April Edition 2021

The world’s foremost SaaS platform provider for collecting, managing, disclosing and acting upon real estate ESG/sustainability data – helping to drive us toward a smarter tomorrow: Measurabl


Technological change affects everyone. It alters our daily lives at every level: social, economic, and political. Until now, the real estate industry’s reaction to these fundamental changes has been muted, even though real estate’s vulnerability to digital disruption is as profound as any other industry. Given the sheer volume of data now in circulation, organizations that are able to leverage and draw value from this data have a huge commercial advantage over their competitors. For example even at a base level, data allows you to better understand customer needs, shape your product offering, lower costs, customize your marketing strategy and produce products or deliver services more efficiently. This is particularly relevant for the Real Estate industry, where the significant power of data is still largely untapped. Imagine what you can accomplish with access to time-saving automated data capture, on-demand reporting capabilities, and verified service providers to help you manage ESG—all in one place. Globally there are various providers specializing in providing data management solutions for the real estate segment, but Measurabl stands out from the rest. Measurabl offers a wide range of features and functionality to power sustainability measurement, management, and reporting across your entire real estate portfolio.

On-Demand ESG Services

In addition to its industry-leading software platform, Measurabl offers access to a menu of low-cost, high-quality services so they don’t have to spend time shopping around for trusted vendors or comparing pricing. Measurabl eliminates the guesswork by alerting users in application when certain assets are eligible for services like ENERGY STAR Certification and Benchmarking Ordinance Submission then connects them with qualified providers. Customers can add these services to existing Measurabl subscriptions, and Measurabl guarantees successful delivery. Commercial real estate industry firms are finding that data-backed ESG performance has gone from a “nice to have” to a business requirement. But it’s difficult to keep up with investor and stakeholder demands when your data is trapped in spreadsheets and your team is bogged down with manual, outdated processes. Measurabl is a tech-founded approach to ESG management, giving users the ability to skip the data-crunching and focus on making improvements that will truly move the needle in their sustainability performance.

Ensure your ESG data is investment grade

Simply reporting whatever data you have on hand is no longer enough to meet stakeholder expectations. Measurabl ensures your ESG data is timely, accurate, complete, and auditable. Measurabl is more than a software platform. It’s a team invested in client success that understands the needs of commercial real estate sustainability professionals. Gather meter-level electricity, water, fuel, district, and waste data automatically from thousands of utilities. Ensure that data meets stakeholder requirements with data checks, anomaly detection, and clear paths to error resolution. Measurabl has integrated global physical climate risk data to its ESG platform to help users assess their exposure to heat stress, flooding, and other factors at the asset level. Compare your building- and portfolio-level ESG performance to nearly 55,000 buildings in Measurabl's database to see how your assets stack up against your peers. View and renew green building certifications like LEED, BREEAM, ENERGY STAR, and manage asset-level projects, audits, and ratings. Track your ESG policies and procedures alongside environmental data in the Measurabl platform. Automatically calculate Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions to determine which buildings are highly efficient and which emit excessive levels of carbon. Visualize and track trends in energy and water consumption, waste outputs, and carbon emissions, then compare performance against weather and building occupancy factors.

For building owners

Collect data, set targets, analyze performance, create investment grade reports and identify opportunities to improve. Measurabl is an all-in-one ESG solution for building owners that helps resolve a wide variety of regulatory and market-driven pain points. Measurabl is an easy-to-use SaaS platform that centralizes and consolidates all your team’s ESG data. You can provide your entire team access to the platform; assign roles to each collaborator and export data and reports on demand. Measurabl geolocates buildings and identifies assets in a portfolio that must comply with local ordinances. It also sends quality-assured data pulled directly from utility providers to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. This transforms a complicated workflow into a streamlined process. Measurabl automates and algorithmically checks ESG data points. You can also delegate access to team members to input qualitative data such as sustainability projects and building certifications. All this information is then auto-populated into reports for investors.

Meet the leader behind the success of Measurabl

Matt Ellis is the Founder & CEO of Measurabl. Matt is responsible for overall company operations, product vision and investor relations. Before founding Measurabl Matt spent five years with CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services company, where he began his career as a real estate broker and went on to lead CBRE’s Sustainability Practice Group in the Western US, implement CBRE’s industry-first global carbon neutrality program, and serve as Director of Sustainability Solutions. He was also a member of CBRE’s global sustainability steering committee.

“Capturing ESG data creates value across your organization – from company operations to financing activities. By acting on this data, you will improve your scores across multiple sustainability frameworks, increase brand resonance and enhance enterprise value.”