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One Platform. Every Imaginable Advantage: Amobee

thesiliconreview-kim-perel-ceo-amobee-cover-18Amobee is a global marketing technology company serving the world’s leading agencies and brands, including Airbnb, Dell EMC, and Lexus. Amobee’s patented Brand Intelligence technology measures digital engagement to provide a deeper understanding of audiences, their mindset, and interests. Its unified platform enables marketers to seamlessly plan and activate cross-channel, programmatic media campaigns using Brand Intelligence and includes ads API integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Amobee’s leadership in marketing technology innovation has been widely recognized, winning the Internet Marketing Association Impact16 Award for Best Predictive Analytics & Measurement Technology, iMedia’s ASPY Award for Best Industry Innovation, and Mobile Marketing Campaign of the Year in partnership with Lexus and Team One at the OMMA Awards.

The company is committed to creating a vibrant people-driven culture. In 2016, Amobee was named one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 Places to Work in Marketing & Advertising and Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Medium-Size Workplaces, as well as being recognized as the Best Places to Work Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Australia, and London.

On February 22, 2017, Amobee announced an agreement to acquire Turn, a leading global technology platform for marketers and agencies. The acquisition will make Amobee one the largest independent buy-side marketing technology providers in the world, with advanced data analytics capabilities, enabling brands to better understand and reach their customers, and enhance the way they engage them, on a global scale.

Amobee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singtel, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. The Singtel Group has a presence in Asia, Australia, and Africa and reaches over 640 million mobile customers in 22 countries. Amobee operates across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Why Amobee

Omnichannel Platform

Only an omnichannel platform can automate planning and buy across digital media channels, formats, device types, and audiences. The Amobee Marketing Platform (formerly Turn Marketing Platform) allows you to understand and optimally influence your consumer’s decision journey across any stage.

Insights Focus

Through powerful highly-dimensional algorithms, data analysis tools built for marketers, and real-time reports, you gain the insights you need to drive your business forward. With Amobee, you can truly know what works, what doesn’t, and why—to take the next best action.

Expert Guidance

You don’t have to go it alone. With Amobee’s expertise, it will lead your team to sustained learning and success. And it will help you develop a data, media, and software strategy while onboarding you smoothly and quickly. You’ll also get access to Amobee’s best-in-class data, media, and brand safety partners. As a buy-side only platform, Amobee is focused solely on your success (no one else's).

The Amobee Marketing Platform

You’re in command, simply and powerfully. Now, you can have a clear understanding of which you need to reach, a visible and cost-effective path for how to reach them, and unprecedented insight into what worked and how to influence future outcomes. Your data gives you the power. The Amobee Marketing Platform gives you the means to harness it for the success of your campaigns and your business.  

The Amobee Integrated Products: Plan. Activate. Analyze.

Pinpoint your audiences and put your plan into action effectively across all channels. Attribute response accurately, leveraging insights to continuously improve results. Access data and tools from hundreds of partners. All in real time. That’s the power of the Amobee Marketing Platform (formerly Turn Marketing Platform).

Amobee Analytics: Gone are the days of only going on hunches and with your gut. The integration of intelligence into decision-making has become imperative. Now you can leverage insights and strategies that can push your marketing to deliver greater and greater results.

Amobee DSP: Reach your prospects on the right channel and device, at the right time and price, with the Amobee (formerly Turn) demand-side platform that delivers the industry’s fastest response rate—10 milliseconds or less—and gives you the tools to plan, test, execute, and refine for maximum results.

Amobee Technology: Powering marketing performance.

Amobee is a technology-first company, bringing marketers the most advanced applications and enormous computing power—all focused on connecting advertisers and audiences with unprecedented levels of engagement. It’s all made possible by the industry’s most sophisticated and extensive technology—technology that Amobee is constantly advancing to higher and higher levels of effectiveness.

Global Reach and Scale: The infrastructure that Amobee runs on is without parallel in the marketing discipline. Among advertising professionals, it’s considered the fastest in the world. It’s highly scalable—though it already embraces half of the entire Internet—highly efficient because it has to be to handle such massive data volumes and built with stringent standards of redundancy for the security of our clients. Here is a small sampling of the numbers that only begin to describe Amobee’s technological immensity. (For reference, a petabyte is “1” followed by 15 zeroes; a teraflop is a trillion floating point operations per second.)

Unmatched Data Science: All of that technology is targeted to one end: To give you the insights and lightning-fast responsiveness it takes to be the master of your digital marketing world. Smart, powerful algorithms and a low-latency infrastructure combine to deliver insights and the ability to act on them in real time, effectively executing your audience, creative, and conversion strategies. Constantly updated with the 4,000,000 impressions Amobee evaluates every second.

Universal Amobee ID: At the center of Amobee’s platform is a master ID architecture that captures thousands of anonymous customer attributes every second—continuously combining your own data and data from across the digital ad ecosystem to build a complete picture of your audience. The Amobee ID also includes time-stamped campaign data (ad impression, click, and any beacon pixel data collection) as well as user behavioral events so you benefit from the instantaneous insight and improved ROI at every customer interaction.

