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Reshaping and expanding business development with highly successful enterprise-grade solutions Shubhashish IT Services Ltd.

thesiliconreview-mohit-jajoo-ceo-shubhashish-it-services-ltd-2018Innovation and the need to be agile are at the forefront of the whole IT industry. The advances in information technology and global connectivity, combined with economic liberalization have given impetus to a new dimension of opportunities that can improve business productivity. Businesses have to grasp these opportunities and innovate their ways of delivering services to sustain in the market. So, they turn to IT service providers to handle elements of their IT needs as part of a collaborative arrangement with the internal IT department. Companies need a partner that can help in creating the desired business outcomes and enhance their services to further their goals from both business as well as a technology perspective.

Shubhashish IT Services Ltd takes care of that and provides collaborative solutions to the clients’ businesses and IT challenges with innovative ideas that are embraced by their customers. The company has been in the IT terrain for years and has served some of the most happening large-scale businesses in the world with its mobile app and web design & development solutions.

Commitment to deliver the best quality services

Shubhashish IT Services Limited (SITSL), a part of Shubhashish Group, was founded in the embarking of 2015 with an oddly simple goal to provide solutions to its esteemed clients that no other firm in the world can. In a short time-span, the company has partnered & obtained membership with some of the world’s leaders in IT vista encompassing Google, Microsoft, IBM, PayPal, Shopify, GupShup Technologies, and Acquia. Companies such as Coca-Cola, UNICEF, EO, and Kanha are some of its prestigious clients. Currently, SITSL is operating in two locations, i.e., Houston, USA, and Jaipur, India. With a clear vision and fast growth as a firm, the company will soon establish itself as a multinational company with development & customer care centers all over the world especially in UAE, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Inception of the company

SITSL started three years ago with a sole goal to provide something unique and extremely effective at affordable prices to firms. In the initial years, its service offering horizon was finite to just mobile app development. Gradually, with time and under the visionary & motivational leadership of Mohit, the firm steadily advanced its scope to web design and development in the next year. Since success should be persistent, SITSL further collaborated with one of the leading names in AI-powered chatbot development, Beerud Sheth, Co-Founder & CEO, GupShup technologies.

Six months ago, Mr. Mohit sat with Mr. Abhishek, director of Rambhajo Jewellers (a renowned jewellery group in the jewellery landscape) and then happened what usually does when two ambitious, visionary entrepreneurs sit together. Aretha Jewels, a collaboration between SITSL & Rambhajo, was launched on the auspicious eve of 15th August. A few weeks later, Mohit contemplated that he should contribute to PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ campaign, and after weeks of team-planning and months of development efforts, the young entrepreneur finally unveiled his first present to India’s common retailers , FrutFul. The scope of FrutFul is quite vast and the vision is per se substantial - A Digital India. It combined offering of fully-featured restaurant apps & websites, eCommerce portals, HRM systems and apps to retailers at quite affordable prices.

The all in one solution point for diverse issues

SITSL provides a vast sweep of IT services from web & mobile app design and development to digital marketing, AI-based chatbots, and AR/VR apps development. Shubhashish IT focuses on every segment of development as it aims to help the maximum number of customers with its superlative solutions. Its enthusiasm to keep exploring about the latest technologies provides the motivation to work on diverse projects.

After making countless happy customers in IT industry, the company is spreading its roots to several other industries which include, Aretha, its online jewellery portal, FrutFul, an incredible product which provides numerous readymade eCommerce, HRM, & restaurant industry solutions, and Happy Journeys, its holiday package service. Its ultimate goal is to make every possible support in reach to its customers.

Helping clients connect with their goals

Today’s customers are inclined to go with solutions that look better, work better, and are easy to handle. Hence, keeping the development cost pocket-friendly, SITSL endeavors to put a special emphasis on the UX/UI of the solutions it delivers to its clients. Its clients get an astonishing level of UX/UI similar to that of the top Fortune 500 firms.

Clients often have complaints that the project they outsourced weren’t robust enough, lacked creativity, and tested properly. However, SITSL, on the other hand, attempts to achieve the maximum level of security, robustness, and bug handling before delivering the product to its clients.

Testimonials of success

 “Thank you so much for getting it done, Shubhashish. With the app you’ve built, the tracking and monitoring of AADs have certainly become effortless. Earlier, we were prone to losing market opportunities, loss of revenues, and getting tricked by AADs. However, now, everything has become streamlined, leading us to escalated growth. Thanks again for the great development and 24X7 supports!” - Coca-Cola.

“We approached SITSL to help us bring our project to life. We were very happy with the quality work they delivered and the project went extremely smooth.” - Clara, Founder.

Knowing the visionary behind Shubhashish IT Services Ltd.

SITSL was founded by Mr. Mohit Jajoo, a born entrepreneur, an ambitious startup guy, and a profound leader. He carries with him the business legacy of his father and for Shubhashish Group, his aspirations are no less heartfelt than his father’s. After completing his education from St. Anselm’s school in 2010, as a B.Arch. from MNIT, Jaipur in 2015, he let his aspirations guide his way on the journey of success.

The thrill to skyrocket the ROI of his family business inclined Mohit to join Shubhashish Group in 2011. He worked in various businesses of Shubhashish which majorly includes Wealth Management, Real Estate Development, Packaging & Logistics under the group Founder & Chairman Mr. J.K. Jajoo. He got inducted on the Board of Directors of Shubhashish Group & most of its Group Companies and became the CEO in may 2013. Since then he has expanded the group verticals which include IT Services, IT Products & Real Estate Advisory. In 2013, he took a course in Business and Economics from the University of Oxford where he honed his entrepreneurial skills and built for himself a foundation of good corporate management.

Soon, he was there to boost his family business to new heights while he kicked off several successful startups combining Aretha Jewels, Shubhashish IT Services Ltd., JB IT Service and FrutFul. He is a philanthropist by heart and actively participates in operations of Jagriti, one of India’s top 7 NGO working day and night for child welfare.

“The word ‘Shubhashish’ depicts blessings. And this is what we aspire to shower our clients with our expertise and smart hard work - blessings in disguise of technology that lead to success.”