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The leader in digital asset securities, bringing together businesses seeking to raise capital with investors seeking access to alternative assets: Securitize


A big misconception when it comes to conducting digital securities offerings is that it alters the actual process for issuing securities. This isn’t true. Digital securities are still securities which means issuers must go through the same process required in a traditional securities offering. This includes working with legal counsel and other intermediaries to prepare all the legal documents and collect necessary information from investors. What digital securities paired with blockchain technology does do is remove friction and dramatically speed up the process. Securitize Markets, LLC (“Securitize Markets”), is a broker-dealer and member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and Securities Investor Protection Corp (“SIPC”). Securitize Markets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Securitize, Inc. (“Securitize”) Securitize Markets is also a designated Alternative Trading System (“ATS”) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Securitize Markets is approved to assist in the primary issuance of securities, including digital asset securities. Securitize Markets ATS is also approved for the secondary trading of private securities including digital asset securities. Securitize Markets has two lines of business. The first is the primary issuance of securities including digital securities that are issued pursuant to the following exemptions: Regulation D, Regulation A, Regulation S, and Regulation CF. The second line of business is operating an ATS that offers the opportunity to buy or sell exempt securities including digital securities on a secondary market. Securitize Markets is approved for primary issuance and secondary trading of securities whose record of ownership is managed by an SEC-registered Transfer Agent.

The Securitize Advantage

Now there is a cost-efficient end-to-end solution for raising up to $75M from retail investors. Invite your customers, friends and family to own a stake in the future of your company, and increase the potential for shareholder loyalty and bottom-line growth. Securitize is the only fully end-to-end digital solution for raising capital, from the primary issuance to the ability to enable the potential for secondary market liquidity. Measure the potential for demand and interest by presenting the conditions of your raise to potential investors on platform. Leverage the network of experienced counsel to support your needs for preparing, submitting and working through the SEC qualification process. Promote your offering and ensure the communications are consistent with regulatory requirements with our end-to-end solution. Securitize also helps you reach new investors and provide your customers and investors with access and the potential to participate.

Commitment to Client Success

Securitize does more than just enable digital securities. As the first U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered Transfer Agent in the digital securities space Securitize takes the risk out of recording changes in ownership, maintaining corporate security holder records, and canceling and/or issuing digital securities. Maximize your relationships with investors, employees, creditors, members, and customers.​​​​​ Offer your clients the option to complete the distribution process online with ACH, wire transfers, paper checks, or digital currency. Quickly and easily generate requisite tax documentation. Communicate directly with shareholders using investor outreach module. Issuers can manage and create transactional and marketing campaigns to inform shareholders of company news or events. Manage voting events easily and entirely online from a single dashboard and hold annual or special shareholder meetings throughout the year. With a commitment to constant innovation and improvement, the Securitize platform is answering the call to advance the industry while delivering services that customers want. Securitize is a blockchain agnostic platform, giving you the option to choose the public or permissioned blockchain that works best for your needs. Securitize utilizes the secure power of blockchain to record ownership and transfers of digital securities. Securitize’s DS Protocol compliantly manages all aspects of the digital security lifecycle, including issuance and liquidity, and is the industry leader in adoption.

Meet the leader behind the success of Securitize

Carlos Domingo is the Founder and CEO of Securitize, the leading compliance platform for security tokens or digital securities on the blockchain. Founder and crypto capitalist in SPiCE VC, the first truly liquid, inclusive and transparent tokenized VC on the blockchain. Former CEO of Telefonica R&D and CEO of New Business and Innovation at Telefonica Digital. Senior Executive on innovation and digital transformation, entrepreneur and prolific startup investor. Two times book author.

“We are committed to helping you reach your goals throughout the entire lifecycle of your issuance”