July Special Edition 2021

An industry expert providing integrated SaaS solutions designed to help organizations transform their approach to managing critical workflows and leveraging analytics: Origami Risk

Increasingly, life insurers are being asked to do more with less: drive better performance, attract new business and achieve faster underwriting. At the same time, they’re expected to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and, of course, manage risk effectively. It’s a tall order, but one that can be met by automating new business and underwriting systems. While automation will never replace talented agents and underwriters, it can help insurers simplify their processes—and free up their talent to focus on more complex cases or value-added activities. Since insurers pay for cloud computing based on usage, they can reduce redundancies and achieve economies of scale in run and maintenance costs. This also eliminates the need to pay licensing fees, and reduces the IT burden on the insurer in terms of hardware, software and people needed to manage systems. Founded in 2009 by industry veterans who saw the need for a single-version, cloud-based RMIS platform, Origami Risk has expanded its product offerings and grown to become a company of more than 300 employees delivering software and support to over 600 companies around the globe. Origami Risk is a leading provider of integrated SaaS solutions for the risk and insurance industry—from insured corporate and public entities to brokers and risk consultants, insurers, third party claims administrators (TPAs), and risk pools. Highly configurable and completely scalable, Origami Risk delivers a full suite of risk management and insurance core system solutions from a single secure, cloud-based platform accessible via web browser and mobile app.

A Single Cloud-Based Platform

Origami Risk is the most successful platform in the industry, measured by client satisfaction, growth, employee retention, and awards. When the company was established in 2009, the founders knew that building and supporting innovative risk management solutions meant hiring the right talent. Origami Risk colleagues (a.k.a. Origamians) are a diverse group of experienced individuals who go above and beyond to provide excellent service to their clients and support their teammates. When the team is respected and empowered, there’s a direct contribution to the innovation of technology. Origami Risk is an integrated platform of risk and insurance products that includes RMIS, Healthcare, Environment Health & Safety (EHS), Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), Claims, Policy Admin, Underwriting, and Data Analytics Tools. It allows you to effortlessly integrate workflows, aggregate your data across disciplines, analyze it, and automatically act on insights to generate tremendous efficiencies—all from a single system. The company’s software is supported by a best-in-class service team of experienced risk and insurance professionals who possess a balance of industry knowledge and technological expertise. A singular focus on helping clients achieve their business objectives underlies Origami Risk’s approach to developing, implementing, and supporting risk management and insurance core system technology solutions to fit your business needs.

Streamline Risk, Insurance, and Safety Processes

Front-end features are undoubtedly important. Yet they are of little value if the technology behind them runs slowly when you need the most processing power, restricts your ability to connect with data sources, can’t be adapted to your processes, or struggles to meet the demands of your employees and clients. Origami Risk addresses these and other concerns by deploying configurable, user-friendly features within a secure, scalable platform—accessible via browser and mobile app—that is the foundation for our integrated insurance, risk, safety, and compliance solutions. Manage and mitigate risks to students, faculty, staff, and contractors, as well as those with the potential to cause damage to assets and reputation. A single-platform delivery of RMIS, Safety, Business Continuity Management (BCM), and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) functionality make Origami Risk an ideal—and proven—technology solution for school districts, colleges and universities, and educational institution risk pools. Create an effective, scalable process for developing and testing business continuity plans. Manage assignments, monitor progress, and dynamically update plans as new information is entered. Rank processes by criticality, impact, and time-to-recover. Conduct testing exercises to assess readiness and ensure plans are executed upon triggering events.

Meet the leader behind the success of Origami Risk

Linus Concepcion is the Co-founder and Senior Product Engineer of Origami Risk. Linus is an innovative senior software architect with deep technical and management experience. He has particular expertise in building high-performance technology that is elegantly designed and easy to use. Linus co-led the design and development of the Origami Risk product and is currently responsible for managing ongoing development of new features and capabilities. A skilled technologist, Linus has extensive experience in anticipating clients' needs and developing the exact technology to meet such demands.

“The configurability of our SaaS solutions give clients an array of personalization options while still drawing from a single, underlying code base”