10 Fastest Growing Software Testing Companies 2016

Making own new record of their “Testing” performance and breaking the same: Zado Infotech Solutions

silicon-review-cynthia-jones“Don’t fix bugs later; fix them now.” – Steve Maguire

Software Testing is going through some fundamental changes on the execution, philosophy, best practices and tools and it is largely driven by software complexities and faster time to market. In future, the word software testing is going to be obsolete and there will be only one term – Test Automation. Yes, Zado believes that the test automation is here to stay and open source tools will be dominating the next decade.

Many larger organizations are moving towards quality center of excellence model (CoE), which deals with identifying the right tools and best practices to improve overall test efficiency & quality effectiveness. Zado follows the same footprints of Centers of excellence model where they combine their strengths in test automation and their philosophy of supporting the open source community to offer open source test automation CoE.

Founded in 2011, Zado’s focus on test automation is co-jointed with these industry strengths and successful quality organizations in the future will be the ones who have an arsenal of skills for many technologies and test automation tools and hit the business too early to nullify the effects of competition.

Headquartered in Chennai, India, Zado is a provider of test automation solutions with specific focus on web, mobile and cloud applications. The company’s framework-driven approach to test automation ensures reliability and performance of applications in diverse environments and complexities. Their Center of Excellence works towards ensuring the success of every test automation initiative of their customers, irrespective of the stage that they are in – startup, transitional or mature. They have successfully helped startup, ecommerce and independent software vendors with their automation needs. Their goal is to ensure quality of client’s software using test automation optimally.

They are open to doing POCs and Pilots that prove their credibility. They also have an innovative engagement model, Enhance – Optimize – Transfer (EOT), where they implement automation testing and transition it to local teams. Their points of intervention after that, will be only towards enhancing the automation framework. Zado automation frameworks help manual testers write their own test scripts without the necessary automation expertise. This qualifies manual testers into automation testers, providing better economies of scale and faster ROI of client’s automation efforts.

Zado’s Test Automation Services
Zado specializes in test automation services where they offer robust test automation solutions across Web, Cloud and Mobility. With proven expertise in open source and commercial test automation tools, effective test automation process and expertise across industries makes Zado the right choice for client’s test automation needs. Their services include:

Mobile: They have a mobile automation framework that can be configured to test any kind of mobile application including its UI. The number of permutations and combinations in mobile testing is endless and they have to be covered to get a quality application. They perform functional, non-functional, installation, usability and performance testing of mobile applications efficiently through automation.

Web: Test automation will be the most appropriate strategy that would help remove bugs and ensure optimal performance of the web applications. They have developed an automation framework that expedites testing web applications that deal with complexities like SOAP/REST, Highcharts, AJAX. On the usability front, they provide both generic and hybrid automation solution for automating the applications. They maximize test coverage and try to incorporate even complex work flows into automation, freeing up resources to focus on other risks.

Cloud: They have developed a cloud automation framework and have brought in workarounds using python scripting to do a number of tests on cloud deployed applications. They work with the cloud platform providers to do performance and load testing by accessing insights such as network traffic, device vitals and more, to allow the customer to perform optimizations and improve application performance.

Z–automate: Are you worried about phasing out manual testers and hiring Test Automation specialists at a higher cost for Selenium? Do you want to implement test automation strategy with manual testers itself? Are you exploring the options to implement test automation strategy using script less automation strategy? Z-automate is a selenium based product that exactly addresses these questions: The manual tester can execute selenium test scripts without programming skills or tool knowledge, the test case will be converted automatically into a test automation script within few seconds, one can implement selenium based test automation strategy within minutes across all the platforms such as Mobile, Web and Cloud.

Meet the Mistress
Cynthia Jones, Founder and Director of HR: Cynthia is a techno-functional expert who founded the Zado Group of companies leveraging her expertise in the Cloud and Mobility Space. Her vision is to build an organization with niche technologies, resources to address the industry needs and to provide solutions in QA. She is responsible for building Zado into an exclusive and unique global organization, known for its people and their performance. She is nurturing and managing the Human Resources at Zado Infotech.

She is an effective communicator with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. She has an innate ability to interact with a broad spectrum of people and derive value for the organization. Cynthia holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration from Anna University.

“The automation testing what we do is ideal to ensure functionality and performance of the platform, while ensuring reliability and availability”.