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Securing, Managing, Analyzing the Mobile Environment: WidePoint

thesiliconreview-widepoint-logo-18“We are a leading provider of managed mobility services, telecommunications lifecycle management, and cybersecurity solutions.”

WidePoint Corporation is an innovative provider of Trusted Mobility Management (TM2) solutions. TM2 converges at the intersection of WidePoint’s pioneering Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM), Telecom Invoice Presentment AND Analytics, Mobile and Identity (IdM) Management solutions.

WidePoint is the leading provider of customized telecom and mobile management solutions to the U.S. public sector. WidePoint has a diverse portfolio of government and commercial clients, serving global and international enterprises and the Fortune 100 across a multitude of industries. The company offers unique solutions in certificate-based security solutions, wireless telecommunication expense management systems and associated consulting services.

An Innovative and Entrepreneurial Approach to Business Problems

WidePoint has grown through the merger of highly specialized regional IT consulting companies, most of which have been in business for decades. Since the first merger in 1998, all the WidePoint companies are united by a common set of corporate values.

A reputation for being an employee-centric organization where the concern for, and appreciation of, its highly skilled and competent staff encourages both personal and professional growth.

Led by an experienced management team, WidePoint competencies are aligned with evolving security and economic priorities. Its proven experience, top-secret security clearances, contract vehicles and fluency across many technologies puts us in an elite group of advanced solution providers serving a wide array of customers’ needs.

A Sneak peek at the Solutions Portfolio

Enterprise Solutions:

The challenges brought on by the growth and evolution of mobile devices and how we use them, along with the security threats that go with them, have prompted many organizations to consider managed services for mobility, telecom, and cybersecurity. For decades, WidePoint has been helping enterprises do just that, reducing costs, improving efficiency, optimizing services, and protecting users, networks, and data.

The firm believes that businesses don’t have to be burdened with higher costs and increasing security risks that can distract from achieving business goals or worse, be costly and cause irreparable damage. WidePoint has the experience, knowledge, tools, and solutions to ensure our customers have the freedom to focus on success.

Federal Solutions

WidePoint has more than 20 years of experience serving the Federal Government. Its deep understanding of government requirements, processes, and unique needs has been proven time and again as the company continues to serve military and civilian agencies and their industrial bases with innovation and efficiency.

State and Local Solutions

For many state and local governments, the cost of telecom and mobile services is an escalating expense and budgetary challenge. Many have turned to WidePoint. WidePoint provides solutions for State and Local Government that help reduce costs, improve efficiency, optimize mobile services, and more. It combines deep telecom industry expertise, streamlined acquisitions, and tailored best practices to consolidate mobile assets and services to drive efficiency and cost reduction.

Service Outlook

Managed Mobility Services: WidePoint Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provide global, robust, integrated, and bundled solutions to address all aspects of mobility deployment, management, and support across all device types.

Whether you’re assessing your current state, need to plan improvements or an expansion, or even if you aren’t sure what you need yet or how to get there, WidePoint can help.

Telecom Lifecycle Management: In today’s ever-changing telecommunications landscape, auditing, optimizing and managing contracts, services, and assets successfully can be a challenge. You need to ensure your workforce has what they need to be their most productive, while you keep costs down and protect your data and networks. The good news is that the constant flux also provides an opportunity for ongoing optimization, savings, and other improvements—if you have the right tools.

WidePoint’s Telecom Lifecycle Management provides a complete and secure solution for both mobile and landline management, customized to enforce your policies, ensure contract compliance and provide visibility for all telecom assets and services while maximizing your telecommunications budget.

Cybersecurity Solutions:

Cyberterrorism and cybercrime represent the most serious economic and national security threats our nation faces. It’s never been more important to know who or what is on the other end of your communications. Cyber threats affect every community of interest and touch every aspect of our lives. From national security to our personal lives, cybersecurity is a critical need and is everyone’s responsibility.

WidePoint’s Cybersecurity solutions address access to multi-level secure resources and message traffic based on entity identity, roles, and privileges. Our federated solutions support various strong electronic identity credentials that can be readily electronically validated by any logical/physical access point.

Greet the Chief

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Otto J. Guenther, Chairman of the Board:

General Guenther was named Chairman of the Board in November 2017 after serving as a director since August 2007 and as a member of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee. He joined the Board after a distinguished 34-year military career, including serving as the Army’s first chief information officer, followed by nearly a decade of exceptional leadership within the federal information technology industry. General Guenther was awarded several honors by the U.S. Army, including the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit (Oak Leaf Cluster), Defense Superior Service Medal (Oak Leaf Cluster), Joint Service Medal, and Army Commendation Medal. Recognized for his work within the industry, he also received several Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association awards and was inducted into the Government Computer News Hall of Fame. Currently, General Guenther sits on two educational foundations, AFCEA Education Foundation and Aurora Foundation, and since 2006 has been an active trustee at McDaniel College. General Guenther received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Western Maryland College, now called McDaniel College, and a Master’s Degree in Procurement and Contracting from the Florida Institute of Technology.

“We deliver secure, cloud-based, enterprise-wide information technology-based solutions that can enable commercial enterprises and government agencies to deploy fully compliant IT services in accordance with government-mandated regulations and advanced system requirements.”­­