demand, profile and perception of visitors by dynamically exploring an unparalleled breadth and depth of data points. Benefit from integrated flight search and booking indicators, flight and hotel prices, scheduled flights, comments and opinions on social networks about your smart destination (including your products and hotel service), plus mobile phone geo-tracking data. Additionally you can incorporate your own or third-party data, all in a single space. Mabrian is a cloud platform with 24/7 access to automatically updated information and an email service for news on the most relevant metrics. Plus, as all the information is easily downloadable in multiple formats, you can use this to create your own presentations and graphics.

Mabrian Technology: It uses innovative technology to gather, aggregate and enhance big volumes of data from multiple sources of information exclusively for the tourism sector. Mabrian then converts that information into valuable insights that help you to improve your decision-making process. The world has more stored data than ever before and no human could ever come close to analyzing even a small fraction of what it produces every day. That’s why Mabrian uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to boost computational power and automate the extraction of knowledge. The company uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract raw and unstructured data from sources such as social media and review platforms to transform it into actionable insights. To do this it draws on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to take data and segment by sentences, stemming (reducing words down to their origin), grammar labeling and other methods – all the while using special algorithms to exclude irrelevant data (particularly non-tourism related data).

Mabrian Satisfaction Indices: It uses Tourist Product index (TPI) which measures the level of satisfaction of visitors with a destination’s tourist products across various categories, such as gastronomy, theme-parks, activities, nightlife and museums. This identifies which tourist spots are most valued by different target audiences in order to adapt the product offering and understand how to achieve the twin goals of diversification and repositioning.

Mabrian uses Perceived Security Index (PSI) that measures the perception of security of visitors from different countries. By doing this it also measures the impact of incidents upon the perception of security in that particular destination. Unfortunately, more and more destinations are affected by security crises, whether due to war, terror-attacks, pandemics or socio-political situations. That is why it is essential to be able to measure impact and respond with personalized communications that reduce recovery time. It also uses Perceived Climate Index (PCI), which measures the level of visitor satisfaction with the weather at the destination. This allows you to understand the relationship between the expectations of visitors and the reality of the destination, thus meaning you can create campaigns that are aligned with the weather conditions in your destination.

The Formidable Leader

Santi Camps is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mabrian Technologies.

“Our mission is to offer actionable information in a direct and clear way so that our end-users do not need advanced technological training.”