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The Experts in the Trucking Business Who Do Not Shy Away From Hard-To-Place Risks: CTC Transportation Insurance Services, LLC

thesiliconreview-tom-mulligan-ceo-ctc-transportation-insurance-services-llc-18The trucking class has always been considered as a leader for how the economy is doing. Just like every other class in the market, the trucking class has also witnessed many challenges creating more problems than just too much competition, especially for the insured. But, from past few years, the underwriters are seeing signs of life reemerge and they are becoming cautiously optimistic that the trucking industry will have a bright future.

With a mission to be a part of the ever-growing trucking industry, CTC Transportation Insurance Services, LLC was founded in 2012. It is a wholesaler for the commercial trucking industry assisting Independent Commercial Agents. Committed to providing its partners with fast quoting technology, in-house binding facilities, multiple brokerage markets and superior customer service to fit any of their transportation needs, CTC underwrites risks while providing best-in-class services. The underwriter department of CTC is comprised of experts in the trucking business and specialize in mid to distressed risk.

CTC started its journey with a project for the Spirit Commercial Auto Risk Retention Group domiciled in the state of Nevada. Starting from the get-go, the company has been able to provide insurance to those who are mid to distressed level accounts and has received great reviews from its customers. Providing commercial auto liability insurance to owner-operators and trucking fleets of all sizes, CTC Transportation Insurance Services has witnessed continuous growth throughout its significant 6 years in business and has no equal today in the U.S. transportation MGU vertical.

Road to Success

Being one of the leading firms, CTC Transportation has a strong corporate culture that encourages its employees to work hard as they are the prime asset behind the company’s success. They are always driven and focused on the customer, providing them with the best customer service in the industry which has encouraged the company’s agency base to keep selling its products.

The top-tier product offerings and the growth that CTC has been witnessing over the years also plays a prominent part. The experts in the commercial trucking field and with its ability to quickly turnaround a quote to its agencies, the company is now able to provide the best products and services ensuring that clients are getting full coverage.

With the caliber to assess the industry and quantify the services, Tom Mulligan (CEO of CTC Transportation) is the chief driver turning the wheels of the company towards tremendous success. Having an immense experience in the insurance market, Tom makes sure CTC transportation maintains its reputation in the industry and adapt to all the changes providing customers with instant quote technology.

Guided by a group of key executives who are the specialists in the Commercial Trucking and Technology fields, CTC has marked its worth in the industry. Currently, CTC has four office locations spread throughout the United States with approximately 110 employees providing products to its appointed retail base and writing Commercial Auto Liability, Motor Truck Cargo, Auto Physical Damage and Occupation Accident Coverage.

The Future Roadmap

CTC Transport is changing the mindset and attention from the way that trucking insurance continues to be a primary asset driving the company’s goal to thrive. With a strong corporate culture and a fast-paced working environment, CTC Transportation encourages experimentation and risk-taking.

Recently, CTC Transportation has introduced its A-rated program, DriveSafe to the states of IL, VA & NJ. It believes that it will be a nationwide program giving CTC Transportation the ability to rehabilitate its high-risk clients within its Risk Retention Groups and then transfer them to the A-rated program.

Looking into the future, the company’s prime goal at present is to broaden the agency base and continue to provide coverage to commercial trucking risk for mid to distressed level companies. It believes that this will secure CTC Transportation’s place in the trucking industry as a one-stop shop MGA that is able to accommodate any independent retail agent’s requirements.

Meet the Chief

Tom Mulligan, Chairman & CEO: Tom Mulligan has been an insurance entrepreneur for 30 years. Over the last three decades, Tom has started, purchased, and managed over two dozen insurance companies, risk retention groups, captive insurance companies, premium finance companies, third-party administrators, loss control companies, retail and whole agencies and captive management companies. Tom was an industry leader in recognizing the benefit of using “big data” to assess risk. His loss control company, 10-4 Preferred Risk Managers, is at the forefront of using automated systems with real-time data analysis to improve loss control, risk assessment and pricing, including offering Electronic Log Devices for every motor carrier client.

Tom is currently working on an InsureTech Solution using blockchain technology that will improve the way insurance is bought and sold. He is licensed for the sale of property, casualty, life and health insurance, as well as reinsurance.

“Sustaining high underwriting standards while diligently analyzing losses to maintain a profitable book of business, we provide the best possible services at fair prices to our agencies.”