10 Fastest Growing Bigdata Companies 2018

The Leader in Enterprise-Class Artificial Intelligence: Ayasdi

thesiliconreview-gurjeet-singh-ceo-ayasdi-18Ayasdi is an advanced analytics company that offers a machine intelligence platform and intelligent applications to Global 500 corporations, governments and scientific research institutions around the world. The clients use Ayasdi to solve their big data and complex data analytics challenges and to automate formerly manual processes using their own unique data. Ayasdi’s machine intelligence platform combines scalable computing and big data infrastructure with the latest machine learning, statistical and geometric algorithms and Topological Data Analysis to enable data scientists, domain experts, and business people to be exponentially more productive.

Ayasdi is licensed on an annual subscription basis and can be deployed on-premise, or via private or public cloud infrastructures.

The Vision

Words from the Chief:

“At Ayasdi, we believe that deriving insight from big data will become essential and transformative for every enterprise. We believe that machine intelligence has the ability to revolutionize industries, allowing businesses to scale with algorithms and raw computing power rather than people, drastically improving human productivity, increasing operational effectiveness, and advancing scientific discovery.”

Ayasdi AI Platforms: Powering the Intelligent Application Revolution

Behind Ayasdi’s intelligent applications sits one of the most unique, powerful and battle-tested AI platforms on the planet. Its approach is built around three core elements:


Intelligent applications have multiple components. Only those applications that can fulfill all of the criteria can rise to the standard.

  • The capacity to discover patterns in data without preconceived notions
  • The ability to accurately predict future outcomes based on current data
  • The ability to justify its predictions and assertions
  • Intelligence must elicit action – either by a downstream process or software or by a subject matter expert
  • An intelligence application must have the capacity to learn and adapt when faced with new data

Application Framework

Ayasdi builds applications for specific business problems because they position intelligence within the decision workflow of the business – allowing for true end-to-end solutions. A platform, even one as powerful as Ayasdi’s, cannot impact the entire organization if the only team that can use it is data science. Applications are how intelligence goes to market.

Enterprise Scale

Ayasdi is deployed in production around the world addressing a broad range of business problems. Both the platform and the applications built on it support enterprise-class features required to deploy across an organization.

  • Single Sign-On
  • Kerberos
  • Security
  • SDK
  • Algorithmic Scalability

Ayasdi Solutions Overview: The Building Blocks of Intelligence

Solutions offer the context required to address specific business challenges, often in great detail. They combine enterprise-class intelligence with industry-specific customization to create applications that are ready to move into production and deliver value immediately. 

  • Anti-Money Laundering: Find subtle patterns hidden across multiple data types, including unlabeled data to significantly reduce false positives without increasing the risk profile
  • Clinical Variation Management: Understanding and managing clinical variation is foundational for any effort to deliver better care at lower cost
  • Regulatory Risk: The defining feature in building regulatory risk models isn’t speed or even accuracy - it is transparency. Find out how to have all three
  • Denials: Develop a deeper understanding of complex denial groups to address the persistent challenges associated with denied healthcare claims
  • Population Health: What is profit today may very well be cost in the future making the prediction of population health one of the most critical capabilities in healthcare
  • Counter Fraud: Fraud evolves and so should systems designed to detect it. Find and understand new types of provider, lab, and patient fraud
  • Program Performance Intelligence: Program Performance depends on the ability to see into the future allowing for interdiction and remediation

Ayasdi’s Work With the World's Leading Companies

Enterprise AI starts here. Its customers are leaders in their field and their commitment to solving complex and high-value problems for their stakeholders make them perfect partners for its technology. Some of its clients are:

  • Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is using Ayasdi to develop, deploy and measure clinical pathways, the critical element in understanding and measuring clinical variation

  • Lockheed Martin

Ayasdi is partnered with this leading global security and aerospace company to uncover insights from complex, multi-attribute program performance data – previously hidden or overlooked by conventional analytics

  • Credit Suisse

Ayasdi is working with this leading financial services provider on its Digital Private Banking initiatives seeking to arm the institution by uncovering subtle signals across their massive and complex data sets

  • Siemens

Ayasdi is collaborating with this global technology powerhouse helping them to accelerate insight discovery from their most challenging and complex problems

  • Citi

The Ayasdi software will be at the center of Citi’s Data Center of Excellence. By automating the data-to-value process, Citi will be able to reduce the time to insights, saving them and their customers millions of dollars

Greet the Chief

Gurjeet Singh, CEO & Co-founder: Gurjeet leads a technology movement that emphasizes the importance of extracting insight from data, not just storing and organizing it. Gurjeet developed key mathematical and machine learning algorithms for Topological Data Analysis (TDA) and their applications during his tenure as a graduate student in Stanford’s Mathematics Department where he was advised by Ayasdi co-founder Prof. Gunnar Carlsson.

Gurjeet is the author of numerous patents and has published in a variety of top mathematics and computer science journals. Before starting Ayasdi, he worked at Google and Texas Instruments. 

Dr. Singh serves on the Technology Advisory Board at HSBC and was named to the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s “40 under 40” list in 2015.

Gurjeet holds a B.Tech from Delhi University and a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics from Stanford University. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife and two children and develops multi-legged robots in his spare time.

“We believe that intelligence goes to market through specific applications and have a suite of technologies that facilitate their design and development.”