November Special Edition 2022

‘For the common good’: Neco Finance’s eco-social values and vision are the key drivers of its success


"Flo Goette’s latest brainchild Neco is the only cryptocurrency that has never lost value."

Flo Goette, founder and chairman of Neco Finance, is a serial entrepreneur, impact investor, and visionary. A software developer since age 18, he became an expert in cloud computing, cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain, and set up four successful tech startups. Flo has been featured in “The Top 100 People in Finance” (Top 100 Magazine), “The 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of the Year 2021” (The CIO Times), and “Heroes, Leaders, Legends” (with Pat Sampson, Oprah Winfrey, and Jack Canfield).

At age 23, after a devastating paragliding accident left him paralyzed and in a coma for a week, Flo endured three near-death experiences that forever changed his life. Against all odds, instead of losing his life, he lost his fear of death. Flo walked out of the hospital after just three months of recovery, finished his studies, and returned to paragliding, which remains his favorite hobby. Thirteen years after his accident, he solo climbed the world’s highest volcano, Ojos del Salado in Chile.

Flo's love for extreme sports, volcanoes, and sharks, is exceeded only by his passion for sustainability, climate protection, and social good. At age 32, he founded Pro Team Investment, an impact investment firm with a focus on future technologies, renewable energy, and sustainable finance. During a three-year sabbatical, Flo began to realize the extent to which climate change, pollution, mass extinction of species, poverty, and inequality impact the quality and security of all life on Earth.

On a spiritual journey through the Amazon rainforest, an idea was born that led to Neco, a revolutionary cryptocurrency that seeks to tackle these issues by building a sustainable financial system and circular economy that serves people and the planet.

Set up in 2020, Neco has outperformed all major fiat and cryptocurrencies in profitability, stability, and security. Today it is the only cryptocurrency that has never lost value.

As a journalist, I find Neco Finance quite striking. From the emotional branding standpoint to the high energy and motivation I felt from talking with Flo, Neco stands out. It’s the inspiration I get from doing this interview and learning about a company that has the potential to change the world. Here’s what Flo had to say.

“We live in a world of abundance—we have enough food for everyone, enough medicine to cure most diseases, and all the tech to live sustainably. But our current financial system creates scarcity, enslaves the people, and destroys our planet for the absurd idea of infinite growth.”

To address this, Flo set up Neco, the cryptocurrency for the common good. It generates profits, provides a universal basic income and protects the climate.

“Our vision is to build a sustainable financial system that serves people and the planet.”

Neco is a free currency, unlike Bitcoin, enabling global money transfers without fees. The platform is backed by a reserve, giving it stability and security while generating earnings of 25-50% annually.


For people, planet and profit

With the motto ‘people, planet, profit’, Neco combines investment with social and ecological values and delivers a positive triple bottom line. The company grants universal basic income (UBI) to its members to reduce poverty and inequality in the world. Over the last two years, Neco has supported its community with UBI payments of over half a million Euros.

Neco protects the climate by offsetting carbon emissions, not only those of the organization itself but also the entire carbon footprint of its global user community. The company’s goal is to become a zero-footprint organization by minimizing resource consumption, eliminating waste and harmful substances, and recycling.

Having completed its prototype with great success, the Germany-based company is currently in preparation for its initial coin offering (ICO) in 2023.

The Neco currency token is not the only blockbuster in the company portfolio. The company has two additional products with massive market potential in its pipeline—Stackchain, a carbon-neutral crypto platform, and Collexa, a system of collective intelligence.

‘Stackchain is Blockchain 2.0’

Blockchain technology is driving a new paradigm shift in information technology towards decentralized systems. The key benefits of a Blockchain are decentralization and immutability, promising unprecedented levels of transparency, security, and availability. The flip side of the coin is the energy consumption of most blockchains. The Bitcoin network, for example, requires a colossal 126 TWh of energy per year, producing over 70 megatons of CO2, similar to the carbon footprint of Greece! A single Bitcoin transaction emits about as much carbon dioxide as a flight from London to Dubai.

