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Perimeter 81 – Delivering Simpler, Smarter and More Accessible Cybersecurity to Meet the Demands of Today, and the Growth of Tomorrow

The world of cybersecurity continues to rapidly evolve, forcing businesses and people to rethink how they can stay secure in this new digital environment. Organizations must take on the burden of securing hundreds of employees while protecting the private data of dozens, hundreds, and thousands of individuals and businesses. Providing powerful and comprehensive security to organizations is now essential for a safe digital future in this new world. Always on and continually updated, the Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform your employees build critical technical cyber security skills through hands-on, performance-based training.

Perimeter 81 is one such company that radically simplifies cybersecurity with the world’s first Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform. As a holistic, cloud-based solution, Perimeter 81 allows organizations of all industries and sizes to support the immediate desires of the nomads with a purpose—while still granting IT teams the ability to manage it all safely. Its thousands of clients include SMBs to Fortune 500 businesses across a wide range of sectors, and partners are among the world's leading integrators, managed service providers, and channel resellers. Since its founding, Perimeter 81 has quickly gained traction in the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and is helping thousands of businesses, of all industries and sizes; achieve holistic cyber and network security more easily and cost-effectively.

The World’s First Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform

Perimeter 81 has developed a radically simple cybersecurity solution that solves the complexity trap while protecting the new world with the first ever Cybersecurity Experience Platform. Its CSX Platform is a holistic, cloud-based solution that allows the enterprise to ditch legacy hardware and fully embrace the agility of the modern era. Whether you need secure networking for five users or 50,000, the company has designed the CSX to be simple, instant, and powerful.

The new CSX Platform is built around the four superpowers of Radically Simple Cybersecurity: Instant Deployment, Unified Management, Full Visibility, and Integrated Security. As a holistic and cloud-based solution, Perimeter 81 now allows organizations of all industries and sizes to support the business and employee of the future, while granting IT professionals and teams with the robust tools they need to safely manage it all in one place.

Perimeter 81’s Four CSX Superpowers

Instant Deployment: In just a few clicks, Perimeter 81 allows you to purchase, provision, and enable secure zero-trust access on-prem, in the cloud, and anywhere in between. Perimeter 81’s quickly scalable microservice architecture and transparent pricing allows you to easily grow with your business and plan for the future. And if you have any questions, its hands-on, 24/7 Customer Success engineers are always available to help.

Unified Management: Effortlessly manage and onboard network users, instantly deploy secure cloud gateways, create multi-regional networks, and install cross-platform applications across all endpoints within a single dashboard.

Full Visibility: Effectively monitor network health, view employee resource access, integrate with leading SIEM providers, and identify any suspicious activity with a unified view of your network security.

Integrated Security: Avoid the complexity of using dozens of cybersecurity solutions with a single well-designed platform that makes it easy to configure your network, implement security policies, detect active attacks, and defend against data breaches.

Leveraging Path-Breaking Cybersecurity Experience Solutions

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): Revolutionize the way you secure the data, resources, and users in your network with SASE. Perimeter 81’s growing Secure Access Service Edge platform combines network and security functionality into one scalable, cost-efficient, and cloud-based service. It is a blueprint for better business security, and involves the combination of software-defined edge networking, user-focused authentication and access control and seamless integration across the cloud. SASE architecture enables businesses to implement different key cloud capabilities which will provide an agile, holistic, adaptive, self-updating security posture. This provides them with an efficient and easily adaptable tool for their business needs, no matter where they are located.

Zero Trust Network Access: Picking only one encryption solution can cause issues when resources are located in various cloud environments and users connect with their preferred device and location. With Perimeter 81 you can deploy multiple protocols at once, depending on the relevant environment and connection. When their companies rely heavily on the cloud, and encourage remote work and BYOD, a primary concern for IT is complexity and reduced visibility into network activity and access. Perimeter 81 integrates with all your various solutions and services for total network awareness.

Firewall as a Service: Legacy firewalls can protect the company’s internal perimeter, but they can’t ensure its safety across hybrid clouds. Perimeter 81’s Firewall as a Service ensures that only authorized users can connect to your cloud resources. As companies onboard new users and resources, IT must work to fit existing security practices to them. Firewall as a Service changes this dynamic by allowing IT to customize, reprioritize and apply policies with little more than a click. To ensure total privacy and compliance, the company’s solution provides client and endpoint visibility, identity and access management, OS and application-level security, and mutual TLS encryption.

The Pre-Eminent Leader

Amit Bareket is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Perimeter 81. He is a cybersecurity expert with a poker face that’s great for keeping secrets or for deadpan humor. He holds eight patents for storage, mobile applications, and UI. He served in the IDF’s Unit 81 elite cyber intelligence group and graduated Cum Laude with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.

“At Perimeter 81, it is our mission to build a future without cumbersome legacy hardware, a future where dozens of fragmented security tools are effectively merged into one.”