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Maha Achour, CEO of Metawave Corporation: With Her Extensive Experience, has Been at the Forefront of the Instigating Growth of this Innovative Company


Beamforming is a technique that focuses a wireless signal towards a specific receiving device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions from a broadcast antenna, as it normally would. Today, beamforming is crucial to the 5G networks that are just beginning to roll out. With beamforming, the router determines where your device laptop, smartphone, tablet, or whatever else is located and projects a stronger signal in that specific direction. Beamforming promises a faster, stronger Wi-Fi signal with longer range for each device.

Metawave Corporation led by zestful and skillful leader Maha Achour, leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence with its SPEKTRA™, the first advanced analog beamsteering radar system capable of distinguishing between objects in difficult driving scenarios and in all-weather conditions, making cars safer and smarter. Using similar beamforming technology, Metawave is also developing its state-of-the-art KLONE™ passive reflect arrays and TURBO™ active repeaters to enable faster, more efficient 5G and fixed wireless deployments to bring high-speed connectivity to billions of users as they connect indoors and outdoors around the world. All of Metawave’s platforms are integrated with AWARE™, Metawave’s proprietary AI software for object detection and classification, and for effective network planning and optimization.

Offering Advanced Analog Beamsteering Products

Metawave SPEKTRA™: Metawave’s SPEKTRA™ radar utilizes analog beam-forming and beamsteering with advanced digital signal processing techniques to deliver a low-cost solution that drives the evolution of highly automated driving and the deployment of advanced automated safety features, such as left turn assist, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, traffic jam pilot, highway pilot, etc. Metawave is delivering a radar platform that identifies and classifies objects at long-range with a higher resolution than today’s radar. With its groundbreaking beamsteering capabilities, SPEKTRA™ can detect and classify vehicles beyond 350 meters and pedestrians beyond 200 meters. Detection at these distances has proven challenging for other sensors; object detection and classification at these ranges is essential for safe, automated driving features. Metawave's radar can penetrate difficult weather conditions like dense fog, sand storms, and heavy rain, while maintaining high performance.

Metawave KLONE™: 5G is the next advancement in broadband wireless connectivity. It provides 100 times faster data speeds than 4G while supporting low-latency applications such as autonomous driving, making it possible for multiple devices to be highly responsive, and better connected simultaneously. 5G will allow us to transmit 10,000 times the traffic with less than 1 millisecond latency. And, it’s more reliable than prior cellular networks opening the doors to smart cities and roads. Metawave KLONE™ passive reflectors are beautifully designed “smart mirrors” that bend and direct signals in areas of lower coverage.  Metawave provides carriers with the world’s first active repeaters and passive relays for more effective indoor and outdoor 5G coverage.

Metawave TURBO™: Its active repeaters boost signals thousands of times faster to extend coverage in challenging areas. Metawave’s 5G platforms enable higher speeds, wider coverage, and ‘non-line-of-sight’ connectivity, using fewer radios in 5G deployed in cities, office buildings and malls, crowded stadiums and concerts, and other areas deploying 5G. At high frequencies, larger bandwidths are allocated to support higher network capacity and meet the increased demand for higher speed. Mm-wave’s shorter wavelengths can transfer data faster, even though the signal distance is shorter.

The Vibrant Leader behind Metawave Corporation’s Success

Maha Achour, PhD is the Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of Metawave Corporation. She is a senior leader with over 25 years’ experience in both public, defense, and startup companies in semiconductor and wireless RF and optical communication and sensing systems. She was recently recognized in Forbes 50 Vision list for founding Metawave. Ms. Achour is also Glass Dyenamics Chairwoman of the board. Her strong technology background combined with leadership, business and marketing skills. Previously, Maha served as co-founder and CTO of Rayspan, Dir of Adv Technology at SDRC (Boeing), and Dir of Adv Technology of Optical access where she pioneered the first broadcast HDTV system over satellite, mm-wave/Free-Space Optical systems for last mile connectivity, and led various DARPA projects in wireless MIMO and Optical devices. She holds a doctorate degree in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), authored over 35 publications, and holds more than 75 granted patents and over 150 pending applications.

“Metawave delivers Connectivity & Mobility technology platforms to power smart applications today and tomorrow.”