10 Fastest Growing BIGDATA Companies 2017

Semantix impacts millions of lives with big data

thesiliconreview-leonardo-santos-ceo-semantixSemantix is the largest company focused on Big Data. Founded in 2010 with the mission of building the new digital era, the company is striving to meet the intersection of several areas of knowledge involving the Science Data; Computer Science, Technology, Mathematics, Statistics and Business.

Genesis of Semantix

The company was set up in a moment in which there was a collapse going on in terms of data volume and processing speed, the company figured out that there would be no easy way to process pet bytes of data without a distributed system. Since them, NoSQL and Big Data technologies were in radar. The region was not strong on Big Data skills, so they decided to help people get skilled in these technologies through training, evangelization, events and content generation. Right now, Big Data is a very well known platform and company is now building new products on top of Big Data technologies. 

The company operates in all stages of a Big Data project (end-to-end), with a focus on adding value for customers. Innovate with technology and cutting edge methodologies is their great competitive advantage, the company aim to deliver the highest value in the shortest time. 

“All of our founders have studied thoroughly the required themes to build this company from scratch. One of our founders is an expert in NoSQL, Big Data and Machine Learning technologies. The other had an MBA in Project Management and the other one is an expert in foreign trade, each one brought their own expertise to build this company and still important part of its culture. We do believe that learning is something that Semantix will keep doing forever,” Says CEO 

The first achievement

The first product was a search engine that could learn from the behavior of the user, special click behavior and transactions behavior. Through the tracking of what was the user viewing, the companies were able to provide better results for ecommerce and content customers.

Big Data has never been so popular, but Semantix became strong brand in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. That is why Semantix products are increasingly getting more and more attention from the market, that’s how popularity increased enormously in the past 2 years.

“Semantix is all about talent, we try to attract the best talents in the market, Talent, Hard Work, Creativity, Courage and Commitment are our biggest assets. People who are always willing to learn in our space, in less time things can easily change in a single year. Data drives our business, and the data that shows our own growth serves as inspiration of what is yet to come. To avoid getting caught by surprise, we are always getting up-to-date by participating in events, training, workshops and sharing which has made us to know to the world,” says TEAM 

Biggest challenges

The customers have always had challenges that were not possible to make real in the past. The challenges motivated Semantix team because a lot of big competitors made them to say no to these challenges in the past. Hard work consistently visiting customers, understanding their challenges and accepting them as their own challenges is what made them do to drive growth substantially.

Most of it is related to new customers bringing new challenges to the company. They play a key role in daily routines, because their demands and their data drive company’s strategies and decisions. Semantix have moved from a consultancy company to a product development service company because of challenges being brought to them by customers. These information’s drives Semantix, a data-driven company since its inception. 

Unbeatable Semantix

Professionals will be able to become data-driven experts, with more and more data science being demanded, Semantix sow the seeds of talent in the market as they train and prepare professionals to work with the state of the art technologies that the companies use. 

The new big projects are coming, one of them is called SAINT (Semantix AI Network Traffic), a tool that will use artificial intelligence algorithms to figure out possible invasions in companies’ networks. The other one still doesn’t have a name, but it’s an IoT end-to-end solution that will be able to analyze people behavior in public, such as how many people moves around a specific block in weekends or weekdays. This is very important to help stores and other companies figure out where they will install their offices and structures. It is a good way of not making a mistake on the decision of where is the best place to promote an event or open a store. 

The future sight!

Semantix will be the leader in Artificial Intelligence and Data Technologies in few years. The company is working to build a very talented team of builders that will help rebuilding data structure in the years to come. More people and companies will become data-driven and Semantix will be ready for this movement.

Meet the wit 

Leonardo Santos is CEO for Semantix. He is responsible for Enterprise Architecture, he initiated on Direct to Consumer, Customer Facing Technologies, including e-Commerce, Point of Sale, Store Technologies, CRM, Loyalty, Social, Mobile and many more. Santos is the Key member of the brand executive team who identified ways in which IT can better enable the business across multiple areas including Point of Sale, Merchandising, Financial and Location Planning, Planning and Allocation, CRM, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Marketing, e-commerce, Store Operations, Human Resources, and Financial Planning & Analysis

Leonardo led and organized projects, and established milestones, and put process and methodology in place for all future hardware and software upgrades or additions to the current technology.

 He developed and motivated top-performing teams by exceeding expectations for training, support, resources, and guidance to prioritize future strategic business enhancements by incorporating business results, customer insights, competitive industry data, and Organization feedback.

“We aim to deliver the highest value in the shortest time”