10 Fastest Growing Robotics Companies 2019

Pioneers in designing Robotics processes: Redwood Robotics™


Redwood Software helpsits customers stay ahead by freeing them from repetitive manual tasks.Redwood Robotics™ solutions help businesses optimize processes for digital operations, while RunMyJobs© supports IT teams that want freedom from repetitive manual tasks in the services they provide to the business. It designs easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable solutions and its huge clientele is the proof that it offers unparalleled levels of service and support.

World’s First Robotic Process as a Service

Redwood Robotics™ solutions help companies liberate people and unleash potential. Its robotic ‘service’ relieves customers from the significant burden of robotic process development and maintenance. With pay-per-use pricing and access to an extensive catalog of pre-built robotic services, business users are always in control and can quickly and easily visualize, define and execute robotic business processes without the need for complex desktop-based scripting and reliance on development and maintenance teams. For any custom needs, existing robots can be cloned, edited, or created from scratch. 

Why Redwood’s robots?

  • Catalog of Plug & Play Robots: Its robots connect to most standard applications and already know how to run clients’ processes
  • Flexibility for Automation: One can be always in control and can start automating as little or as much as needed. Clients can always determine whatever level of manual intervention they are comfortable with 
  • Enterprise Grade: The company includes workflow, orchestration, analytics, business dashboards, automated SLA management, audit trail, integrated security model, 99.95% uptime, and more as standard
  • Unique Price-Per-Use Model: Clients will find easy-to-understand, value-based pricing. The company charges based on robotic activity, so they pay only when they actually save
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: It shows the fastest route to TCO, with no steep development and maintenance costs, extra people to manage robots, or desktop licenses/VMs
  • Governance, Control, and Audit: Both robotic and human interactions are stored automatically, providing complete oversight and audit trail or all process activity

RunMyJobs® from Redwood

RunMyJobs is the world’s first process automation and job scheduling solution delivered as-a-service to improve the agility of IT operations. Its simple usage-based charges eliminate needless licensing and infrastructure costs. It doesn’t matter how many different platforms clients use to keep their day-to-day operations running, it has connectors for all of them and they’re all included in its fixed platform fee. The company providesunrivaled support and has already run more than 100 million automation tasks for its customers across all industries.Its salient features are:

  • Capex Free: Clients can enjoy a transparent subscription-based model comprising a flat monthly fee and a price per job
  • All Inclusive: Monitoring, user tracking, all connectors, real-time visibility etc. are all included, so no price surprises
  • Hassle-Free Updates: The latest updates, connectors, security patches, maintenance, and upgrades are on the company – not on the client
  • Safe Passage: Whatever is clients’ existing scheduling tool, its Safe Passage service will get them migrated easily and quickly

One Stop Solution for Report Lifecycle

Report2Web® (R2W) software is a web-based document management and reports distribution solution that securely captures, publishes, stores, and distributes application output files and print data streams. Content is quickly organized, indexed, and automatically made available across the corporate intranet through web services. It quickly and intuitively gathers report data from virtually any report and presents it the way clients want it – without modifying their existing systems. It performs the following function:

  • Approver: Clients can inspect and evaluate documents, add critical user feedback for greater data accuracy, before moving each document to the next step for final approval
  • Burster: They can take advantage of the ability to analyze document content in text, PDF or Excel formats, and then deliver specific reports that adhere to business rules
  • Reconciliation: They can compare transaction sets across multiple documents to uncover missing or abnormal data or values that may have moved beyond an acceptable range
  • Bundler: They can assemble sections from multiple reports from disparate sources into personalized, unified documents for distribution via email or publication to R2W

Meet the CEO

Tijl Vuyk, CEO, and Founder: Under his leadership as founder and CEO, Tijl has grown and molded Redwood Software over 25 years into a company that’s agile, profitable, and a world leader in process robotics software and automation. Always innovating, his vision for the future is to help companies achieve ‘The Robotic Enterprise™’ so they can improve efficiencies and direct resources toward front office customer-facing activities.

“Our robots come supplied with knowledge and best practice of how to perform transactions in ERP and many other applications.”