10 Fastest growing Google solution providers 2016

SkyGlue: “We put the power of advanced web analytics in the hands of marketers and analysts.”

Companies, large and small, want real intelligence from Google Analytics. SkyGlue helps businesses solve real problems and puts the power of advanced web analytics in the hands of marketers and analysts. Better insight leads to better business strategies.

SkyGlue’s patent pending technologies simplify access and visualization of advanced website usage data. With automatic tagging, clear and concise event tracking, and smart audience segmentation, SkyGlue helps companies learn and influence the behavior patterns of website visitors.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, U.S.A, SkyGlue customers are surprised by what they learn from SkyGlue everyday.

SkyGlue’s Awesome Features

  • Event Tracking made easy!
  • Cut & paste installation with no code editing
  • Track clickable events automatically
  • Customize from within the SkyGlue portal

Overlay technology shows exactly what’s tracked at a glance

  • Trackable events are highlighted visually, right on your website
  • No guess work
  • Find any event ID with a single click
  • Never hunt through pages of source code again

Individual visitor tracking

  • Track any visitor’s complete click path
  • Track anonymous or registered users
  • Track over multiple sessions, even on multiple devices

Smart segmentation

  • Find similar visitors with a single click
  • Segment your visitors based on behavior patterns
  • Compare behavior of different demographic groups and geographic regions with ease

Funnel Report

  • Create funnel report on the fly
  • Integrated with Google Adwords and Google E-commerce
  • Immediately begin to identify problems in your conversion process
  • Create better end user experience

CRM integration & Database export

  • Link SkyGlue data with your backend CRM system
  • Integrate SkyGlue user report into your CRM dashboard
  • Segment subscriber list based on purchase history

More profitable PPC

  • campaigns using AdWords
  • SkyGlue adds extra power to AdWords campaigns
  • Track ad content and keywords directly to results
  • Identify the keywords that get customers, not just hits

Better B2B Lead Generation Capabilities

  • Know the company names of your website visitors and where they are from
  • Follow your visitors’ complete click path and know what their interests are
  • Follow up with your website visitors with confidence

Perfect for Mobile Apps

  • SkyGlue tracks all browsers on any device
  • Works on any website including mobile optimized pages
  • Compatible with all current platforms including HTML5, Andriod, iOS and more

“We help web marketers gather advanced web analytic data without IT resources and provides dynamic customized reports that fit their own business needs.”

Meet the Key People

Eric Y. Huang Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO – Eric is an all around technologist with a passion in building scalable solutions to process big data, Eric has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indiana University-Bloomington with a focus on distributed data processing in the Cloud and more than 10 years experiences in large data processing. Eric created SkyGlue with the vision to make data collection and data learning easy and intuitive.

Cindy Wang, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer- Cindy is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SkyGlue, including sales and client relations. Cindy has more than 10 years experience in product development, project management, and providing support to technology customers. Cindy knows how to identify customer needs and exceed their expectations. Cindy Wang graduated from Florida State University with a MS degree in Management Information Science.

Customer Testimonials
“The student cycle is so complex and the journey of researching and exploring a potential college is a long one,” says Dan Antonson, Senior Digital Analyst at Collegis, “the data SkyGlue gives us helps us uncover patterns we normally wouldn’t have noticed with page-level tracking, this helps us prioritize our efforts to create a better student experience and ultimately more enrollments for our partners’ higher education institutions.” – Dan Antonson,

“We are using SkyGlue with all our clients. It is the most useful add-on for Google Analytics as it allows us to further enhance the Google Analytics data and move from an aggregate view to an individual view. The ease of the implementation, the excellent support and the quality of the data makes SkyGlue the most important tag for all our web analytics work.”

“We have implemented SkyGlue on automotive, government, utility and ecommerce websites. Besides the automatic event tracking, SkyGlue allows us to map every individual journey (pages and actions involved and their exact order as well as the exact time needed for each journey) and in turn better understand how and why a success event occurs. This analysis resulted in a number of insights and recommendations for each of our clients. These insights and recommendations resulted in increased conversion rate (more leads, more requests for information, more sales and so on), redesigned website pages for maximum effect and better understanding how the marketing budget can be utilized.” – Efstratios Samaras,

“We make advanced Google Analytics simple by automatically tracking buttons, downloads, form interactions and more into your Google Analytics reports with one time copy and paste.”