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“Our long-term commitment is to make you safe and keep you safe,that’s our goal. That’s our vision”: IndigoVision


Others make cameras. We make people safe.

The Purpose of a security system is to make you safe and feel safe. Period. That includes your person, your business, your property, your budget. It’s not about pixels or data rates or cameras and software. It’s about how all those things, working together, add up to your safety net.

IndigoVision is a developer of complete, end-to-end video security solutions from security cameras to video recorders, body-worn video cameras, and security management software, so performance and stability go hand-in-hand.

The firm designs your system end-to-end, with no single point of failure, so it’s reliable. It designs it with Distributed Network Architecture so it’s flexible. You can add any number of cameras and work stations effortlessly. IndigoVision makes it smart, so your old analog cameras will migrate to IP and work with its HD cameras.You can integrate other HD cameras where and when you need them. The same goes for other manufacturers’ security systems, such as Access Control, Communication Systems, and Perimeter Detection— pretty much anything else with its Software Development Kit.

When everything is connected and designed to work together, you can sit at your desk with the IndigoVision Control Center at your fingertips. You see everything. You hear everything. That’s when you discover that safe is a wonderful feeling.

Products that make you feel safe, by design

All IndigoVision’sproducts, from architecture to hardware to software, are single-mindedly designed towards enhancing your security. So they work together – powerfully, seamlessly and easily. And they also offer unrivaled flexibility.

They can do this because IndigoVision has been fiercely faithful to these principles:

End-to-End Video Security Systemsand Single-point accountability: IndigoVision provide end-to-end video security systems where performance and stability go hand-in-hand. This performance is reinforced by systems with no single point of failure, Distributed Network Architecture, the ability to add any number of products to your installation, and a system that’s incredibly network friendly. And when you choose an IndigoVision system you are future-proofed: the cameras you buy today it will still support in 10 years’ time.

IndigoVision’s security systems are Open (open wide): The firm’s video security cameras and network video recorders products are open. Its video security management software is open, letting you choose from a wide range of third-party cameras. Its open design allows you to integrate other manufacturers’ security systems, such as Access Control, Communication Systems, Perimeter Detection or pretty much anything with its Software Development Kit. That’s what the firm means by unrivaled flexibility. All delivered through its open, end-to-end video security systems.

IndigoVision’s work hard to make feeling safe easy:Easy install, low service calls and a security installation that’s easier to operate than your television are what you get from the company’s open, end-to-end video security systems. Powerful video security management software, strong security cameras, robust video recorders, resilient architecture, and ease-of-use are good. Everything working easily together is better.


People choose IndigoVision for the resilience, flexibility, and reliability of its no-single-point-of-failure end-to-end system, its open, Distributed Network Architecture, a range of powerful NVRs, and a Control Center that seamlessly manages everything. And, of course, for its best-in-class cameras!

“But they stay with us because of our “your problem is our problem” culture. It’s your world that ultimately matters.We know our job is not just providing the best equipment in the surveillance security business. It’s keeping people and their property safe.That’s a higher calling. And we never take our eye off the ball,” says Pedro Simoes, CEO.

IndigoVision has over 10,000 installations in over 20 market sectors including; education, government, health, hospitality, industrial, major events, mining, petrochemicals, ports, rail, residential, retail and traffic. Working in over 20 market sectors, the firm has found that local responsiveness is the key to end-user performance and satisfaction.

It has 15 regional centers around the globe and partnered with 800+ authorized system integrators who are fully trained by the company to provide local installation, operator training, and support.

Greet the leader

Pedro Simoes, CEO: Pedro Simoes was initially appointed as the Company’s Senior Vice President – Global Sales on 2 October 2017. Pedro took over as interim Chief Executive Officer in November 2017 and was confirmed as CEO on 8 January 2018, at which time he was appointed to the Board. He is an experienced global sales leader in the security industry, with over 13 years’ experience in the sector, and prior to joining the Group, he spent nearly six years with Avigilon Corporation (TSX: AVO) where he was ultimately responsible for leading its Global salesforce and driving revenue worldwide.

“We don’t just supply cameras and encoders and monitors. We build you a safety net.”