50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016

Providing High-End Mission Support, Consulting & Technology solutions: SC3

“The processes we put in place for you are proven and effective.”

SC3 was founded with the goal of creating a customer-first organization, while empowering employees and enabling a company-wide sense of mission and importance. The organization values the hard work, dedication and incredible services that its employees provide to customers across the Intelligence Community and the Federal Government. SC3 is an organization with a purpose; a purpose that relates to an overarching goal beyond the day to day practical missions that each of the employees support.

As a start-up company under the DC Capital Partners investment umbrella, David Page co-founded SIG in 2008 with a focus on providing high-end operational suport and analytics to the DOD and Intelligence Community. In 2010, the company acquired a competitive intelligence firm providing strategic consulting and knowledge management solutions to the private sector. This acquisition supplemented and expanded SIG’s abilities by offering a full-suite of research, analysis, due diligence and operational support capabilities. With the goal of providing the full continuum of services to the federal sector, SIG acquired an IT services company, Catapult Technology, which provided infrastructure operations support to federal and civilian agencies in 2012. Furthermore, in 2013, SIG acquired COMPSEC, which provides hardware, software and appliance technology reselling, primarily into the DOD and Intelligence Community. In early 2014, DC Capital Partners and SIG, under Page’s leadership, made the strategic decision to bring the companies under one umbrella, SC3, in order to offer this full lifecycle of capabilities in intelligence and technology to a broader market. SC3 recently surpassed 500 employees and expanded services to over 30 unique clients within the federal sector.

The CEO says “We are mission focused”
As a services firm, our people are the key to the success of our company and must be considered in all aspects of the organization. This requires that we have the best talent in every position within the company. It is a strategic imperative for me and our company to be The Employer of Choice. “Communication, Culture and Talent Management” are the three key pillars that are a focal point for our organization.

We have recently rolled out several new initiatives in our company that focus on our employees and our customers. The first of which is Communication. We emphasize transparency throughout the organization and encourage all of our corporate staff to listen actively and ensure SC3’s vision is clearly communicated to the entire organization. The second pillar, Culture has always been an important part of each of the companies that make up SC3. We are now focused on creating a new combined culture for our new company, one that includes elements of where we came from and what made us all successful in getting to where we are today but also defines who we want to be in the future to win with employees, clients and the marketplace. And lastly, the third pillar, Talent Management requires a well thought out vision and strategy. We have just finished rolling out our new Talent Management Philosophy that provides opportunities for our employees to choose customized growth tracks within SC3 to identify and develop the skillsets necessary for success.

Services Committed to Quality
The company is organized into two business units. First, our Mission Support Business Unit (MSBU) provides national security and technology services. MSBU provides the full continuum of technology and intelligence solutions to include targeting, analysis, HUMINT training, infrastructure operations, enterprise systems, application development and information assurance. Second, it’s Contracting Engineering and Support (CES) business unit provides technology solutions to include research, testing and evaluation of emerging technologies, hardware, software and appliance reselling, as well as the development of several custom engineered solutions. CES and MSBU work hand-in-hand to deliver packaged solutions offerings to its clients enabling them to acquire products and their associated services from one vendor. It doesn’t maintain a product catalogue, so it is able to stay truly vendor agnostic and make recommendations for the best technologies to meet the client’s needs. This diversified support is a unique offering, not found within a company of this size.

Envisioning the Future
Looking forward to the next three to five years, the company has a clear growth strategy to increase sales from $280M in 2016 to over $500M, continuing to climb the capabilities ladder and expanding the service offerings in software and application development, cyber analytics, training and custom engineered solutions. Its strategy is based on three key success factors:

  1. Within the Technology Solutions division, it will continue to move horizontally across the customer base leveraging existing customer relationships across the enterprise.
  2.  Expanding their portfolio of services within analysis and training to move into new markets.
  3.  Continuing to expand its custom engineered solutions offerings by offering a more comprehensive model that integrates new and emerging technologies with a robust application engineering services model.

Meet the Master

David Page, CEO: David has over 10 years of experience in executive level management, leading intelligence support activities, business development, and acquisitions on behalf of start-up companies supporting the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense (“DOD”) in operational support, analysis, IT services, and product development. Prior to serving as CEO of SC3, Page served as CEO of Strategic Intelligence Group (“SIG”) from its founding in 2008 until its integration with SC3 in 2014, as well as CFO and COO for BDS Corporation from 2003 until its acquisition by CACI in 2007. He has a BA in Management Information Systems from Southern Methodist University and an MS in Accounting from the University of Virginia.

“We deliver the people, services, processes, and products to meet our clients’ most important strategic requirements.”