10 Fastest Growing Security Companies 2017

“Regulations such as GDPR will continue to disrupt with restrictions and penalties for non-compliance, yet organizations will still require more mobile app flexibility for teams working remotely”- SyncDog, Inc.

thesiliconreview-jonas-gyllensvaan-ceo-syncdog-inc-17“We deliver a powerful mobile app experience protected through Federal Information Processing Standard or FIPS 140-2, AES 256-bit encryption.” 

As more organizations adopt new business models related to mobility, the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Internet of Everything (IoE), the enterprise is becoming an enormously complex environment. Smartphones, tablets, other endpoint devices, and web applications are irreversibly changing the way people work and play online. But the competitive edge and other benefits of mobility can be lost if these smart devices are not adequately protected against security threats. Organizations seeking to allow employees more flexibility away from the enterprise will find SyncDog a viable option for a secure mobile experience.

Founded in 2013, SyncDog is the leading independent software vendor (ISV) for delivering a functional mobile application workspace while at the same time securing enterprise mobility computing. The SentinelSecure™ data security solution delivers defense-grade secure mobile device partitions or “containers” that can secure emails/contacts, calendar items, IM apps, Internet browsers, mobile file stores and other business apps provisioned on personal devices to be used in a BYOD or CYOD(choose your own device) setting. 

The SentinelSecure™ C2 workspace provides a secure application platform that encrypts and transports data between the enterprise and secure, “sandboxed” applications running on employees’ mobile devices. The workspace delivers a highly functional and easy app experience for users, and protects client enterprise networks with a secure, partitioned FIPS 140-2 certified container on both iOS and Android devices. SentinelSecure™ secures data both on the device and in transit using AES 256-bit encryption. A full suite of mobile-enabled productivity applications is available in the defense-grade container, including SharePoint, Enterprise Chat, Geo-location Services, DropBox, a Personal Information Management (PIM) suite, Office Suite, Office 365, File Sync, and Secure Mobile App Management & Development functions.

More about SyncDog, the Company

SyncDog’s primary concern for customers is delivering the best mobile application experience remotely while securing enterprise data. The main goal is to leverage mobile technology to enhance business workflows away from the enterprise, with higher levels of security.  

SyncDog Founder and CEO on the product:

“There are many aspects to how we protect enterprise data from mobile points of intrusion, but the security strategy is twofold: 1) secure the transmission of enterprise data to/from the device with defense-grade encryption, and 2) provide a secure, collaborative and containerized workspace on the device that can operate as a remote business workstation for all applications, including Microsoft Office, web browser, secure texting, file management/sync, and many others. SentinelSecure™ provides FIPS 140-2, AES 256-bit encryption for data both at rest on the device and in transit. The SentinelSecure™ container’s high level of security allows for normal work application activity without sacrificing performance. The freedom to work business-as-usual on the device is a departure from competing solutions that curtail application functions as a tradeoff to higher levels of data protection.” 

“The benefit to our clients is the comfort of knowing that 24/7 mobile access to their organizations’ intellectual property – the new norm in today’s business world – is going to be secure and protected. SyncDog has further enhanced the product through technology partnerships to provide additional enterprise services such as a GPS location service, encrypted texting that can be set to expire and then be wiped from the device automatically, and other enhancements to protect enterprise data in the event a device is lost or stolen.” 

A Favorable Customer Experience

SyncDog approaches its customers in a consultative engagement that is both collaborative and constructive throughout the sales and implementation process. “We give preference to security followed by flexibility in deployment options so the customer’s end-user experience takes place without disruption. Our highly-flexible solution is a complementary tool to existing infrastructure and application security and compliance policies.”


SyncDog currently focuses on Fortune 1000 enterprise organizations and Federal/State governments. The company’sclient verticals are Banking/Finance, Law Enforcement, Healthcare and Aerospace.

Unique Selling Proposition

The company leaders have been working in mobile device security since 1990’s. SyncDog’s CEO Jonas Gyllensvaan is an engineer by trade and has been heavily involved in day-to-day architecture and development for the product from day one. SyncDog’s size positions it well to adjust to customer requests and make revisions to suit a multitude of changing requirements.

Hurdles encountered

“We face similar challenges of other ISVs in mobile device app management and security. There are a host

of costs associated with bringing innovative and complex IT security solutions to market, such as sales and marketing costs, development costs, and other operational expenses. Additionally, due to the increasing complexity in IT environments today, the speed of deployment is oftentimes dependent on customers’ preferences to integrate.” The company’s approach comes from more than 20 years of successful software integrations and each deployment is undertaken with deep experience in technology architecture, software product design and business management. 

Company geographies

SyncDog is based in Northern Virginia and its main target industries are banking/finance, healthcare and government. North America is its primary geography, with several distributors in place. SyncDog also has partners in Europe to bring to market localized white label offerings in several countries. 

More About Jonas Gyllensvaan, Founder and CEO

Jonas Gyllensvaan is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. He has founded three successful start-ups and is advisor to several others. He has designed, developed and implemented technology projects for government agencies in over a dozen countries. Gyllensvaan has a proven track record of leading-edge product development, technology architecture, building profitable companies, and high-level business partnerships.