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thesiliconreview-hari-menon-cofounder-ceo-bigbasket-com-2018bigbasket was founded in December 2011 in Bangalore by a team of five - V S Sudhakar, Hari Menon, Vipul Parekh, V S Ramesh and Abhinay Choudhari. Servicing over 5 million registered customers, bigbasket has grown into India's largest online supermarket with over 20,000 products from over 1000 brands and presence in 26 cities across the country including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai & Delhi-NCR. bigbasket's online store offers a variety of products across various categories: fresh fruits & vegetables, grocery & staples, beverages, bread, dairy & egg products, branded foods, meat, personal care and household products.

The best online grocery store

bigbasket thrives on out of the box thinking and relentless pursuit of excellence. We are looking for people who share our passion for building world class products. If you are excited about the prospect of changing the way India shops for groceries and being a pioneer, then this a great home for you, not to mention the thrill of building products that millions use on a daily basis and using cutting edge technology to make the products customers love.

bigbasket is the first comprehensive online grocery store in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Mysore, Coimbatore, Vijayawada-Guntur, Kolkata, Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar, Lucknow-Kanpur, Gurgaon, Vadodara, Visakhapatnam, Surat, Nagpur, Patna, Indore, Chandigarh Tricity, Jaipur, Bhopal, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. Save time and money, shop at - the best online fruit & vegetable store, meat store, provisions store - an all-encompassing online groceries store of India.

Guaranteeing on time delivery and the best quality (Innovative Retail Concepts Private Limited) is India’s largest online food and grocery store. With over 18,000 products and over a 1000 brands in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for. Right from fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and dals, spices and seasonings to packaged products, beverages, personal care products, meats – we have it all.
Choose from a wide range of options in every category, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices. Select a time slot for delivery and your order will be delivered right to your doorstep. You can pay online using your debit / credit card or by cash / sodexo on delivery.

At we believe in being smart, quick and efficient, making your life as leisurely as possible. We understand that in this fast-paced world, time is always of the essence and hence want to make your grocery shopping easy and convenient so that no time is wasted in this process. So, no more hassle of going down to the grocery store and long queues for billing etc. You can browse through our varied range of products at, order them and get them to be delivered at your own convenient time slot. We specially hand pick each and every product for you, putting it through a safety packaging process and finding your home, no matter how bad the wind is or how cold the weather is. Our ''No questions asked refund' and ''10% off for a delayed delivery'' policy makes us a customer friendly online food and grocery store. Just follow three simple steps and get your order

Saving time and efforts of grocery shopping

bigbasket allows you to walk away from the drudgery of grocery shopping and welcome an easy relaxed way of browsing and shopping for groceries. Discover new products and shop for all your food and grocery needs from the comfort of your home or office. No more getting stuck in traffic jams, paying for parking, standing in long queues and carrying heavy bags – get everything you need, when you need, right at your doorstep. Food shopping online is now easy as every product on your monthly shopping list is now available online at

We, at, are excited about making life simpler and grocery shopping a breeze! Now you can buy organic food & grocery online at your leisure and from the comfort of your home - no more standing in the long queues at ration shops, provision stores & supermarkets. Online grocery shopping is made easy & simple when you are shopping groceries at bigbasket.

Green basket

Being green is part of the culture at bigbasket. An offline grocery store requires stocks to move from a regional distribution centre to the individual stores, and then someone from each family has to make multiple trips to the store to do their shopping.

Supermarkets consume a lot of energy for lighting, air-conditioning and powering their refrigerators and freezers. We bypass these, bringing products to you straight from the wholesaler to your doorstep which cuts down on a lot of carbon emissions generated by the traditional supply chain and also reduces the number of cars on our roads. We minimize the use of paper and plastic bags while delivering our products. All products are delivered in crates which are taken back and reused. Our fruit and vegetable trays are recyclable, and we request our customers to return them to us so that we can reuse them.

Knowing the CEO

Hari Menon is the Co-founder, CEO and Head of Merchandising at

“We pride ourselves in solving customer problems in the most efficient and elegant ways. Everything we do is guided by our core culture and values.”