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Providing complete end-to-end solutions for restaurant operations and management: POSist Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

thesiliconreview-ashish-tulsian-ceo-posist-technologies-pvt-ltd-2018POSist is a leading cloud based Point of Sale solutions provider. With the motto of providing “Training free” and “Easy to use” scalable solutions, we have successfully registered a PAN-India presence, with 3500+ customers in over 85 cities and 5 countries. We are the first company to provide a complete online POS solution for restaurants, which is also Internet outage friendly. POSist derives its edge from being a company focused only towards the food industry. POSist helps a standalone food outlet to a large food chain manage functions like Billing, CRM, Inventory Control, Recipe and Wastage management, Centralized Menu Management, Vendor Management and more. Real-time mobile reporting helps a restaurant owner keep a close watch on his business.

The idea for POSist came up when its Founders, Ashish & Sakshi, started hunting for a software solution to help automate their own restaurant but ended up creating one for themselves. They believe POSist can change the way restaurants deal with its customers at the front end and operations at the back end.

POSist is a complete Restaurant Management Platform, as it’s open to integration and is a seamlessly scalable application. Other business support applications like Accounting Softwares, CRMs, Hotel Suites and even ERP back ends like SAP can be integrated with front POS from POSist. Using its APIs, POSist looks forward to provide better unified solutions to the restaurant industry.

Redefining billing operations

POSist’s quick and simplified billing process lets you process more number of orders in a short time. You can easily process takeaway and delivery orders directly from the POS, consolidate orders and manage payments all at one place without any hassles. It lets you accept orders from multiple online ordering platforms with ease and eliminate the manual effort of calculating orders from various channels.

POSist’s table reservation operations let your customers dine at a seat of their choice by pre-booking their table, thus saving them from the trouble of waiting for a table during the rush hours. Its multicurrency module allows you to accept customers from all geographies by accepting all types of currencies and expand your restaurant business globally with ease.

Smart features to automate and optimize restaurant operations

POSist’s Offers Module helps you increase the customer retention in your restaurant and create attractive offers based on the customer behavior. It can manage the menu across all your outlets from one central POS. All changes are reflected instantly, thus eliminating the manual effort of menu updating. Integrated with the Accounting software, POSist allows your CA to receive the entire data in just a single click and generate automatic reports.

By creating roles and permissions for each activity, its features can control internal thefts at your restaurant. All activities are tracked, and you can assign different modules to different staff. POSist accepts all modes of payments, viz, cash, credit/debit cards, digital wallets etc. Easy consolidation at the POS enables quick order processing and increases customer delight.

POSist’s dynamic Tax Module helps you create all types of tax reports, and gives you a detailed analysis of all tax bifurcation for returns.

From the owner to the staff, POSist benefits each unit of the restaurant business

For owners, POSist allows them to gain a complete control over their restaurant business, keep a track of the daily sales, total bills generated, costs incurred, staff performance and more through simple yet detailed Reporting and Analytics. And for outlet staff, it increases the efficiency in taking and processing orders through POSist, turns tables quickly and generates more revenues through the Upselling feature. The marketing team can manage their entire customer data centrally with the help of POSist and increase the customer retention and engagement by sending custom offers based on the customer ordering history and profile.

POSist lets the purchase team to have a complete control over their stock requirements by keeping a track of the daily consumption. It helps create purchase orders, manage multiple vendors, and control your food costs by ordering only what you need. Finally, for the IT team, it implements the changes in the POS across outlets with ease. POSist facilitates easy auditing, control and updation from a central panel.

Customers speak

POSist works as a perfect model for startups like ours and continuously roles out new features required for restaurants in its software, so you do not have to pay each time and request for additional features. Being cloud based, it offers a lot more flexibility. Also, their 24x7 support system is an added bonus. We have been using POSist since the very beginning of our business and we are completely satisfied with their services.”  - Chirag Gupta, 4700 Bc Popcorn

 “At HattiKaapi, POSist has been widely used across counters in different locations and provides complete control solutions. It is a Minimum hassles with Maximum support software.” - Hatti Kappi

When we started Drunken Monkey we tried about five POS systems before moving to POSist. I feel that with our growth plan POSist would be the ideal partner for us. As a company, POSist doesn't stop discovering and expanding new things as compared to other POS companies. They don't give just a billing software, they give you a software that can control your business. You can make sure anything and everything from the store is controlled, including the Attendance, Stock, Billings, Logistics, everything. It has been a very good journey, and we are reaping the benefits of what POSist has given us as a robust and innovative software, and I think it'll be even better going forward.” - Samrath Reddy, Drunken Monkey

Let’s meet the thought leader

Ashish Tulsian, CEO.

"From Restaurant Management to Operations, POSist provides all the products and features to efficiently run your restaurant business."