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The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence: Manex


The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence (Manex), a private non-profit corporation, was established in 1995 to provide services to small and mid-size manufacturers in Northern California. Manex operates through a cooperative agreement between the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), under the Department of Commerce.

Among its many advising services to northern Californian companies, Manex has available proven, comprehensive training programs specifically designed for manufacturing businesses. Its training curriculum and methods are based on extensive real-world experience with a very successful track record of ROI results. For the best hands-on training for all levels of personnel in your company, please call Manex.

In October of 2016, Manex Consulting signed a Sub-recipient Agreement with California Manufacturing Technology Corporation (CMTC) to become a partner in its statewide MEP Network for the Bay Area and Sacramento Regions.

The Manex team brings an average of 20 years private industry experience to provide a powerful depth and breadth of business know-how. Manex is recognized for its strategic, enterprise-level expertise and extensive front-line manufacturing and distribution experience. Its client case studies and success stories are well documented. Independent quarterly client surveys ensure full accountability and a performance scorecard of certified value for customers.

“With our roots in manufacturing, our active participation in MEP and a longstanding dedication to knowledge transfer and implementation,” says Gene Russell, President, And CEO.

The Manex Approach                                                                                      

“Through a collaborative, results-driven approach, we help you transform your business to maximize your return on investment and gain sustained competitive advantage. We service the entire Sacramento area, down through San Jose, and all cities and towns in between. Improve your ROI return on investment with our northern California services.

We use a closed-looped process with distinct phases to realize measurable results at every step. Recognizing each client situation has unique components, we tailor our approach and solutions to address specific requirements for lasting benefits. With this framework, we leverage our in-depth experience with clients to enhance competitiveness and create new sources of value.”

Top Adviser Solutions: Bringing You the Highest Quality, Proven Advice for All Manufacturing Companies

The Manex advising team works closely with your northern California – based company. For insightful, real-world advice or innovative thinking, Manex brings to your team the full range of solutions critical to manufacturers and profitability. Manex’s solutions are proven through many clients’ experienced situations and cases and are designed to create the highest impact possible.

Ultimately, Manex’s intention is to quickly achieve cost efficiencies and increased profits for the business.


  • Strategy– Identify and create new sources of value and growth in your enterprise. 
  • People– Enhance the skills and knowledge of your workforce with innovative training and development programs. 
  • Process– With its holistic approach, pinpoint high-impact process improvements and streamline operations to quickly achieve cost efficiencies and increased profits. 
  • Performance– Implement best practices, tools, metrics, and scorecards for competitive performance. 

Case Study

Alter G

AlterG’s management team wanted to identify process improvement opportunities and design a new layout for their facility, which would allow the company to improve productivity. Understanding the need to solve problems using data, they turned to Manex to assess the current manufacturing process from order entry through shipping.

Approach: Manex used data-driven problem-solving methodology to analyze AlterG’s operations. The process involved the following steps:

  • Created a General Process Map, from Order Entry to Order Complete
  • Performed a deep dive of all processes to have a better understanding of each process and where problems reside
  • Developed a Current State Value Stream Map
  • Performed a Team Brainstorming session that led to identifying 93 improvement opportunities, with the team voting on the 10 most important areas to address immediately
  • Created a Future State Value Stream Map and noted the differences
  • Performed Production Time Studies
  • Analyzed Productivity Metrics to quantitatively detect gaps
  • Executed RCCA / Practical Problem-Solving activities to ascertain reasons for material shortages Identified Current State Layout and Optimal Future State Layout

Results Delivered: By using Value Stream Mapping, plant layout design, and productivity metrics, Manex helped AlterG reduce lead time, relocate to a new facility and improve productivity. Quantifiable benefits included: Reduced lead time by 3 weeks, reduced motion and transportation by 45% and improved weekly productivity by 45%.

AlterG will continue to monitor their Productivity Metrics, perform RCCA/Practical Problem-Solving activities and continue to implement the new layout for optimal results.

The Key Executive

Gene Russell, President and CEO:  Gene has over 25 years of senior executive strategic planning, operational management, and consulting experience in the manufacturing and technology sector. With his extensive knowledge of manufacturing operations, he has developed and implemented key strategic initiatives for companies, allowing them to improve performance and achieve profitable growth. He has a strong background in sales and business development and a keen understanding of manufacturing strategies in the global environment. 

“We have a continued commitment to develop and deliver services that help you thrive in a globally competitive environment.”