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ParikshaLabs offers comprehensive mobile app development and mobility solution design services

thesiliconreview-parikshalabs-2017Founded in the year 2007, ParikshaLabs is an innovative R&D oriented software service provider with a passion for User-Interface led software design/development. It has also integrated Cloud, Web, Mobile and UI technologies to create compelling solutions for its customers. It works in rapid prototyping/agile development mode across all major phases of app development – research/conceptualization, mockup/design, prototyping & publishing to store. Each stage has well marked deliverable and mature engineering process. Trusted by its customers for the transparent and ethical business practices, ParikshaLabs’ mission is to help startups and SMEs bring great new products and build great new businesses. Above all it aspires to become the preferred product development and marketing partner to innovative startups and SME companies looking for top-notch India based talent with global product development processes and India-based costs.

Unfolding the technology

As technology progresses, the apps are moving from marketing/information delivery to transactions/workflow support and we help clients in understanding technologies, trends, end-users, competitive analysis, UI design & architecture, prototyping, testing, launch, and promotion. ParikshaLabs has expertise in native development for iOS, Android, Windows and cross-platform development with Phone Gap using MEAN and LAMP stacks. It publishes its own apps to the stores in addition to helping customers. Therefore it understands the app business metrics deeply – beautiful user experience designs; powerful agile app development; stand-out launch marketing; comprehensive product lifecycle management.

The differentiating factor

Pariksha’s mission is to help startups and SMEs build great new products. It recognizes that great products require deep insights, technology awareness and UI design and strive to work at the cutting edge of technologies within a limited set of domains so they can offer the customers the best value for their budgets. Over the last 8 years, Pariksha has worked with several global customers and partners in US, Canada, Middle-East, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and UK; and delivered innovative services around: Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Marketing Services, QA/Testing.

Although a small team, they are significantly differentiated from other providers as they have very senior engineers / architects in hands-on technical roles which give great leverage to our customers looking for top talent. It has got deep expertise in cloud, web, mobile and interactive UI technologies. The team is always jumping on the latest in these domains to bring new solution ideas to its customers. They have the expertise, training and the orientation to understand your product/business nuances and deliver results you expect. The company’s cultural ‘mantra’ is to deliver the best productivity possible to its valued customers. As an R&D partner, it works within the client’s budget, timelines, schedules and resource constraints to come up with optimal solutions that suit all stake-holders. Also the management team is trained in global product development processes at large software companies; and has built and managed high-performance product development & testing / QA teams.

Marteching – The new suite of services

ParikshaLabs has started offering this new suite of services, termed “MARTECHINGTM” (marketing + technology) to start-ups, SMEs and large brands with an interested to push the digital & social media marketing envelope. In the 8 weeks since launch, it has signed on 6 customers and used its superior traffic and data analytics and social listening tools to deliver on improved digital consulting, brand messaging, social media strategy and presence management.

Marteching includes Web/mobile strategy and tools, User engagement models and tools, Personalization, social listening and follower persona build-up, Real-time campaign effectiveness and tunning, Hacking major platforms (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn) for data mining and messaging, Near real-time marketing collateral / content creation, Proprietary tools – OM (Online-interaction mining), WhatsApp Probe, LinkedIn Labs, Twitter, Trawl, CBMA (call based marketing automation) & many more.


  • Your team’s intimate knowledge of publishing has helped us hugely on this project. Clearly you are a great asset to us as we build this product -US Company building a Rich-Internet-Application for a publishing workflow solution.
  • Your vision for news is far ahead of where we are at. It is very attractive and innovative -a top 3 mainstream media COO
  • I just love how you and the team consistently go beyond our expectations to research and innovate. We value you as a partner- a top European IT provider
  • I just love your innovative curation of Hindi film songs and adding Hindi language to the song database is a killer. Congratulations on being the first in the world to do this – Senior Journalist

Blazing the trail

Arvind Jha, CEO: He is a tech & marketing expert with deep focus on innovation. 2014 – Feb 2015, Arvind co-ordinated the IT & Social Media strategy for AAP. A past veteran at Adobe, Polaroid, and Apple, He now helps start-ups and SMEs build great products and businesses. He is an angel investor, mentor to tech start-ups, TiE charter member and passionate about marketing & tech.

“We have integrated Cloud, Web, Mobile and UI technologies to create compelling solutions for our customers.”