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The World Leader in Video Gesture Control Technology for Interactive Multi-Touch Surfaces: GestureTek


GestureTek is the inventor, pioneer, multiple patent-holder and world-leader in camera-enabled gesture-recognition technology for presentation and entertainment systems. Back in 1986, it invented and shaped the field of 'applied computer vision' for computer-human interaction, and have continued inventing new video gesture control technologies ever since.

The company's multi-patented video gesture control technology (VGC) lets users control multi-media content, access information, manipulate special effects, even immerse themselves in an interactive 3D virtual world – simply by moving their hands or body. GestureTek delivers Wii-like gesture-control without the need to wear, hold or touch anything.

In the past 25 years, GestureTek has installed well over 5,000 interactive multi-media displays, kiosks, exhibits, digital signs and advertisements, virtual gaming systems and other interactive surface computing solutions, many with multi-touch interactivity.

GestureTek’s technology is used in museums, science centers, amusement parks, trade shows, retail locations, bars & nightclubs, real estate presentation centers, corporate showrooms, boardrooms, digital signage networks and other public spaces such as airports and stadiums. GestureTek is also revolutionizing television production, game development, advertising, virtual video conferencing, and even the healthcare sector, by applying its technology in unique and innovative ways. GestureTek was originally known as JesterTek and Vivid Group. In 2011 Qualcomm purchased from GestureTek select assets of its consumer and mobile technologies divisions.

Selected Customers & Licensees

GestureTek licenses its patents and technologies to original equipment manufacturers, game developers and digital signage and advertising networks. Toy and game opportunities. Technology licensing program is now owned and licensed by Qualcomm.

Selected customers include CNN, NASA, BMW, Ford, Oracle, Sony, Samsung, Intel, Vodafone, IBM, Cisco, Federal Express, Telefonica, and Gillette. Selected licensees of patents and technologies include Sony for the EyeToy, Microsoft for the Xbox 360 and Hasbro for its ION Educational Gaming System and NTT DoCoMo for its 904i, 905i and 705i series handsets.

Business Growth

GestureTek™ has seen tremendous growth since its inception.  Since 2003, sales increases have averaged nearly 50% per year and employment growth has averaged over 30%. GestureTek’s nearly 4,000 clients include leading organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as CNN, NASA, BMW, Ford, Oracle, Intel, Vodafone, IBM, Federal Express, Autodesk, Panasonic, Telefonica, Samsung, Gillette and more.

Patent Information

GestureTek™ products are protected under multiple comprehensive patents, including #7,058,204 and #5-534917 for "video-based interactive gesture-control of computer processes", issued by the US Patent Office. This covers all applications where a user's representation appears on the screen and interacts with computer objects or icons and other types of gestural interface.

Industry Uses

GestureTek’s unique blend of hand and body tracking software, motion-sensing display surfaces, immersive technologies and custom design and application development capabilities can satisfy virtually any market need in any sector for interactive, gesture-controlled presentation, entertainment and information systems

GestureTek’s motion-controlled user interfaces and interactive displays are used by institutions, corporations, audiovisual integrators, advertisers, marketers, service organizations and event and trade show planners for their public installations.  GestureTek also offers specialized hardware design and application development services for custom projects and installations.

Designed with flexibility in mind, GestureTek’s gesture recognition technologies can vision equip virtually any toy, game or electronic device, allowing content to be easily ported between platforms, and providing original equipment manufacturers and consumer products companies with everything they need to integrate computer vision control into their offerings.  It also provides consulting and application development services, to help companies who license its patents and technologies get the most out of their agreement with GestureTek.

  • Digital Signage and Public Space Advertising and Marketing
  • Corporate Showrooms, Boardrooms and Presentation Centers
  • Retail Stores, Malls, Shopping Centers and Storefront Windows
  • Television and Broadcast Production
  • Location-Based Entertainment for Theme Parks, Amusements & Attractions
  • Vision-Equipped Consumer Products and Electronics
  • Trade Shows, Exhibits, Special Events, Corporate & Touring Promotions
  • Custom Creative, Software Development & Hardware Design Services
  • Museums, Science Centers, Aquariums, Zoos and Visitor Centers
  • Mobile Device User Interfaces and Cross-Platform Solutions
  • Restaurants, Nightclubs, Hotels, Casinos, Tourism & Hospitality
  • Medical Facilities, Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Sensory Stimulation, Activation, Fitness and Recreation

Interactive Multi-Touch Displays and Surface Computing Technology for Tables, Screens, Walls, and Windows

GestureTek's Illuminate interactive multi-touch surface computing technology with a motion sensing gesture control interface lets users navigate interactive content on a floating panel, multi-touch surface screen, interactive table or interactive window. Surfaces can be configured with a multi-touch interface for multi-touch or multi-point interaction.

With no projector or hardware to be seen, the effect is unforgettable as GestureTek’s dynamic interactive displays react to every point of your finger or wave of your hand, delivering a rich, interactive experience.

The hand tracking system lets you control multi-media in ways you never imagined, transforming an ordinary surface into an interactive multi-touch surface computing platform. Illuminate surfaces are available as interactive multi-touch display panels and windows, interactive kiosks, and multi-touch tables.  Multi-touch interactive surface displays come turnkey or can be customized to virtually any shape or size.

GestureTek’s Illuminate ‘point to control’ and touchscreen computing surfaces are popular in bars, nightclubs, retail stores, museums, science centers, real estate showrooms and corporate presentation centers - anywhere menu-based multi-media content is used for edutainment, entertainment, or to present advertising and corporate information.

The Key Executive

Vincent John Vincent, CEO & Co-Founder: Vincent has been the creative force behind the company and its technological innovations for the past 25 years.

His unique insight and creativity have been instrumental in defining and developing the video gesture recognition and control industry. Vincent has personally overseen the creation of well over 400 GestureXtreme virtual experience applications for games, corporate events, TV productions, education, and virtual therapy uses. He has been in charge of more than 6000 installations of GestureTek systems to various vertical markets.

Vincent is recognized as a leader in the world of multimedia, having represented the industry and delivered keynote addresses at countless industry conferences worldwide. He is a co-creator and past Executive Producer of The International Digital Media Awards. He is on the advisory board for the Toronto Design Exchange VR Visualization Center and the Art Institute of Toronto.

Mr. Vincent has a degree in Psychology from the University of Waterloo.