July Special Edition 2021

Accelerating supply chain logistics and workflows via best-in-class robotic solutions: Prime Robotics


Today’s global supply chains are increasingly complex, making a data-driven approach to supply chain management a must. Data-driven SCM provides visibility from end to end for monitoring the flow of information, services and goods from procurement to manufacturing and delivery to the end consumer. Data isn’t the only driver of effective supply chain management; other factors such as good vendor and supplier relationships, effective cost control, securing the right logistics partners and adopting innovative supply chain technologies make a big impact, too.

Prime Robotics is an all in one package. The company was established in 2015, and is a global automation company that offers hardware, software, service, and support solutions for the Distribution, Warehouse, and E-Commerce industries. The automation tools empower companies to accelerate and optimize their entire value chain ecosystem, saving time and money at every stage of the process. Prime Robotics is based in Denver, Colorado, and has additional offices in Shenzhen, China.​

Prime Robotics is a warehouse expert first and technologists second. Their teams focus on delivering solutions that are customized to fit your business and supply chain operations. From receiving, put away, and storage to picking, packing, and shipping, they deliver solutions for every process workflow. The result is 8X productivity and efficiency gains, and lower overhead costs.

What sets the company apart is its combination of best-in-class robotic technology, combined with the deep expertise in optimizing warehouse processes, developing warehouse management systems (WMS), and orchestrating complex software integrations. Prime Robotics is a trusted partner at a time when warehouse operators are facing the imperative ‘automate or die.’ Its customer support teams work with you to ensure continual monitoring of every robot, with the ability to make corrections remotely, so you’re always up and running.

At Prime Robotics, they help clients realize and create untapped efficiencies via robotic automation. Their solutions generate cost savings and efficiency through transformative workflows, and deliver above and beyond for all their clients. They see robotic automation solutions that drive inventory from the warehouse, onto the truck, then onto the store floor – In development at Denver, Colorado headquarters.

Prime Robotics at your service

The firm’s American-based Support teams are vital to its client’s business operations. All Prime Robotics solutions are monitored 24/7 and designed with proactive systems using “call-home” technology that identifies, evaluates, and solves most issues without the need for onsite warehouse engagement. This means your warehouse can run with superior stability and efficiency at all times, keeping your employees focused and productive.

Whether you’re a small or mid-sized warehouse or an enterprise-level company, Prime Robotics provides dedicated teams to ensure you’re up and running immediately. Best of all, it can directly communicate with each robot and take action remotely. It can customize alerts to suit your processes. It is just a click or phone call away if you have questions of any kind.

Tailored Workflow Warehouse Automation

Prime Robotics proprietary software and workflow engines allow them to develop solutions that are flexible, customizable, and scalable. From receiving, put away and storage to picking, packing, and shipping, their robots move with function and purpose that continually build value and efficiency.​

Additionally, their proprietary Prime Workflow Builder automatically builds workflows to optimize your processes and uses algorithms to constantly find and gain new efficiencies across your operation over time. All with the highest level of support that is monitored in real-time by their US-based Customer Support team.

Warehouse Robotic Automation Moves Pallets with Ease

MobilePallet leverages the same best-in-class AMR technology as MobileShelf robot. Their pallet movers are faster and more efficient than any on the market. MobilePallet receives a pallet from the truck by forklift, and then moves it autonomously to storage. It then can access the pallet quickly to bring it to a pick station or staging area as needed. MobilePallet dramatically reduces the number of human touches needed as a pallet moves through the warehouse.

MobilePallet and MobileShelf can work together to create a highly efficient automated warehouse where workflow processes are fully optimized. MobilePallet dramatically increases productivity by reducing the number of human touches required when a pallet arrives at the warehouse.  Trucks can load and unload faster. Pallets can be moved into inventory faster. Now it’s possible to turn inventory faster.

The Leader Upfront

Eric Rongley, Founder and CEO: Eric’s an industry pioneer who has driven warehouse efficiency and supply chain innovation for more than twenty years. He created Prime Robotics to bring together best-in-class robotics and unparalleled expertise in warehouse optimization and logistics. He’s not afraid to break some rules and shift some paradigms in order to find efficiencies that will give companies an edge.

The first company Eric founded built enterprise-class supply chain, warehouse management, and e-commerce solutions for Fortune 5000 companies including Walmart, Disney, Menards, Armstrong, Oreily’s Auto Parts, and Amway.  With the never satisfied mindset of a true entrepreneur, Eric has one eye on what’s next: smart robots that navigate the supply chain autonomously without boundaries – whether moving products across town or around the world.

“Our automation tools empower companies to accelerate and optimize their value chain ecosystem.”