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PCB Design Software That Helps Wide Range Of Companies Succeed In Designing Next-Generation Electronic Products and Systems - ALTIUM


The greatest challenge for successful products today lies in the design process and that is what the company focuses on

Designers need tools that help them make the most of modern technologies, successfully manage projects, and deliver connected intelligent products. The firm creates the tools designers need. Altium has over 30 years of continuous R&D in PCB design. It has a strong track record in engineering development and engineering excellence. The company is focused on margin expansion and is committed to growing its margin each year to enter and to maintain 30% plus.

Altium has global diversified earnings. The revenue is comprised of 48% Americas, 32% Europe, 14% Emerging Markets and 7% Asia Pacific and is debt-free. The firm believes in maintaining a clean balance sheet and expenses all R&D costs. Altium revenue is underpinned by subscription and 53% of total revenue is subscription-based, with over 31,000 subscribers globally. It is committed to achieving double-digit sales & revenue growth each year and believes in consistent financial performance. The company is committed to achieving market leadership in PCB design by 2020 and is focusing on- expanding its addressable market beyond PCB to systems design.

The firm is expanding market reach through partnership and growing capability through acquisition. It has a set goal of US$150 million in pure PCB revenue and US$200 million in total revenue by 2020. Thus making it a well-positioned company for future growth where the heart of intelligent systems is electronics and PCBs. Altium is focused on returning profit to shareholders and is committed to growing dividends each year. Altium has a rich history starting in 1985 as one of the first providers of PCB design tools and over time and developing into one of the market leaders. Nick Martin founds the company by creating the first version of Altium Designer, Protel PCB. Aram is later appointed as Chief Executive Officer, Altium moves its headquarters to California, the USA and the company successfully raises $44M of capital on ASX. Altium acquires two companies - Octopart, the #1 electronic parts search engine in the world and Ciiva, a cloud-based electronics parts management platform. The company’s partners with DassaultSystèmes SOLIDWORKS to deliver a specialized version of their PCB design software for SolidWorks users and ECAD/MCAD integration - SolidWorks PCB.

Products the Company Offers


Its flagship product is known for excellence in the native 3D Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Computer-Aided Design. By incorporating all the tools engineers and PCB designers need into a single, stress-free user interface, Altium Designer dramatically increases design successes, while reducing overall design times. From concept to PCB design, 3D modeling, and output generation for final manufacture, Altium Designer provides an efficient, powerful workflow for board-level electronics designers.


The process of designing electronics involves so many people, each of them needing access to the design data throughout the development process. Design data for electronics is very complex, going many layers deep, and isn’t limited to that created by the designers and engineers. Altium Vault is the industry's only automated solution for managing design and component data from directly inside the design environment and is built specifically for the electronics industry by an established industry player.


TASKING represents the highest quality in software development tools for high-reliability embedded systems. Whether it’s an anti-locking brake system, a rocket motor controller, or a home entertainment unit, TASKING compilers, debuggers, and coding rule checkers give software engineers the ability to ensure they have developed reliable, safe, compact and efficient embedded software. TASKING tools are available for several microprocessor families including ARM, Aurix/Tricore, C166/ST10, Power Architecture, 68K, DSP, 8051 and more.

The Leader

Aram Mirkazemi| CEO

Aram Mirkazemi (BE Tas) was appointed Chief Executive Officer in January 2014 and is an Executive Director of the Board. Aram is passionate about software development and has been at the forefront of CAD software development and web-based technology for over 20 years, at the executive and senior management level.

He has been a driving force at Altium since the early 1990s. Aram commenced his career with Altium as Director of Research and Development from 1992-1999 (being a member of the Altium Board from 1992-2000). Following a successful IPO in 1999, Aram left Altium to explore his interest in web-based software systems and went on to found Morfik Technology. He returned to Altium in 2010 as part of the Morfik acquisition and was appointed Head of Engineering, and later Chief Technology Officer.

As CEO, Aram is leading the company’s transformation to a world-class PCB tool provider which not only dominates the mainstream PCB market but is also expanding its reach into the higher-end and the low-end PCB market segments.

“We are the world’s leading provider of PCB design software, PCB component and data management software and the host of AltiumLive — the industry’s fastest-growing conference for PCB designers and engineers.”