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Newsight Imaging: Innovating semiconductor technology for image sensing and processing

thesiliconreview-eli-assoolin-ceo-newsight-imagingEndeavors to give machines the ability to perceive real life objects for facilitating interaction with the three-dimensional world has been continuing throughout years of work in image processing. Currently, 3D image processing includes robot guidance, oceanography, automotive car safety solutions, remote sensing, surveillance, etc. In addition to that, Laser LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is used in many applications such as Robotics, ADAS systems, Drones and other industrial machine vision based systems. These systems are expensive, power consuming, not portable, and not standard compliant. Therefore, Newsight was established to cater the immediate and future need for a reliable, accurate, portable and affordable 3D Image sensing. With its unique technology, Newsight provides a system-on-chip sensor using standard CMOS Image Sensor process but with superior performance and very low cost.

Meeting the market demands of a high performance chip

Newsight Imaging, set up by Eli Assoolin and Eyal Yatskan in May 2016, develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips for laser LiDAR devices. The company was invested by Dr. Li Likai, Founder and Partner of Guangsheng & Partners Attorneys-at-law in Beijing, China.The first product, NSI3000 was specifically designed for LiDAR applications employing rows of different size pixels. The company’s team of R&D engineers was able to develop the chip in less than a year. During the development, the project was evaluated and got a grant of 550K USD from the Israeli Innovation Authority. In addition, patents were registered and based on simulation data, Newsight got its first order. By using Newsight’s patent pending technology, the customers gained 4x better resolution and much better sensitivity, which makes this sensor ideal for short-range laser LiDAR. The NSI3000 is designed for programmable high frame rates, enabling excellent analysis and reaction to events. The sensor is manufactured using CMOS technology, with ultra-high sensitivity pixels, allowing the sensor to replace more expensiveCCD sensors or another camera modules in many applications.

Newsight’s advanced CMOS image sensor chips are cost effective and customizable for high volume markets. The company combines both digital processing and analog units on the same chip with superior performance, accuracy, high resolution, sensitivity, and portability that makes it easy for high volume manufacturers to transition to its cutting edge technology. “Newsight’s expertise in development of its team’s knowledge in semiconductor technology has contributed to the creation of three patents pending, breakthrough CMOS image sensor-based chip that will dramatically enhance our customer’s ability to develop innovative products.”

Providing high sensitivity and dynamic range in LiDAR for Automotive and ADAS

Newsight develops laser LiDAR image based sensors for autonomous robotic home appliances, automotive ADAS and the drone industry. The product NSI5000, for long range automotive applications and ADAS,is expected to be available on June 2018.The developed sensors can accurately terrain map the indoor environment and provide images which can be used for developing autonomous home appliances that can detect and avoid obstacles. Its automotive visual safety solution helps to keep a safe distance from nearby vehicles and potential hazards. Newsight’s vision sensing technology uses cameras supporting applications such as rear view enhancement,  night vision, and lane departure warning. Lastly, the sensor chips are also designed to provide efficient, reliable and precise real-time image processing and obstacles avoidance for drones. Newsight’s CMOS image sensors have the sensitivity, customization and high volume measurement capability required to create real time, ultrahigh resolution aerial data maps for drones that will enable high precision land surveying.

Effective spectral analysis in food and medical research

Newsight own a technology for spectral analysis sensor-based chips for the medical devices market and the food industry. The company is now collaborating with a large medical center in Israel to provide the most accurate and reliable spectral analysis chip for medical devices. As a result of this collaboration, Newsight’s IP will be based on years of research inspectral analysis of human tissues for medical purposes. It is eager to work together with potential customers to create specific medical chips that are smaller, efficient and highly accurate for medical innovations.

For monitoring and quality control in industrial food processing, and food safety in agricultural plant production, the company provides a low cost, highly sensitive and customizable wavelength variation spectral analysis image sensor based chip to detect the slightest presence of chemical and substance traces.

Knowing the CEO, Eli Assoolin

Having over 23 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, Eli has held key positions in chip design and CAD at Motorola, Magma ICCOM, Transchip and others. He has served as the General Manager of Maple Technologies. Eli holds a BSc. CS, and holds an Executive-MBA from the Bar Ilan University.

In one year of the company’s existence and under founders, Eli and Eyal’s leadership, Newsight has set up a place for high tech and chip design talents, collaborations with leading academic and research institutes, innovative and flexible methodology which ensures bright ideas get the right platform. Newsight is operated based on “Lean Startup” theory. It maintains a close feedback loop with eco-system members, and runs the cycle of R&D fine tuning in every repeated cycle until it achieves its target.

“Our philosophy is to keep the team excited about what they are doing, keep the system transparent to the individual achievement, and more importantly to focus on team work.”