10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2016

The No-Nonsense Cyber Warriors at Your Service: Armor Defense

“The cyber threat is here. It’s upon us now and we need the people here today to help us defend our systems and our nation.” – James Clapper

If you are someone who runs or owns a business, you would want it to be properly protected against all kinds of cybersecurity threats. The 2014 Sony Cyber Attacks gave a rude jolt to the world, reminding us of how hackers can cause immense monetary and reputational damage to a company’s business. To fend off such threats to your organization, you would most likely hire a security company. The problem with such companies these days is that their offer is often a set of security tools you have to install into your systems and figure out how best to utilize them for your organization’s protection. Texas-based Armor takes a different approach by placing themselves between the customer and the threat. The company brings all its capabilities, expertise, tools and techniques to protect critical workloads and assets by providing battle-tested security and infrastructure.

The leader in active cyber defense, Armor offers customer-centric security outcomes for retail and e-commerce enterprises, healthcare organizations, payment leaders and financial institutions. Armor protects highly sensitive and regulated data for the most security-conscious companies in the world. With its proven cybersecurity approach and proprietary cloud infrastructure built specifically for security, compliance and performance, security conscious businesses choose Armor to reduce their risk.

Why Armor
“We deliver your organization true and measurable security outcomes,” said Chris Drake, Founder & CEO. Armor’s proprietary, closed-loop secure cloud hosting approach unburdens your business by reducing the risk and complexity associated with managing cyber threats. Designed in-house, the company’s automation controls drive scalability to deliver real security outcomes.

“This process of analysis, automation and mitigation, empowers our cyber security professionals to defeat the threats that target your business.”

Analyze, Automate & Mitigate – Close the Security Loop – Compliance Will Follow

Armor’s Security Solutions
Talking about Armor’s growth over the years, Chris said, “Since we are a security company, compliance comes easy to us. We help customers, especially in the healthcare and payment segments, save a ton of money when it comes to compliance which is why they buy from us. For example, one of our customers wanted help in securing their PCI data. They were spending $800,000 a year on a PCI Audit. After they moved to Armor, they spent less than $300,000. The auditor was able to come in and validate all the security layers that Armor was doing efficiently. He did not have to run around and figure out who has got all the answers.”

Indeed, Armor’s security-first approach that is built to deliver optimum compliance with business needs as well as industry regulations, including PCI and HIPAA, has been successful with its innovative approach. And why not, after all its proprietary closed-loop system of intelligence, defense and control automates real-time updates and streamlines the effectiveness of its world-class security operations center (SOC) in defending its secure cloud.

Establishing a strong global footprint
With one data center in Asia and two in the US and Europe each, Armor today employs around 300 people and has served more than 1200 customers spread across 42 countries worldwide. Healthcare being the biggest client vertical in which market presence has strengthened over the years, Armor is continuing to make steady strides toward making its presence felt in the payments industry, financial institutions, retail, e-commerce and various other business verticals as well. “The future focus area for our company is Automated Incident Response which consists of reacting in an automated way to get rid of pressing threats. We hope to continue serving our clients and even better, in the years to come.”

We built the world’s most secure cloud. Think about an AWS experience with all security bundled in plus a threat intelligence team and security operations center monitoring and protecting it. We did not have the desire to build a cloud, but to protect the application and its underlying data. To do that, we had to own the cloud. This is because we had to add all of our secure capabilities inside the cloud stack from the storage to the network to all kinds of security layers. Third-party clouds do not allow us to get that kind of visibility and access. Customers who move their data and applications to Armor Complete get the advantage of a full suite of security services and tangible security outcomes.

We specially designed Armor Anywhere for customers who need to store and manage their data at fixed or different locations. Be it Amazon, co-location or their own data center, Armor Anywhere bolsters security postures in any cloud. Armor Anywhere is a product suite which includes CORE, where we add security inside of a virtual machine or an Amazon instance. In addition to being monitored and protected by Armor’s threat intelligence and military-grade security operations center, Armor Anywhere has features like file integrity monitoring, logging, vulnerability scanning, and anti-malware, to defend sensitive data workloads and applications. Businesses can feel confident that Armor is securing their most vital intellectual property and assets while they continue to focus on what they do best.

Our proprietary closed-loop system of intelligence, defense and control seeks to defeat attacks and reduce the risk and complexity associated with managing cyber threats in a secure cloud environment. It is the proven approach to driving down dwell time and keeping threat actors at bay. We are uniquely equipped to help clients win the war.

“We respect personal property, privacy and the regulations designed to protect them — so we prevent them from being violated.”

Knowing the Cyber Warrior
Chris Drake, Founder & CEO – As the founder and CEO of Armor, Chris oversees the growth, direction and innovation of the company’s cyber security solutions. Drake fights the status quo every day and ensures that the ‘smart creatives’ at Armor are protected for the benefit of its customers. He understands and accepts the awesome responsibility customers have placed in Armor to protect their sensitive data. After serving in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, Drake attended the University of North Texas and graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a concentration in finance.