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Project X Ltd.: A Boutique Advisory, Systems Integration & Support Firm

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”– Jim Rohn

Project X Ltd. is a data and analytics boutique, systems integration and support firm. By focusing on their clients’ objectives and best interests they are able to work collaboratively to drive business value. Project X Ltd’s rapid results methodology ensures their clients see wins along the course of projects with their time to value focus. Their team of experienced professionals works alongside their customers using an integrated delivery model which allows them to tailor their approach to the individual needs of an engagement. From strategy through execution to delivery they work with their clients to achieve results in a quick and cost effective manner.

Project X Ltd. Approach:

  • Creative, innovative and adaptive approach to solutions to meet client objectives
  • Single focus on delivering value
  • Act with a sense of urgency
  • Maintain collegial approach
  • Work in the best interests of client
  • Generate great results
  • Develop trusted relationships

Project X Ltd. clients see them as a friendly and approachable firm whose people will work with them to meet their objectives. Some of their past success has been in the areas of Telecom, Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing where together they have worked to achieve great results.

In 2005, the founding partners combined their accumulative 30+ years of business, technical and consulting experience to form Project X ltd. Throughout their history they have cultivated their relationships with clients, growing as required to meet client needs.

In 2011, though the acquisition of the assets of BigDataLabs, Project X Ltd formed a wholly owned subsidiary Project X Labs Ltd. ( focused on Product Development around MicroStrategy.

Solutions Offered
At Project X Ltd, they refer to a lot of their folks as Solution Architects for a reason. The heart of what they do is drive for unique and innovative solutions to solve customers’ problems. This does not always mean living on the hairy edge of technology. Often it is about having a different way to look at a problem or working differently together.

Since before Project X Ltd’s founders started the company, one of the key things they wanted to achieve was the introduction of industry leading solutions to organizations that often would not have access to full blown solutions. This is not a new concept, Application Service Provider (ASP) solutions have been around for ages. Then came along Software as a service (SaaS). They like these ideas and have solutions that can often be tailored to meet a client’s need or just the experience of these solutions can be leveraged to catapult a client to success.

Some of their Solutions are:

  • Rapid BI™
  • Rapid DW™
  • Support Services (Application and Infrastructure)
  • Innovative solution and execution models
  • Specialty Industry Solutions (Education Transformation, eHealth and eGov)

Case Studies!!!
“We have worked with Project X Ltd for over 4 years. Their ability to think differently in how they work with us to evolve our business has enabled them to have an insight into our business, few partners have. This relationship helps my business meet its corporate objectives all the way to the board level.” Featured Client Case Study (Telecom)

“We chose Project X Ltd not only for their deep knowledge and experience in Data Warehousing, but also for their ability to work with our corporate constraints and objectives. They helped us develop an architecture that was tailored to our complex and evolving situation. The process was very collaborative integrating well with our team. The result was an architecture that the Falconbridge team owned. Project X Ltd helped us develop the right situation for Falconbridge in a complicated environment. They clearly understood our challenges, the environment and our business.” – John van den Hoven, Senior Technology Advisor, Falconbridge Ltd.

“At Project X Labs, we are looking to change the way MicroStrategy is extended with solutions that allow our customers to leap ahead”.

Knowing the Key Leader

Stephen Hayward, Co-founder and President
As a professional with knowledge of a vast array of industries accompanied by diverse technology knowledge, he endeavors to drive towards customer value and objectives – quickly. Working in partnership with his clients, Stephen will constantly endeavor to ensure clients objectives are met or exceeded. Leaving no stone unturned, challenging all assumptions Stephen maintains a commitment to client success. Working with clients in a variety of industries, including Utilities, Telecom, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, and Government Agencies, Stephen has been privileged to be a part of the application of breakthrough approaches in execution. Project X is built around the fundamental belief surrounding the concept of Rapid Results and the processes that are required to create alignment. You will often find Stephen up at the whiteboard, working with clients and the team to build consensus, common vision and most importantly alignment to the objectives. Stephen has worked on projects in the past creating Analytics and Data Warehouse strategies and plans for multiple organizations. Stephen has also had the opportunity to have been exposed to and engage globally with organizations in regards to Location Analytics and driving new insight.

In his spare time, Stephen sits on the Board of Directors of Windermere Golf and Country Club and enjoys getting involved with charities both close to him and Project X Ltd.

“By focusing on our clients’ objectives and best interests we are able to work collaboratively to drive business value. Our rapid results methodology ensures our clients see wins along the course of projects with our time to value focus.”