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Privafy: Redefining Data in Motion


Founded in 2019, Privafy is a cloud-native, security-as-a-service solution that provides the ‘must-have’ capabilities a next-generation security service requires. With clone-proof endpoints and a fundamentally new encryption scheme, the company enables inbound/outbound controls and policy enforcement (including compute-intensive tasks like content inspection without any application-level impacts).

Privafy solutions provide comprehensive data protection in all of today’s distinct user modalities, as data moves between locations, clouds, mobile and IoT devices at the edge.

Privafy CarrierEdge

Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) is a multibillion market opportunity for carriers and Internet service providers – provided they can deliver convenient, comprehensive security services at the right price point. With Privafy's CarrierEdge, they can.

CarrierEdge delivers a complete security solution that sits at the network edge, providing full security services to network subscribers without requiring any client-side hardware or software. Subscribers simply activate the service on their devices, and CarrierEdge immediately begins protecting their data-in-motion will full encryption, advanced security services (see our security features below) and customer-specific policy enforcement.

CarrierEdge features a unique data privacy architecture that protects carriers and their customers from data breaches and information theft. Because customers retain control of their privacy keys in this architecture, carriers never “see” customer data as it passes through their network. And because carriers don’t store the customer’s data, they don’t need to take the costly measures to protect a customer’s data at rest.


With Privafy CloudEdge, your business can connect to any cloud, physical work environments, or mobile devices with confidence, control access to critical applications and data in the cloud, and enforce security policies consistently as your data moves between the cloud and on-premise environments. And because CloudEdge automates these security services, manual errors are virtually eliminated.

Privafy CloudEdge is a cloud-native Security-as-a-Service solution that ensures secure connectivity between the cloud and your business—even if users are accessing your cloud applications from a non-secure network. As enterprises migrate their on-premises workloads in the cloud or add resiliency with cloud data centers, CloudEdge allows them to maintain secure connectivity between the two locations.

The new network deployments and cloud workgroups are cloud-born. As these deployments have no physical footprints, securing data-in-motion between users and cloud workloads is critical. CloudEdge allows users to securely access cloud-based data remotely from any mobile device, regardless of the source: enterprise traffic, IoT traffic, or remote access traffic. CloudEdge can be deployed at the edge of the enterprise or in the IoT hub to secure sensitive data flowing from the user/IoT device to its respective destination.

CloudEdge allows the carriers and ISPs that provide business security services to provide end-to-end security for their users/subscribers. In a clientless deployment, Privafy CarrierEdge, hosted in the service provider’s distribution hubs, can direct traffic to CloudEdge using Absolute Encryption™ to the enterprise cloud/physical data centers. Similarly, in a deployment where the service provider offers NetEdgeConnect, the traffic can flow peer to peer in an Absolute Encryption channel directly to the CloudEdge in the data centers.

Partnership with TD SYNNEX

Privafy's strategic partnership with global distributor and solutions aggregator, TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) offers its cloud-based full-stack security solutions to partners in North America. The partnership addresses the growing demand for cybersecurity, including managed services for the small to mid-size enterprises (SME) market. This addition to TD SYNNEX’s security portfolio provides an advanced Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution that is deployed, scaled, and managed entirely in the cloud.

The rise in cyberattacks against small and medium businesses has created a pressing need and a multibillion-dollar market for SME security solutions. Traditional point security solutions are no longer enough; they are costly, complex to manage, and vulnerable. 43% of all breaches impact SMEs. Ransomware attacks are up worldwide by 151% in the 1st half of 2021, with more than one-half (55%) of ransomware attacks involving companies with fewer than 100 employees.

Privafy’s cloud-based services protect SMEs by providing a comprehensive full-stack security solution that can be quickly deployed in the cloud with minimal to no upfront expense and low operating costs. Privafy’s channel-based go-to-market strategy empowers managed service providers, value-added resellers, and ISPs to deliver integrated, fully managed security services to their customers.

About the Leader

Guru Pai, Founder and CEO

Guru Pai is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience leading and scaling high-performance organizations ranging from startups to large global firms. A results-oriented executive, Guru co-founded Privafy with a mission to fix the currently flawed approach to securing Data-in-Motion.

Prior to Privafy, Guru served in senior roles at Verizon Communications, where he was responsible for overseeing the products, services, and operations for all of Verizon’s businesses. Before Verizon, he served in varying senior executive roles at companies such as Sonus Networks, AT&T/Bell Labs and Motorola. Guru is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded technology startups within the networking and big data and analytics industries.

"CarrierEdge delivers a complete security solution that sits at the network edge, providing full security services to network subscribers without requiring any client-side hardware or software."

"CloudEdge allows the carriers and ISPs that provide business security services to provide end-to-end security for their users/subscribers."