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Providing Tailored Trust, Fiduciary, Fund, and Corporate Services: Vistra


We always go further for clients, from forming new connections to navigating new jurisdictions, to maximize what is possible in international business.

Vistra's specialist colleagues provide tailored trust, fiduciary, fund and corporate services. The company forms strong, trusted connections with its clients, based on a deep understanding of their professional worlds, drawn from its extensive experience of working in those same worlds - across finance, structuring, law, and accounting.

Vistra's approach is always personal. It develops perceptive solutions to the often complex needs of each individual client, from international corporations to high net worth individuals.

The firm’s deep technical expertise earned through years of experience has made it an industry leader in establishing companies in all major jurisdictions worldwide. With licenses in major jurisdictions, onshore and offshore, Vistra can provide a full spectrum of company formation services. It is also well positioned to support its clients in administering their companies by providing a range of technical and corporate services. Following Vistra’s acquisition of Jordans in 2016, the company now provides a range of legal, corporate governance, and business intelligence services.

The company’s corporate vision is doing business in a fast-changing global environment provides great opportunities but at the cost of complexity. Vistra's clients need partners of their caliber – who operate on the same level or higher, who can really bring something to the table. Someone they can trust with their own clients. Someone who rises to the challenge, in the same way, they do.

Facts about Vistra

  • Serve over 100 Fortune 500 companies
  • Has over US $282 billion of alternative investment fund assets under administration 
  • Its depositary services under the AIFMD have been included in the ISAE 3402 since 2014
  • Has a comprehensive service offering with expert knowledge to fulfill different needs

Vistra's Corporate Values

The firm is guided by its core values – to be diligent, perceptive, collaborative and confident as people, as a company and as a Group.

Diligent: We are always working hard in pursuit of the best possible outcome for our clients.

Perceptive: We look ahead to see issues before they arise, and anticipate our clients’ needs.

Collaborative: We listen, and we bring ideas to the table. We create a two-way relationship of quality professionals.

Confident: We have great relationships with our clients and a proven track record of success.

Vistra: Expand Further

Whatever country or region you want to do business in, Vistra can help you get started quickly and successfully.

For Corporate Clients, Vistra's services are designed from the ground up to suit the needs of today's business community; establishing companies in multiple jurisdictions, recruiting industry qualified directors, setting up registered offices, and putting in place every aspect of local administration.

Fund Managers can call on Vistra's highly experienced fund services team to set up and run investment funds in jurisdictions around the world. Vistraoffers a wide range of fund and corporate administration services and can act as registrar, transfer agent, and security agent. It also includes depositary, risk management, management company, and liquidation services as part of its offering.

For Private Clients, Vistra’s family office services team offers strategic expertise in structuring worldwide assets in a way that safeguards wealth for the next generations - including estate planning, family trusts, and business succession planning. It can help you relocate, handling everything from visa and citizenship applications to finding residential property, banking and more.

For Business Owners looking to expand into new markets, Vistra's International Expansion services can smooth the process. From finding premises and recruiting local staff, to set up new companies, compliance, and statutory reporting, Vistra has the local expertise.

Service offered

Alternative investments:

As global markets shift, regulation increases and investors demand more, the world of alternative investments is changing.

While this brings opportunities for fund managers to stand out from the crowd, there’s no doubt managing a fund has become more complicated. Vistra provides a complete range of corporate, fiduciary and administrative services for alternative investment funds, supporting your fund through its lifecycle. As a leading provider of fund administration in assets under management, the company has the expertise and experience to ensure the smooth set-up and operation of your fund anywhere in the world.

Vistrahas a track record of establishing companies in multiple jurisdictions, recruiting industry-qualified directors, setting up registered offices, and putting in place every aspect of local administration.

The company’s specialist service teams manage accounting and financial reporting, compliance, trading and treasury services, recruitment and payroll administration, international pension and incentive schemes, and much more. Through its global network, Vistra offers a tailored service built on extensive local knowledge – freeing you to focus on your business objectives.

