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Thunder Energies Corporation (TEC) is a new pathway for development in cutting edge technology

Thunder Energies Corporation (TEC) was incorporated in the State of Florida on April 21, 2011 under the name CCJ Acquisition Corp. and it was purchased by Dr. Santilli on July 29, 2013. Later, the company changed its name to Thunder Energies Corporation and it is traded on OTC Board with the symbol TNRG. 

Thunder Energies, over the period of 3 years has assembled a management team that is now diversified and has the skills to accomplish the tasks needed for the commercialization of its cutting edge technologies. The CEO is Dr. Ruggero Santilli who has a proven experience in start-ups and has a long experience in bringing to market his scientific innovations. The president and COO is Dr. Leong Ying, a nuclear physicist by academic qualification, patented inventor, and a skilled engineer in the fields of cryogenics, superconductivity, and radiation technologies. An international Advisory Board is actively involved in broad scientific issues. Margaret Haberlin-Currey serves as Chief Financial Officer, Carla Santilli serves as Secretary and Treasurer and Dr. Santilli is designated as the Principal Executive Officer for purposes of the company’s periodic filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is current in its filings with the SEC. 

Foundation of Thunder Energies

TEC was set up for the industrial development of three cutting edge new technologies, whose study was initiated by Dr. Santilli. 

The first, is called Thermal Neutron Source (TNS, TEC patent pending), for the detection of nuclear weapons smuggled in containers or suitcases. Another is a basically new combustion of fossil fuels, called Hyper-Combustion (TEC patent pending) with no combustible contaminants in the exhaust and with enhanced energy output via new nuclear processes. The third division of Optical Instruments has developed a new telescope with concave lenses for the search of antimatter galaxies (TEC patent pending).

TEC’s current primary focus is on the Division of Nuclear Equipment (TECDNE). The company’s objective is to provide new technologies for the security of the United States. Many countries are exposed to a very serious threat, the biggest threat of them all: that is nuclear weapons could be smuggled into a country by disassembling them into components and putting them in different containers or suitcases, then reassembling them to be detonated. 

TEC brings new technology in nuclear weapons detection

TEC is currently involved in the development of a Nuclear Weapon Detection Station (NWDS) based on the irradiation of containers and suitcases with low energy neutrons produced by the TEC-TNS. Uranium 235 and other nuclear materials are stable metals that cannot be distinguished from ordinary metals via X-rays or other conventional means. However, when hit by neutrons, the nuclei of Uranium 235 is disintegrated by emitting a number of radiations whose detection establishes unequivocally the presence of nuclear weapons. 

The Nuclear Weapons Detection Station (TEC-NWDS) includes the TEC-TNS, a variety of detectors, suitable shields and remote controls. Prototypes of TNS are currently available and are being finalized for use not only in NWDS, but also for sale to academic, industrial and military laboratories for various uses. TEC is currently seeking governmental and/or private funding for the development of the NWDS. 

TEC sets the foundation for clean hyper combustion

The current, conventional combustion of fossil fuels is based on the same principles of fifty thousand years ago. The companies merely strike a spark and ignite the fuel, resulting in known environmental problems. 

Thunder Energies’ Hyper-Combustion is based on a high temperature ignition causing complete combustion that causes the absence of CO, HC and other combustible contaminants in the exhaust, thus eliminating the need for catalytic converters or other cleaning and scrubbing devices. 

TEC Hyper-Combustion triggers new nuclear processes without harmful radiations, such as the synthesis of Silicon-28 from Carbon-12 and Oxygen-16, with consequential enhancement of the energy output which de facto corresponds to an increase of fossil fuels reserves. 

TEC develops cutting edge optical instrument

While being at Harvard University, Dr. Santilli initiated the construction of a new mathematics, called ‘isodual mathematics,’ and the related “theory of antimatter” which and predicts the existence of antimatter galaxies, matter-antimatter gravitational repulsion and other advances in cosmology. In particular, antimatter light is predicted to have an index of refraction opposite that of matter-light, thus requiring a concave lens for its focusing.

TEC new telescopes with concave lenses, known as “Santilli telescopes” have allowed astrophysicists the apparent detection of a first antimatter galaxy in the Vega region of the night sly, known as ‘Santilli antimatter galaxy,’, as well as a second antimatter galaxy in the Capella’s region of the night sky known as ‘Rak antimatter galaxy.’ 

Thunder Energies Corporation’s future

The three divisions of TEC have reached now a level of development suitable for state and federal funding, and the company has completed all the requirements to be admitted to federal procurement. With the addition of special consultants, TEC has strengthened his technical team and hired a grant writer, who is assisting the company in filing grants applications. One grant has already been filed at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) of the Department of Defense.

Meet the Mastermind 

Ruggero Maria Santilli was born and educated in Italy where he received his Ph. D. in theoretical physics in 1966 from the University of Torino. In 1967, he moved with his family to the USA where he held academic positions in various institutions including the Center for Theoretical Physics at the University of Miami in Florida, the Department of Physics at Boston University, the Center for Theoretical Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Lyman Laboratory of Physics and the Department of Mathematics at Harvard University. Dr. Santilli is known in mathematics for the discovery of a series of new numbers, now called “Santilli iso, geno, hyper and isodual-numbers” and other discoveries, he is known in physics as the originator of “hadronic mechanics”, the only known consistent broadening of quantum mechanics predicting new clean energies, and he is known in chemistry as the originator of “hadronic chemistry”, a broadening of quantum chemistry developed for the study of new clean fuels. 

Dr. Santilli is the recipient of numerous prestigious prizes, he received two gold medals for scientific merits and the listing as “Santilli Hall” of a class-room at an Australian research center.

Dr. Santilli has been recommended by scholars around the world for the nominations of the Nobel Prize in physics as well as in chemistry. Dr. Santilli has been the founder and the Head Scientist of Magnegas Corporation. Currently, Dr. Santilli is the CEO and Chief Scientist of Thunder Energies Corporation.