To reach its ambitious goal of becoming a zero-footprint organization, Neco decided to develop Stackchain, a carbon-neutral Blockchain that requires no mining and is powered by renewable energy. Using the Proof-of-Competence consensus algorithm, Stackchain eliminates the energy-intensive mining process, making it significantly faster, more efficient, and more secure than Blockchains using the Proof-of-Work consensus.

Stackchain goes beyond GDPR compliance and introduces Data Sovereignty, the concept of property and control over one's own data. Data Sovereignty means that the data subject (the end user) is the ultimate data controller.

Flo envisions Stackchain as a powerful crypto platform for tokenization and decentralization, a “Blockchain-as-a-Service” offering advanced features such as the integration of banking, accounting and tax, smart contracts, version control, fraud detection, and offline payments.

Stackchain tokens are scheduled to be offered to the public in 2024, enabling business clients to run their Blockchains in the cloud or to decentralize their IT infrastructure. The revenue from Stackchain can further increase the value and stability of the Neco currency and accelerate its expansion as a sustainable financial system.


‘Collexa – the collective intelligence of the community

Unlike traditional organizations, Neco was set up as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) without hierarchies, where power is distributed across the organization. It implemented Holacracy, a non-hierarchical management system structured in circles (teams) and roles (functions).

Neco members can participate in the decision-making process through Collexa, a system of collective intelligence. The Neco price, for example, is controlled by the community and updated in a quarterly collective referendum. This differentiates Neco from other cryptocurrencies and is one of the reasons for its high level of price stability and security.

“Within the organization, Collexa holds the legislative power, similar to a national parliament. Following our core value of equality, every Neco member has a vote.”

Strong values, high moral standards, radical transparency and honesty are core elements of the company culture. A supervisory board ensures compliance with the core values and ethical standards.

Going with the trend of remote work, Neco has introduced a flexible working model that allows all its partners to work from home, offering great flexibility, unlimited vacation, and a lifelong universal basic income.

Flo as an entrepreneur and environmental activist

Flo doesn’t just have visions; he also knows how to turn them into reality. To date, he’s started, managed, and sold four tech start-ups. The acquisitions allowed him to achieve financial freedom and travel the world.

In 2012, Flo sold his company ‘Data Scout’ to a Silicon Valley corporation for $10 million. He had just become a self-made millionaire, and he was shocked by what he felt.

“I had envisioned this moment for many years, but to my surprise, I did not feel as happy as I had imagined. After years of hard work without vacation, a recent burnout, and an attempted suicide, I felt exhausted and glad to be out of the financial and emotional stress of running a startup.”

A year later, Flo realized he had to quit, so he got himself fired. “That day, unlike the acquisition day, was one of the happiest moments of my life, which I celebrate every year as my Independence Day. Since that day, I have never been employed again.”

Over the next months, he sold most of his property. He bought Frodo, a 65L backpack, and Tim Buktu, his laptop bag, which became his dearest companions on a three year journey around the world. “Frodo remains my mobile wardrobe and Tim Buktu is my mobile office. I became a digital nomad, going with the flow and the law of attraction. Detached from material possessions, I found true happiness and freedom. I stopped chasing shadows and began to enjoy the ride.”

His travels led him to realize the extent to which climate change, pollution, mass extinction of species, poverty, hunger, inequality, debt, inflation, corruption, and many other issues impact the quality and security of life on Earth, and how the current financial system is exacerbating them.

In addition to building his projects for sustainability and social good, Flo is an environmental activist.

As a scuba diver, he became fascinated with sharks and set out to make a documentary about them during his travels. He aims to remove people’s misconceptions and fears and share the truth about the importance of sharks to the marine ecosystem.

“We live in a world of abundance—we have enough food for everyone, enough medicine to cure most diseases, and all the tech to live sustainably. But our current financial system creates scarcity, enslaves people, and destroys our planet, all for the absurd idea of infinite growth.”