Vistra: Making international opportunities work for you

thesiliconreview-compliance-solution-providers-us-cover-19Vistra can take your business to new destinations. If your company is ready to explore new markets, Vistra is there to help. Its international expansion specialists know what it takes to realize your full potential in today’s global economy.

The firm’s unique service model features experts located around the world who provide authoritative advice, unmatched operational support and a secure technology platform. Whether it’s setting up offices, getting the licenses and permits you need to operate, or providing ongoing services like payroll, its professionals will explain your options and then make them a reality. Its experts will also help you mitigate your global risks, giving you greater control and peace of mind.

Vistra's services are entirely bespoke and relevant to your needs. It has a proven track record of getting it right, working as trusted partners - wherever in the world you want to do business.

“And to make sure you can operate virtually anywhere, we’ve created the Vistra Alliance, a network of trusted accounting and professional firms. Together, we have the people, technology, and processes you need to make the most of your opportunities.” Says Vistra

Corporate Social Responsibility

“We believe that we have a positive role in economic progress, supporting entrepreneurial opportunities and facilitating global trade.”

Vistra, is in the business of helping its clients take their investments and their businesses across borders. The company believes what it does is positive to its community because it helps create entrepreneurial opportunities on the one hand and facilitates economic development on the other. It does this through the latest best practices in terms of compliance and corporate governance, and, in doing so, Vistra believes it is helping to make the world an easier and more accessible place to do business. 

Vistra’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative (“Vistra CSR”) focuses on the key areas in which Vistra positively impacts its society and articulates directly how it goes about ensuring that its actions help amplify such positive impact. Vistra CSR also provides valuable opportunities for it to engage positively with the key stakeholders of its business. 

  • For employees—Vistra CSR provides a platform for them to engage in the Community Investment Programme and to make a positive difference in our communities. 
  • For communities—Vistra CSR engages the company in Community Investment activities that are aligned to its global themes of benefiting the welfare of children, education and the environment.
  • For clients—Vistra already facilitates their own CSR initiatives as part of the services it offers. Vistra CSR aims to make this a focus for the business so that Vistra becomes the leading service provider for anyone wishing to set up structures to engage in philanthropic and charitable endeavors.
  • For industry—Vistra CSR helps to communicate the constructive role its industry has on society and highlight its role in helping Vistra’s clients navigate the complexities of crossing borders. 
  • For environment—Vistra CSR provides a focal point around which change can take place within the company to help reduce its impact on the environment when doing business.

Vistra’s CSR Committee is composed of volunteer Partners in the Group. It provides a focal point to coordinate communication and allocate resources so that its efforts in specific CSR initiatives can produce maximum impact.

“Our teams contribute to society and the local communities in which we operate, providing opportunities for every employee to give back at the local level,” says Vistra

Around the world, Vistra staff volunteer time as well as raise funds for groups and organizations in their local communities. Vistra supports employees’ charitable efforts by encouraging engagement in CSR initiatives and projects to improve our impact as a company. As a collective group, Vistra has chosen three key themes for its Community Investment Programme - children, education and the environment. 

To promote the Community Investment Programme across its network, Vistra actively shares experiences of CSR in all its markets and acknowledge best in class projects through showcasing them in its CSR intranet. 

Greet the Leader

Simon Hinshelwood, Executive Chairman: Simon has over 30 years’ of experience in business management across financial services and business process outsourcing with a strong track record in strategic and operational engineering, business transformation and development.

He was previously a Partner in global professional services organization, Arthur Andersen until 1998. Since then he has held a number of Chief Executive and both Executive and Non-Executive Chairman roles in Australia the Americas and the UK. These roles include: the largest privately owned financial services business in Australia; a UK based 2000 plus employee business process outsourcing business; the multi-brand UK and Irish mortgage and loan origination and servicing business; a leading UK facilities maintenance business; and the largest global independent insurance manager.

Simon joined the Vistra Board in September 2017 as a Non-Executive Chairman. He recently took on the role of Executive Chairman to lead the day to day management of the business with the Vistra Executive Committee.

“Our vision is to be the leading services and solutions provider for our clients, operating as a partnership of equals: as high-quality professionals working with high-quality professionals. Our people, processes and products help our clients get the most from their international business.”