10 Fastest Growing Security Companies 2017

Making Connecting Safe with Relationship-Based Security: Uniken Inc


It is a known fact that data security breaches around the globe and across industries are on the rise. A majority of business executives, along with their chief security officers and compliance personnel, expect the risks to corporate data, personal data and transactions to rise as the push to transact more of the business over digital channels. Digital networks are one of the weakest links in data security. Uniken was founded to provide a way for corporations to address this issue. Established in 2013, the company provides solutions for the digital networks that connect and authenticate the enterprise to partners, customers and employees – and to protect businesses from costly security breaches.

With 28 global implementations of the company’s product, with over $400B monetary assets protected. Uniken didn’t just patch the hole; it built a new, more effective protocol from the ground up.

Core Product: REL-ID

The problem with exiting channels is that they are built to connect first and then authenticate. “You wouldn’t let a stranger into your house and then ask who they were. Why do it digitally?” this thought provoking issue has been answered by Uniken.

Uniken has introduced relationship-based security with REL-ID (“RELationship-IDentity”). REL-ID is a safe, simple, and scalable security platform that, for the first-time, tightly integrates identity, authentication, and channel security. By combining strong, “relationship” identities with our patented protocol, secure, continuously authenticated application channels can beestablished with blazing speed and at IoT scale. It is powerful Omni-channel technology, which has strength from the bottom up.

This next- generational technology starts with elements of the existing model of absolute identities and super-charges them. REL-ID first establishes a unique device identity, overlays an application identity, and then binds any set of absolute user credentials (username, voice, retina, fingerprint, etc.). It also takes the device, application, and access identities at the server side of the connection and binds all of those difficult-to-spoof, mutual factors into a unique combination. This shared/mutual/relationship identity, containing elements from both the user and the enterprise, is then split. Each side of the connection is responsible for part of the identity, but neither ever has full knowledge. The core of REL-ID is built in endian neutral ANSI-C, making it easily deployable and portable to almost any operating system.

A Succinct Discussion with Bimal Gandhi, CEO

What are the factors that contribute the most to software security risks?

There are many factors that significantly impacts software security risks. OWASP, who is focused on evaluating and improving software application security, recently published a list that shows programming issues such as cross site scripting and SQL injection as major risks. Additional contributors are security risks caused by lacking the right security infrastructure such as Broken Authentication and Session Management, Security Misconfiguration, Insecure Cryptographic Storage and Insufficient Transport Layer protection. Our solution provides controls for the security risk elements

What are the most challenging aspects of software security impacting businesses today?

Without a doubt, the most complex element of software security is managing the complexity. The complexity crosses boundaries of knowledge, implementation and operational components. Getting all three to be done correctly and then keeping all aligned overtime is a challenge.

What are the biggest attributes of your organization?

  • Vision to understand the gaps in the market and defining a product roadmap that is compelling to the prospective client’s business needs.
  • Laser Focus to build our solution to meet the needs of the target customers, without being distracted by unwanted features.
  • Execution to ensure we deliver, with quality - what and when we said we would deliver. This allows our marketing business development and sales team do their part with the customers.
  • Innovation spark to not rest on our laurels as the market is always moving.
  • A strong sense of Team that allows everyone in the company the ability to share, communicate, contribute, and of course, be accountable and responsible for their part

Applauds and Accolades

Uniken has been internationally recognized and honored with awards; take a look at the company’s achievements:

  • Top Startup, Next Bank Silicon Valley 2016, USA
  • Top Emerging Company, IE20 2016, India
  • Best Growth Startup, Fintech Finals 2016, Hong Kong
  • Finalist in the “Best RegTech Platform, Tool/ App”, Benzinga Global FinTech Awards, 2017, USA

Meet the Head Crew

Bimal Gandhi, CEO: Bimal has over 20 years of global experience across management consulting, technology, and financial services industries across US, UK and India. He is known for his unique ability to blend finance, strategy, technology, and operations into a seamless portfolio to drive performance via a strong focus on metrics. Bimal most recently was the Executive Vice President of Enterprise Services at Ameriprise Financial.

Robert Levine, COO: Robert is an established cyber security “insider” with 30 years of international experience, with the last 20 years focused on cyber security technology. He has a broad knowledge of the overall market place that provides critical insight for making effective strategy, sales and business development decisions along with execution. Robert was previously the President of Aurionpro Solutions, and President and CEO of SENA Systems.

Nishant Kaushik, CTO:

Nishant has worked with some of the largest organizations in the world to create enterprise-class solutions that address complex, ever-evolving business requirements at scale. Nishant holds a number of patents in the field. Recognized as a “Top Identity Leader” by One World Identity, he speaks regularly at conferences and is often quoted in publications regarding the latest challenges, technological advances and future trends. Nishant was recently the CTO for SCUID Inc.

“Our solutions provide the infrastructure for companies to connect their digital clients to their products and services safely and securely, all while enabling an amazing customer experience.”