The Amobee Ecosystem: One dashboard. A network of digital marketing resources.

thesiliconreview-silicon-70-us-cover-18Technology has transformed every corner of the marketer’s universe. Amobee brings you a curated ecosystem of integrated technology resources—over 200, with more being added regularly—to extend the power of the Amobee Marketing Platform. Amobee does not own inventory or data, but rather has created an ecosystem that connects you with the best in the industry.

Amobee has also formed strategic alliances with consulting, enterprise software, and service-based companies to offer more comprehensive integrated solutions and services that help you connect and engage with your customer.

Platform Partners: You want best-of-breed technology resources to support your best-of-breed marketing program. Amobee brings you a digital marketplace where you can browse hundreds of mainstream and niche apps and discover new ways to support your marketing strategy—with expanded data sets, enhanced campaign tools, innovative analytic and management technologies, and more. They are accessible right from your Amobee dashboard—no need to research, integrates or manages them. Amobee can even integrate your custom data contracts, equipping you with data your competitors can’t find.

Alliance Partners: Big marketing challenges require big—and often collaborative—solutions. Amobee Alliance Partners leverage the power of the Amobee platform to extend their service offering with forward-thinking, data-driven solutions built on its audience-first approach, industry-leading execution capabilities, and big data analytics. For Alliance Partners, Amobee add a business- and revenue-building competitive edge. For Alliance Partner clients, it offers the world’s most advanced digital marketing platform.

Vendors: Amobee vendors include third-party ad servers, mobile-action tracking providers, multi-touch attribution companies, and other technology companies that support and extend the Amobee platform. While not integrated into the platform, these marketing technology companies are vetted by Amobee and have agreed to perform to its high standards.

Success Story: Airbnb Partners With Amobee to Launch Award Winning Advertising Campaign


Airbnb partnered with Amobee to deliver Display, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest ads across mobile and desktop devices targeted to key audience segments in Australia, Germany, India, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. The goal was to increase awareness, consumer engagement and site traffic with their “Personal” campaign which was part of “Live There,” the brand’s largest, global digital advertising initiative.


Leveraging Amobee’s proprietary Brand Intelligence technology which analyzes over 60 billion consumer digital content engagements per day, Airbnb identified and utilized key audience insights and trends to amplify their ad placements. By strategically delivering Airbnb’s uniquely interactive Conversational Video ad units that encouraged users to share campaign messages with ease around emerging and real-time trends and interests, Airbnb was able to drive views, mentions and responses from the right consumers at the right time, focusing optimization around holiday-related travel consumption as well as real-time peaking interest.

The cross-channel activation strategy on social, mobile and digital video educated consumers about unique travel opportunities around specific cities by leveraging consumer demographics and interests. Variations of each creative on each platform were tested to learn which ad units resonated with audiences driving the most engagement. Optimizations were then made based on real-time and historical insights using Amobee Brand Intelligence technology.


Airbnb’s digital “Personal” campaign extended the brand’s broader marketing efforts, including TV and print. By strategically utilizing video across social, mobile and display environments, Airbnb was able to educate consumers about alternatives to “cookie cutter” travel. Utilizing Amobee’s unified platform with global scale, Airbnb’s ads were delivered around emerging trends and interests which efficiently improved reach among the intended target audience, ultimately transforming personal interests into a global connection.

Overall, Airbnb reached over 101M global users with the “Live There” digital campaign; driving 70 million video views at an average view-through rate of 10.09 percent. Consumer engagement with the Airbnb brand was also measured at 230,000-plus minutes of time spent in the immersive Facebook Canvas ad experience. All markets exceeded completion rate benchmarks, with South Korea leading at 86 percent.

“That’s why we chose Amobee; we found a partner that can move as fast as we do and solve for scale.”

  • Eric Toda, Global Head of Social Marketing & Content – Brand Marketing at Airbnb

Meet the Elegant Leader

Kim Perell, Chief Executive Officer: Kim Perell has served as CEO of Amobee since 2016. She is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with over 15 years of experience serving as a leader in the marketing technology sector, building high-performing teams, overseeing complex mergers, acquisitions and integrations, and scaling global operations.

Before joining Amobee, Kim was CEO of Adconion Direct, a global digital marketing company, which was acquired by Amobee in 2014. Prior to Adconion Direct, Kim was the founder and CEO of Frontline Direct, a digital marketing company which she self-funded and grew to more than $100 million in annual revenue. Frontline Direct was acquired in 2008 by Adconion Media Group, and she became CEO of the combined entities. Prior to founding Frontline Direct, Kim was responsible for digital marketing and sales at Xdrive Technologies (acquired by AOL).

Kim’s achievements as an executive and entrepreneur have been widely recognized. In 2013, she was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and Woman of Excellence Entrepreneur of the Year by the National Association for Female Executives. Kim was named one of Business Insider’s Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising in 2016.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, magna cum laude, from Pepperdine University.

“We have a world-class platform that delivers world-class marketing. With our platform, you get a complete picture of your audience and all the tools to transform insights into action. End result? ROI, ROI, ROI.”