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Mustafa Kaygusuz, Founder of Texas Biotechnology Inc: ‘Our Research is Concentrated on Increasing Soil Health, the Degradation of Chemical Substances Blocking Natural Processes, Increasing Crop Yield, and Enhancing Nutrient Transformations’


“We are the only company to degrade chemical residues and decrease soil salinity with one product — in a very short period of time.”

The negative impact of chemical residues found in agricultural products on human health, agricultural lands, and the environment has widened its territory. That said, the majority of the people in the world, who are aware of the impact, have not paid heed as to how to overcome such a menace. Although, frankly speaking, these consumers are not entitled to fix such loopholes.

Keeping that in view,Texas Biotechnology Inc., found a way to address such hazards. The company introduced ‘RezFree®’ for “residue-free agriculture” which is exactly what conscious consumers and growers look for. The company’s dedicated scientists who made such a high-quality product had a big role.

Texas Biotechnology Inc.

discovers, develops, and commercializes innovative products in agriculture. It’s committed to exploring the undiscovered potential of biotechnology for farmers, complaining about the serious negative impacts of chemicals used in lands, by discovering, developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative, organic and unique products that degrade pesticide and chemical fertilizer residues in soil, plants, and products in only 48 hours.

The company was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in Richmond, Texas.

Mustafa Kaygusuz, Texas Biotechnology Inc. founder, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

The Emergence of Texas Biotechnology Inc: In His Own Words

I was engaged in construction and import and export business for many years, but I had a special interest in biotechnology because I was seeing a large number of people around me who suffer from diseases and I agree with the idea that the main reason of many diseases are related to the things we eat. So I was constantly searching for an investment opportunity in biotechnology to contribute to the solution of this problem. Long story short; with a distinguished scientist friend of mine, we decided to establish a high-tech lab to develop biological products by using bacteria and the enzymes of bacteria. I didn’t have a degree in microbiology so I had to study a lot. I read published studies and papers about the miraculous works of bacteria, took private lessons from experts in the subject, participated in many seminars and conferences; therefore, improved myself in this field. The more I learned, I realized that there are hundreds of potential products we could develop for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment. Later, I decided to invest in the US because the center of biotechnology is here and we wanted to collaborate with the best universities and institutions in this field in the country. We invested in the country considering its market potential and accordingly expand into different geographies. Moreover, I have made all my investments in this area and have been trying to use the potential in the world of bacteria as a solution to the problems that humanity could not solve so far.

Elements: That Keep Texas Biotechnology Ahead of the Curve

We use methods and practices of microbiology, biotechnology, and relevant life sciences to develop solutions for critical problems in agriculture so we started our research in a high-tech lab located in Houston. Our research is concentrated on increasing soil health, the degradation of chemical substances blocking natural processes, increasing crop yield, and enhancing nutrient transformations. After developing RezFree as a solution, addressing those problems we established state of the art production facilities one of which is in Richmond, Texas. Field trials and marketing activities started in many countries and distribution activities reached to 17 countries so far. We aim to be present in 50 countries until the end of 2022.

Staying Relevant to the Consumer Interests and Needs

Our mission: “We’re curing the earth”. We focus on major food production problems such as salinity levels in soil and pesticides/chemical residues found in food that cause many diseases; not only cancer but there are lots of scientific studies showing the link between pesticide residues and diseases such as autism, Parkinson, allergic diseases, etc. This is very important as stated in the President’s cancer panel 2009: “The entire U.S. population is exposed on a daily basis to numerous agricultural chemicals. Many of these chemicals are known or suspected carcinogenic or have endocrine-disrupting properties. Pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides) approved for use contain nearly 900 active ingredients, many of which are toxic. In addition to pesticides, agricultural fertilizers and veterinary pharmaceuticals are major contributors to water pollution, both directly and as a result of chemical processes that form toxic by-products when these substances enter the water supply.”

These chemicals not only affect humans negatively but the environment too. For example, honey bees and monarch butterflies which are the two main pollinators that add more than $15 billion in value to agricultural crops each year, are affected due to overuse of neonicotinoid pesticides according to studies published in Nature magazine. ‘Neonics, as they’re known for short, have become among the most widely used insecticides in the world. The pesticide is coated onto the seeds that farmers plant to grow their crops. These pre-treated seeds are used extensively in corn, soy, and canola crops. In fact, it’s estimated that treated seeds are used in more than 95 percent of the U.S. corn crop.” Hence, we aimed to degrade the pesticide residues in soil and food in a cost-effective way, so even low-income people could consume cleaner products, thereby contributing to the environment by cleaning the contaminated soil as much as we can.

A Well-Deserved Result

Soils are the foundation of the food system, the supply of clean water, nutrient cycling, and a range of other ecosystem functions. Soils are non-renewable on a human time scale and are limited. But in the US alone, around 50 million hectares of cropland is affected by salinity, and this number is growing by 10 percent annually. According to a study, only the central California region is losing approximately $3.7 billion in annual agricultural revenue due to salinity levels in the soil. RezFree® plays a major here using innovative methods; we were able to decrease salinity levels. To address this issue with more precision, we collaborated with universities, institutions, and growers not only in the US but also in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. And the results are very promising.

Salinity not only decreases the agricultural production of most crops, but also, effects soil physicochemical properties, and ecological balance of the area.

Going Above and Beyond

Besides agriculture, our scientists are working on some probiotic supplements for fish and cattle. We have already finished the research of these new products but having scientific proofs and implementing trials take time. Shortly, we will be launching these products as soon as the development and registration processes are carried out.

Moreover, we have two production facilities as of now, and we plan to open another one in Algeria next year.

“Despite all the negative impacts of chemicals/residues on soil, we’re curing the earth. We are here to open a new path to improve lands, eliminate residues and get the maximum yield from both conventional and organic agriculture to make a difference.”