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Providing solutions for International Businesses and Organization: Orbit Consultancy Services Limited

thesiliconreview-michael-li-founder-orbit-consultancy-services-limited-18Orbit Consultancy Services Limited (“ORBIT”) is an information technology service provider based in Hong Kong and since 2010 focusing mainly on providing PeopleSoft solutions to local and overseas clients. Playing the lead roles in the company are the key executives Michael Li (Founder) and Gary Wong (CEO) who pull together business talents, technology expertise, and professional experience to meet the needs of all the customers.

ORBIT’s structure functions with the HR users who share their domain knowledge and business needs to it. The information procured by ORBIT is later used to guide the client to source and implement the right HR-related system. In other words, ORBIT helps clients in optimizing resources and exploring opportunities for better Human Resources.

The First Challenge

ORBIT’s first project was completed in 2012, with a tight schedule (around 6 months). It had to implement Oracle PeopleSoft HCM solution to replace the 3 isolated systems. The most difficult part of the project was data conversion because data is inconsistent since it varies when it comes to two or more systems. Thus, the company had a hard time in identifying these data and had to undergo a huge conversational phase with the clients to discuss the data’s identity. But eventually, it overcame this obstacle to fully match the client’s expectations and grow in the market.

Recruiting has always been the most challenging part for the company. But ORBIT never broke down, it carried its plans and executed it with flying colors. All thanks to the team that consists both young and experienced staffs who work day in and day out.

Although many projects in the past had failed, ORBIT managed to turn that experience into a gift because of the company’s optimistic approach to challenges and failure. ORBIT never gave up and maintained its pace to become one of the leading HR-solutions providers in Hong Kong and soon in the world.

Why Oracle PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft Inc. was acquired by Oracle in 2005. The key people in the initial founding in 1987 were David Duffield and Ken Morris. PeopleSoft provides Human Resource management systems (HRMS), Supply chain management (SCM) and Financial Management Solutions (FMS). ORBIT specializes in project implementation, post-implementation support and maintenance service, and system enhancement. The company embraces the core values of quality customer service, teamwork, and commitment to delivering promises to clients. Eventually, ORBIT has built trust and long-term relationships through strong and successful collaboration.

The Speciality of the Company

ORBIT’s five factors that have been the biggest asset is its belief over the business, the vision it carries, the super-energetic team, its commitment to its client and the spirit in which it runs the business. ORBIT’s flexibility towards its clients is brilliant and that is why it has a consistent growth. Not to mention the fact that its clients recommend ORBIT to other firms and companies as a human resource solution.

ORBIT is one of the Gold Level Partners of Oracle PeopleSoft with Specialization in PeopleSoft People Tools and PeopleSoft Human Capital Management. The company proposes a team of experienced Oracle PeopleSoft consultants who are capable to deliver quality services and support to its client. Many businesses have met their target and are successful because of ORBIT.

The company provides proven implementation, phasing solutions, system cut-over, and data conversion solutions in various regions. Furthermore, it has an experienced project team that leverages the synergy of ORBIT and Oracle.

ORBIT’s Methodology

The first step is the planning phase followed with system architecture and designing phase. Furthermore, development and configuration are performed to finally come to the System Integration test. In the end, the process undergoes the User Acceptance phase and stops with System Parallel run.

The Future Goals of ORBIT

ORBIT has experience in various industries from different regions. Its customer base consists of media, airlines, merchandise purchasing, banking, construction, property management, and education institutions from various countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, India, and Singapore. Orbit plans on expanding to the next level where it can reach out to various other companies and provide the same solutions it is currently providing to its huge customer base.

The Founding Duo

Michael Li, Founder: Michael has been working on the Oracle PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM solutions for more than 10 years. After Michael completed his education he started as a payroll consultant for a multi-national company as his 1st full-time job. Later Michael became interested in studying different company policies and different countries statutory requirements. He also attained the knowledge on the HR practices in Hong Kong, China, Macau, and Taiwan. It is because of him that all the clients come back to the company because he provides hospitality and accurate advice.

Gary Wong, Founder: Gary has worked in the Oracle PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM solutions for more than 10 years. He obtained his Master degree from the University of Hong Kong in 2008. His strength is to gather information on user requirements, utilize it in the system workflow and finally produce accurate results. All the clients approaching ORBIT consults him, takes his advice and incorporates it in their roadmap.

“We seek to become the leading provider of quality PeopleSoft solutions to businesses and organizations in Hong Kong and overseas”