February Edition 2021

NowSecure – A mobile app security software company trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations and most advanced security teams


Mobile app security describes the amount of protection an application on a mobile device has from malware, phishing, and other harmful hacker crimes. You may also hear the term refer to the technologies that decrease the risks mobile devices are exposed to through their apps. All of the components of a mobile app make them vulnerable to security breaches. For instance, they are considered to be extremely unsecure because they need you to be connected to the internet constantly. In addition, people often try to install apps from sources that aren't trusted or reliable, which pretty much invites malware into not just the device, but the app itself. This can also have a negative impact on other apps on your phone. Because identity theft and financial hacks are becoming more and more common, it's important to take extra security precautions to protect mobile apps and the people using them.

NowSecure is one such firm that delivers fully automated mobile app security testing with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency necessary for Agile and DevSecOps environments. Through the industry’s most advanced static, dynamic, behavioral and interactive mobile app security testing on real Android and iOS devices, NowSecure identifies the broadest array of security threats, compliance gaps and privacy issues in custom-developed, commercial, and business-critical mobile apps. NowSecure customers can choose automated software on-premises or in the cloud, expert professional penetration testing and managed services, or a combination of all as needed. NowSecure is the simplest, fastest path to continuous mobile app security.

Next-generation mobile security solutions offered by NowSecure

NowSecure Platform: It helps to fully automate security and privacy testing for built mobile and use within one easy-to-use portal. With NowSecure Platform, test pre-prod and/or published iOS/Android binaries while monitoring the apps that power your workforce. It continuously tests mobile binaries as you build them to keep pace with Agile and DevOps software development timelines. It monitors apps in production to confidently meet rapidly evolving mobile enterprise needs while building bridges across security, GRC, and mobile center of excellence (MCOE) teams. NowSecure Platform is tailored to meet the unique needs and complex infrastructure of the modern mobile SDLC, providing security and privacy testing solutions, including API testing, that are continuous, customizable, and accurate.

NowSecure Workstation: It is a purpose-built for mobile security analysts, this pre-configured hardware and software kit compresses mobile app vulnerability assessment time from days to hours and enables repeatable testing with pre-formatted reporting built in. The kit automates the heavy-lifting, curating proprietary tests along with leading open-source tools like Frida, Radare and Capstone so mobile security analysts can scale efforts while executing deep analysis. NowSecure team members help with a broad array of mobile app needs, such as mobile app penetration tests, enterprise risk assessments for apps on employee devices, developer training, and more.

NowSecure Data: It protects your business and employees from unknown risk hiding in apps you don’t build and can’t control. And adds mobile app vetting to your procurement program to ensure all mobile app purchases are safe for use. More than 63% of digital time is now spent in mobile apps and attackers have moved to mobile, so visibility and control of mobile risk is the new imperative. From data integration with your technology to competitive benchmarking and custom solutions, NowSecure can partner with you to get the insights you need to stay ahead of the market. The team’s intimate knowledge of mobile app security fuels the attacker’s point-of-view for mobile app security assessments so every engagement is like an extension of NowSecure analysts and researchers.

The passionate leader behind the success of NowSecure

Alan Snyder serves as the Chief Executive Officer of NowSecure. He is responsible for accelerating the growth and scaling of the business as it continues to help enterprises assure the security of their mobile apps and workforces. Mr. Alan has deep mobile security expertise resulting from more than 10 years in leadership roles at companies in the enterprise mobility space. He was previously CEO of BoxTone, an enterprise mobility management platform, which was acquired by secure mobility solution provider Good Technology. At Good Technology, he served as Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development until it was acquired by BlackBerry.

“Our mission is to deliver maximum customer value through the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the NowSecure Platform.”