July Edition 2021

An innovator helping brands make data actionable, in real-time, across every customer experience touch point: Tealium


Knowledge is power. It’s a cliche saying. But, like most cliches, it’s true. We spend lots of time, energy, and effort getting feedback and insight from customers. Whether it be through surveys, heatmaps, or some other means, we try to learn all the time. Gathering information is an important thing to do. But what’s most important is what you do with the information you get. Does it allow you to improve your product? Or, perhaps, it could help you overhaul your customer journey. Putting information to work for you is the only way to get any benefit from it. The way you collect information matters too. How do you make sure you get the right information to inform business decisions? It’s not as straightforward as you may think. Tealium revolutionizes today’s digital businesses with a universal approach to customer data orchestration – spanning web, mobile, offline and Internet of Things devices. With the power to unify customer data into a single source of truth, Tealium offers a turnkey integration ecosystem supporting more than 1,000 client-side and server-side vendors and technologies. The Tealium Customer Data Hub encompasses tag management, API hub, customer data platform and data management solutions that enable organizations to leverage real-time data to create richer, more personalized digital experiences across every team, technology, and customer touchpoint.

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Having a unified solution with client and server-side data in one place solves for the problems created by a fractured approach to data collection and delivery, including data silos, inconsistent customer experience, and operational inefficiency. Tealium’s Event Data Framework solution is powered by two products— Tealium iQ Tag Management for client-side event data and Tealium EventStream for server-side event data. Tealium has the most comprehensive platform for managing your customer data, period. The Event Data Framework (EDF) is an exciting solution for managing event-level data exemplifying this flexibility. The Event Data Framework gives you one system to manage your entire event data flow. Having your customer event data management all in one system means you get more out of your data, your data is better protected, and you’re better positioned to do more with that data in the future. Data is how we understand customers today, but data is born in a silo and every silo is unique. This makes it difficult for organizations to act with a complete and common view of the customer. The Tealium Event Data Framework is a unified approach giving flexible options for event data collection, management, and activation. Tealium iQ Tag Management and Tealium EventStream API hub together provide the most flexible and comprehensive event data solution available to enterprises today. Now that you can centralize your event data flow with a single platform, data will be easier to use, more reliable and agile for future customer behavior or technology changes.

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Tealium gives you the tools, infrastructure, and practices to be confident your data is protected by the most stringent requirements. From the beginning, data security and customer privacy have been at the forefront of our development strategy. In addition to building tools to safeguard your data at a foundational level, Tealium provides the infrastructure and data management practices to supply customers with unparalleled data security. Each day, new security vulnerabilities and attack vectors are emerging and Tealium strives to keep ahead of attackers by working with security researchers, industry experts, and customers. Tealium’s platform is monitored through automated and manual testing, both internally and by 3rd party cyber security organizations. Tealium helps companies with GDPR by supplying data governance tools giving visibility into the collection and usage of customer data, while also supplying tools for consumers to manage their data preferences. Combined with resolving customer identity across channels and devices giving a single view of the customer, these data governance tools allow organizations to better see and manage their usage of data to improve performance and mitigate risk.


Meet the leader behind the success of Tealium

Mike Anderson is the Founder & Chief Technical Officer of Tealium. Mike Anderson founded Tealium in 2008 and has served as the chief architect behind the company’s market-leading tag management and unified marketing platforms. He previously worked at WebSideStory (Adobe Systems), where he served as a senior engineer on the core architecture team. As the builder and leader of the company’s professional services team, he oversaw analytics tag implementations for Disney, Best Buy, Target, Cisco, Citi, FedEx, and more. Mike studied electrical engineering at the University of California, San Diego, and computer science at California State University San Marcos.

Ali Behnam is the Founder of Tealium. Ali founded Tealium in March 2008, helping design and launch the company’s enterprise tag management platform, Tealium iQ. Prior to Tealium, he worked at WebSideStory (now Adobe Systems), overseeing all product management and product marketing for the company’s enterprise-class products. Ali later transitioned to the company’s professional services team, where he led online business optimization consulting for major brands. Ali holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles. He studied structural engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

“Tealium has a global presence with strategically located offices, personnel, and technology infrastructure, allowing us to offer our customers capabilities for managing data based on geographic considerations”