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P-A-S-S ing all the hurdles in the way: The Avekshaa story

silicon-review-rajinder-gandotraPassion for technology and building meaningful businesses is the genesis of Avekshaa. The founders had the industry experience and also a crystal clear vision of the imprint they wanted Avekshaa to have; to build an organization that would be their legacy.

When the internet first started becoming the backbone of business engagement both B2B and B2C, the focus was on ensuring software functionality. The current wave of focus and innovation is around non-functional requirements – performance, availability, security and scalability (P-A-S-S). Having understood the criticality of performance engineering and management in our previous roles, the founders set out on the Avekshaa journey; to tackle performance challenges that customers deal with in a manner that inspires trust and confidence while resolving the performance issues in the least possible time.

As they set out to build a world-class technology enterprise, they defined the core values and strength in the name 'Avekshaa' - a Sanskrit word that means care, observation and attention.

What is it?

Avekshaa Technologies is a next-generation information technology products and solutions company, providing specialized solutions in the P-A-S-S (Performance, Availability, Scalability and Security) Assurance space to the Enterprise customers globally. Avekshaa's unique, core technology platform "P-A-S-S Assurance Platform" uses an innovative and disruptive approach to manage IT complexities, and to safeguard and maximize the return of IT investment of an organization. The firm stays vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic, so customers can trust their objectivity.

Avekshaa provides products and solutions across all phases of the Application Life Cycle: development, maintenance, and production phases, and are adaptable across all delivery models (e.g.Agile, DevOps, etc.)

Avekshaa offers the key business benefits of improved profitability, customer service, and operational efficiency through enhanced customer experience and employee productivity. Its efficient and reliable IT systems and applications provide improved time to market of new business initiatives, as timely IT delivery is assured. Avekshaa’s proactive mitigation of the risks of business disruptions due to technology failures enables it to extract maximum value from IT investments thereby resulting in a better ROI.

Making their customers business ready for the digital age, Avekshaa is the pioneer in introducing a paradigm shift in the way the Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability (P-A-S-S) requirements are delivered to business critical applications and IT systems.

Driven by morals

Avekshaa’s mission is to help clients focus and grow their business and profitability by making their IT systems secure, faster and predictable. With the vision of being the leading global niche provider of P-A-S-S (Performance, Availability, Security, Scalability) assurance solutions, the firm intends to transform their customer's IT delivery, paving the way for better business results.

Value system

  • Care & Courtesy

The firm believes that its employees are the greatest asset in the Avekshaa ecosystem; they go to extraordinary lengths to deliver for customers and treating them with care and courtesy is our primary responsibility. Care and courtesy for all stakeholders is emphasized and not just the employees.

  • Delivering excellence

The firm considers this as a default value that they aim to deliver on a daily basis.

  • Trust & Respect

The company aims to earn the trust and respect of its customers, employees and partners and these are the reflective qualities they repose in them.

  • Integrity & Honesty

The fundamental values that the firm believes in are the tenets of every ethical business.

Engagement Model

The firm works with their customers in trusted partnership manner wherein the work is carried out as an extended team. The customers are free to engage the team in three models- proactive, proactive and on-going or reactive.

In the proactive model the customer engages Avekshaa proactive3ly at the beginning of the development or migration program where the two teams work together to proactively engineer an application or product with high performance, availability, security and scalability (P-A-S-S) and prevent late discovery of issues.

In the proactive and on-going model, customers engage the Avekshaa team to proactively and continuously improve the quality of service (QoS) and prevent P-A-S-S failures for a portfolio of business critical application in production.

In case of serious breakdown of IT, the Avekshaa team is engaged to rapidly fix performance, availability, security and scalability issues and bring business back to normal. This usually leads to Proactive and On-going engagements.

The firm aligns the customer’s goals and engages on fixed price, time and material and outcome based models. The result oriented, vendor neutral and technology agonistic approach makes the firm the trusted advisor to enterprise clients worldwide.

The man behind

Rajinder Gandotra is a Founding Partner at Avekshaa. He has been the driver for thought leadership and his team has published over 20 papers. Rajinder was also responsible in building the Technology Consulting Practice for Finacle (Infosys' Universal Banking solution) and setting-up its product benchmarking practice. Rajinder is an engineering Graduate in Electronics and Communication.

“We offer highly specialized solutions that can assure continuous improvements in Performance, Availability, Scalability and Security (P-A-S-S) for business critical applications and IT systems.”