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Managing Sales Performance in the Subscription Economy: Obero SPM


The subscription economy has changed business models across all industries. This is especially evident with technology and software companies as they move aggressively towards delivering products and services using Cloud and a SaaS based business model. In this model, the demand not only lies in the need to expand their customer base, but also in the retention and growth of existing customers.

Success of subscription businesses spans across acquisition, onboarding, engaging and empowering the customer. New metrics of success have emerged for the entire business including functional teams such as business development, sales, account executives, professional services/implementation and customer success management. The tools that were used in the old economy are no longer sufficient and can’t keep up with the demands of today’s subscription economy businesses. 

Obero understands that. 

Obero SPM is a business-owned sales performance management solution that was specifically built for the subscription economy and encourages efficient company-wide collaboration in planning, optimizing and executing high-performance strategies.

“Drawing on our expertise helping hundreds of companies with their performance management requirements, we built Obero SPM to help our customers develop and run the best sales strategies for the subscription economy,” said Leon Kharkhourin, CEO of Obero SPM. “It is a solution for the entire subscription business. It goes beyond incentive compensation management, beyond sales and beyond revenue management. It supports your entire ongoing engagement with your customer: you grow when they grow.”

Obero SPM uses an open data model which allows it to seamlessly connect to any existing system or data source. It is a truly business owned solution, which can automate manual processes and provide meaningful, actionable insights into the sales performance data.

What makes Obero different?

  • Obero SPM is built to accommodate new metrics and processes that are required to measure success for growing subscription businesses. Available out of the box with no additional development required.
  • Obero SPM’s open-data model allows for easy integration with literally any outside system.
  • Compensation plans of any complexity can be implemented as they are, without any change. There is no need to adapt plans to fit the solution, the solution fits the plan.
  • The solution is built in the form of deployable modules that can automate different processes for the Offices of Sales, HR and Finance.
  • Dedicated in-house professional services team that works with customers from day one. No third party consultants required.

What customers say?

“We moved to Obero SPM because our other tools just weren’t able to keep up with our business. A SaaS business is different, and Obero gets that. We expect Obero will make it easier for our leadership team to collaborate to drive our sales performance in a way that just wasn’t possible before.”- Carl Benefiel, Vice President of Business Operations, HotSchedules

“Obero has significantly reduced the amount of time spent calculating commissions while increasing the accuracy of the output. We are very pleased with the product as well as with the support behind it.” - Carol Morgan, Sales Operations Manager, Avtex

Meet the CEO - Leon Kharkhourin

Leon Kharkhourin’s responsibilities include developing and executing growth strategies for the company and overseeing the sales, marketing and partner channel division. Leon brings 15 years of experience building and managing software and services teams in the areas of Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and Sales Force Automation. Prior to Obero, Leon served as the Business Unit Executive of IBM’s North American Software Group, managing the Performance Management Professional Services organization. Leon’s ability to effectively manage cross-functional teams has led to consistently high customer satisfaction ratings and has resulted in his teams being regarded as industry leaders. Leon holds an MBA degree in Information Technology and Operations, from York University’s Schulich School of Business.