10 Fastest Growing IOT Solution Providers 2018

The #1 Provider of Industrial RFID Tags and IoT Solutions Globally: Omni-ID


“Experienced – Effective – Trusted”

Omni-ID began as a research and development team formed in the 1990s within QinetiQ (an international defense and security technology company). The team was charged with exploring and challenging the boundaries of RFID. The result was a groundbreaking technological improvement — passive UHF RFID tags that provide near-perfect accuracy in harsh environments, including in the presence of metals and liquids. This represented a fundamental shift in the way the RFID tags were able to be used and broadly expanded the practical use applications.

Omni-ID is the original inventor and patent-holder of the on-metal passive RFID tag. Omni-ID was launched as a stand-alone company in 2007 focused on developing and manufacturing RFID tags for tracking assets in industrial applications (Oil & Gas/Energy, Military/DoD, Manufacturing, IT-Assets/Data-centers). Today it is the #1 provider and manufacturer of industrial RFID tags and solutions with offices in the US, Germany, the UK, India, and China.

Innovation that starts with the customer

As a company born from technology its history of curiosity, innovation, and specializing in the “it can’t be done” applications are the things that Omni-ID is known for. The feedback from the marketplace is what drives its innovations, and what has driven Omni-ID to build out its product portfolio from a simple hardware company to a firm, along with its network of partners, that provides full asset management solutions (HW + SW) and its own specialty solution for material flow management in manufacturing ProVIEW - featuring e-paper + RFID. Omni-ID’s expertise in industrial applications has driven it to be a highly customer-focused company. The company launches new commercial products every single year and not to mention the custom products that it develops and designs for customers are large in number. Applications that were classified as “cant be done with RFID”, due to the materials involved or the specialty of the application, are often accomplished by Omni-ID’s highly skilled team of engineers and manufacturing experts.

Omni-ID’s success is enabled by the highly capable and dedicated teams of sales, operations, engineers, and support staff. “I’m very proud of our team and the balanced culture of hard work, great results, and professionalism that binds us together,” says the company’s CEO.

Omni-ID’s customers and partners also count as huge assets to its business – the constant collaboration and testimonials that customers are willing to share about the company’s products and process are invaluable.

ProVIEW: Omni-ID’s IoT Solution for Manufacturing

In addition to a broad range of RFID tags, Omni-ID also offers a visual tagging or e-paper system called ProVIEW. The company’s ProVIEW solution is an Industrial IoT-based system that offers a paper label replacement for material flow management in manufacturing. More than just a paper replacement, the e-paper, RFID based tags combine the immediate reliability (visual instruction) of paper labels plus the tracking capability of RFID for complete process visibility. ProVIEW enables manufacturers to control the instructions and the process flows in real time by creating “smart containers”. These containers are location aware and provide instruction based on their location – this provides a number of benefits by ensuring the right parts are delivered to the right station at the right time. ProVIEW is the first system on the market that provides paperless, wireless, end to end process visibility and dynamic material flow management for manufacturing. ProVIEW also provides a complete two-way feedback loop – the View tags tell the operators what to do with them, operators can also interact with the system for confirmation of action or QA records with the simple push of a button. All of the actions are tracked and stored within the system. Every rack, item, container on the factory floor is tracked with the location, state, and condition – which can be dynamically changed to accommodate a workflow change. ProVIEW enables factories to locate assets, provide real-time work in process, inventory, and reporting – allowing for dynamic workflow changes based on what is happening on the factory floor, automatically.

This is how the company sees itself as a contributor in the Industry 4.0/Industrial IoT revolution in a very meaningful way – particularly as noted above in manufacturing solutions (ProVIEW) and RFID tags for broad industrial use.

The Leader: Building The Top Performing Team And Linking Technology To The Market

George E. Daddis, Jr. Ph.D., CEO:

George is an experienced CEO & entrepreneur, having founded two successful technology companies. He has extensive experience in building companies, raising capital, and establishing markets for digital and IT technologies.

After receiving his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Degrees from Cornell University in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics, George began his engineering and management career at Eastman Kodak and subsequently Xerox, building engineering teams for various imaging product lines. These teams focused on quick time-to-market deliveries and “best in class” performance and cost digital product platforms.

In 1998, George founded his first company, InSciTek Microsystems Inc. that provided digital hardware and software design services to Fortune 500 companies such as Sharp Electronics, GE, Kodak, and many other technology companies in the US. In 2003, Allworx Corp was founded from the core of InSciTek and quickly established itself as a national provider of small business VoIP telephone systems - a comprehensive technology firm including R&D, manufacturing, marketing/sales, and customer support functions.

George aggressively grew this VC-backed business to over 75,000 end users with a sales channel of over 900+ dealers throughout North America. In 2007, George successfully sold Allworx Corp to PAETEC, a major national telephone services company headquartered in Rochester, NY. Prior to joining Omni-ID in 2011, George served as CEO at WorldGate Communications, a publicly-held video telephony firm in Philadelphia.

“We provide the best solutions for all our customers because Innovation is part of our DNA!”