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The Only Cloud-Native, Real-time and Unified Logs and Metrics Analytics Platform: Sumo Logic

thesiliconreview-ramin-sayar-president-sumo-logic-18Sumo Logic was founded in 2010 by experts in log management, scalable systems, big data, and security. Today, Sumo Logic’s purpose-built, cloud-native service analyzes more than 100 petabytes of data, more than 16 million searches, and delivers 10s of millions of insights daily – positioning Sumo among the most powerful machine data analytics services in the world.

Why chose Sumo Logic?

  • Unified Logs and Metrics: a Unified platform for all logs and metrics. Analyze all data in real-time and monitor apps and infrastructure in real-time
  • Advanced Analytics: Its machine learning and predictive analytics help you make sense of expected and unexpected behavior across your environment with the pattern, anomaly and outlier detection
  • Proven Customer Success: Thousands of customers rely on Sumo Logic for their operational and business insights
  • Elastic Scalability: Sumo Logic’s multi-tenant architecture scales on demand to support rapid growth and cloud migration. You can burst as needed without manual intervention
  • Instant Value: As a pure SaaS offering, you can get started in minutes and have access to all the latest capabilities without the need for time-consuming, expensive upgrades
  • Secure by Design: Sumo Logic is the industry’s benchmark in delivering secure SaaS. Its security certification includes CSA STAR, PCI DSS 3.0 Service Provider Level 1, ISO 27001, SOC 2, Type II Attestation, FIPS 140 Level 2 and HIPAA

Sneak peek at the solutions offered by Sumo Logic

Monitoring and Troubleshooting:

Seamless Ingestion of Machine Data: Ingest petabytes of logs and millions of metrics from a variety of sources and convert your machine data into visualized, actionable intelligence.

Cross-Platform Versatility: Sumo Logic provides visibility across on-premise, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid platforms. Respond to issues quickly and keep your application running smoothly.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership: Troubleshoot application errors, data bottlenecks, user issues, and other infrastructure problems—all in a single service you don’t have to manage.

Security and Compliance:

Simplify Compliance Management: Easily maintain compliance with centralized logging, continuous monitoring, and automated retention policies. Quickly search through massive amounts of security log data to investigate incidents or satisfy ad hoc requests.

Real-Time Monitoring And Alerts: Monitor key security metrics and indicators of compromise (IOCs) in real-time to rapidly identify and resolve problems. Detect outliers, abnormal log patterns, and user activity that deviates from normal behavior to keep your entire stack secure.

Security Analytics Vs. Traditional Siem: Fending off sophisticated, modern-day threats requires an intelligent security system. Leave behind predefined rules and get more data on your security events so you can ward off known and unknown threats to your cloud ecosystem.

 Continuous Delivery:

Automate Testing: Test and improve applications through all phases of the continuous delivery pipeline with automated scripts that simulate real-time conditions.

Shorten Release Cycles: Isolate and correct application problems by visualizing bottlenecks and ‘swarming’ team members to eliminate production roadblocks.

Incorporate Security At Every Level: From Docker container access to Active Directory-based restrictions, monitor telemetry and feedback to provide an environment where security is a design constant.

Log Management:

Better Troubleshooting & Monitoring: With a unified view, you can locate the root cause of issues more quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Security Analytics: Turn your logs into actionable threat intelligence, finding and prioritizing potential breaches.

Crucial Operational Insights: Get key performance data, helping you direct your growth and development strategies.

SIEM Alternative:

Identify And Prioritize Threats: Use machine data analytics to locate complex threats and prioritize the biggest risks.

Neutralize Security Vulnerabilities: Conduct targeted searches for security issues and find answers fast with advanced data analytics.

Increase Visibility across the Stack: Monitor threats and data breaches across all your systems, applications, networks, and devices.

AWS Management:

Visually Analyze AWS Logs: Data visualizations provide a completely new way to analyze your AWS logs. Custom dashboards detail alerts and events in easy-to-read formats.

Gain Visibility across AWS: Analyze and monitor AWS performance in real-time, identify issues, and expedite root-cause analysis across cloud-based, hybrid, and on-premise infrastructures.

AWS Security & Compliance: Monitor user access, platform configurations, changes, and all other logs in all AWS environments, and generate audit trails to demonstrate compliance.

Greet the Leader

Ramin Sayar, PRESIDENT, and CEO: As CEO, Ramin brings 20 years of industry experience as a strategic and operating leader of both small and large organizations, and has a strong track record of developing innovative products in both emerging and mature markets. Ramin joined Sumo Logic from VMware where he formulated the strategy for and built the industry’s leading private cloud management products. The Cloud Management Business Unit became the fastest growing business within VMware, with nearly $1 billion in revenue during his nearly five-year tenure. Previously, Ramin held executive roles at leading enterprises, including Vice President of Products and Strategy at HP Software, Senior Director of Products at Mercury Software, Director of Products and Solutions at TIBCO, Product Line Marketing Manager at iPlanet Software, and Product Line Marketing Manager at Netscape. He also serves on the technology and executive boards of various startup companies. Ramin holds an MBA from San Jose State University and B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“We deliver the only cloud-native, real-time machine data analytics platform that provides Continuous Intelligence – insights across build, run and secure disciplines for modern applications.”