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The Cost Reduction, IOR, and Supply Chain Efficiency Experts Global4PL Supply Chain Services

thesiliconreview-sergio-retamal-ceo-global4pl-supply-chain-services-18The global logistics landscape is undergoing a drastic transformation, fueled largely by the “Amazon effect,” where customers demand services and products to be delivered to them in the shortest time possible. This demand opens up a treasure trove of possibilities as well as challenges for the manufacturers. Traditionally, a manufacturer had one to three global legal entities that allowed them to conduct businesses in the countries of their interest. Many of them were dependent on Value Added Resellers (VARs) who managed their operations in other countries by acting as a liaison between end customers and the manufacturers.

This time-tested sales channel model is no longer effective, especially with the emergence of cloud computing. The shift in customer practices is creating a perfect storm that requires an economical way to deliver product globally without channel support. International trade is ripe with opportunities for those who can nail down the logistics of moving product from an overseas location to a destination in a predictable, compliant, and cost-effective way.

Enter Global4PL, a company that has mastered the art of perfecting global supply chain and logistics demands through their services around Importer / Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR) and supply chains.

“We enable our clients’ top-line growth strategy as they enter new markets, region by region, country by country,” says Sergio Retamal, founder, and CEO of Global4PL. Having spent over two decades working with large corporations that have manufacturing in Asia and have a global distribution, Retamal has extensive expertise in the supply chain and procurement landscape. “I realized the scarcity of solutions to support global IOR as the regulations of imported goods continue to be regulated by most countries. This encouraged me to develop software that could support this operation, which eventually led to the creation of Global4PL and our proprietary POHorizon supply chain software,” states Retamal.

Standing Ovation for Global4PL’s Achievements

Global4PL has received the “E Award for Export Services 2018.” The President’s “E” Award is the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. In 1961, President Kennedy signed an executive order reviving the World War II “E” symbol of excellence to honor and provide recognition to America’s exporters.

Global4PL: The True Global Logistics Enabler

Under the leadership of Sergio Retamal, Global4PL has embraced innovations in the supply chain industry and has addressed customers’ global requirements in line with the changes taking place with globalization.

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, Global4PL’s IOR-EOR services help clients operate in as many as 85 countries worldwide, without the need to create legal entities, customs brokerage, transportation management services, or trade law services. The company has legal entities to act as the importer for customs purposes at the time of import/export in every international market, without the burden and exposure of establishing new legal entities. Global4PL deploys on-site experts in import and export compliance and trade law, multi-mode transportation, and 3PL negotiations, and global supply chain operations management to help companies target international markets and maintain a high level of compliance.

Redefining the Global Supply Chain

A typical Global4PL client is either a customer that requires equipment for data centers in multiple countries or a fast-growing, high-tech company that seeks to set up international operations. In case these companies want to expand in global markets, they are imposed with a 110 percent duty and tax on imports. “Our dedicated team of experts is well accustomed to the source/destination country rules and act as an agent to administrate import/export activities,” states Retamal. These experts also guide clients in duties associated with the temporary import license, which is subjected to specific conditions stipulated in the customs legislation.

As a clients’ in-country legal entity, Global4PL can support sales and customer service departments with pre sale marketing material and demo product shipments. They also assist clients to have an auxiliary inventory at its end customer sites to support quick turn repairs. “We always initiate our service by completely assessing the client’s inbound and outbound distribution, warehousing, and reverse logistics functions, both domestically and internationally,” says Retamal.

While helping clients establish their business beyond geographical boundaries, Global4PL also addresses the requisites of global supply chain visibility, traceability, and data retention through their proprietary online shipment visibility tool—POHorizon. It is a plug and play offering powered by the cloud that provides an easy and functional means to manage documents for imports and exports, and retrieve them at any given time while removing the compliance risk. This process helps clients monitor supply chain processes that encompass the movement of goods and services—from storage of raw materials, through the inventory location and to finished goods from the point of origin to consumption—ensuring that they exceed customer expectations.

A Customer-Driven Workforce

Retamal has developed a customer-driven workforce within Global4PL, a key factor that is powering its success. The company goes the extra mile to keep their customers happy by being part of their logistics journey and helping them grow and become more competitive. “One of my proudest moments was when we were invited to participate in a company’s ‘top vendors’ award event. A few people asked what I was doing there since it was for vendors and not employees. We had been there for four years in-house, and I had to explain that we were contractors,” Retamal says.

This approach has helped Global4PL establish itself as a highly dependable and trusted partner for Fortune 5000 manufacturers, importers, and retailers. The company works with several IT hardware manufacturers to deliver its products globally in an economical way, coordinating all activities in alignment with specific compliance regulations. In one instance, the firm engaged with a large telecommunication manufacturer, helping them overcome their operational deficiencies. By leveraging POHorizon, the client was able to monitor shipments and costs across the supply chain, while optimizing collaboration across the key players both inside and outside the supply chain network.

The Roadmap Ahead

A person who has achieved several professional awards over the course of his career and entrepreneurship, Retamal believes that to be a successful 4PL, both strategic and tactical know-how is necessary, but efficiency is paramount. “At Global4PL, we give best-in-class logistics experience to our global customers, underpinned by supply chain efficiencies,” affirms Retamal.

In the next five years, Global4PL plans to take the number of countries they serve from 85 to 120. “Our mission has always been to optimize a customer’s supply chain and bring a positive effect on their bottom line,” says Retamal. With a growing number of clients for their IOR services, including large corporations that see the risk of importing into other countries, Global4PL is keeping up with the latest regulations worldwide. “We solve these issues by being more efficient and proactive, which means that we provide them surprising growth in an unfriendly business environment,” concludes Retamal.

Greet the Thought Leader

Sergio Retamal, Chairman of the Board and CEO: Sergio has 29 years of executive Supply Chain and Procurement experience. He holds a Masters Degree in Change Management from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and a Masters Degree in Business Administration in international business from California State University, Northridge. He also holds a degree in Bachelors of Science in International Business from California State University, Northridge.

“We help companies save money and avoid costly errors in their global logistics operations by implementing innovative logistics solutions with immediate, measurable results.”