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Timbergrove Has Been Improving Business Productivity for Almost a Decade

thesiliconreview-ian-uriarte-founder-ceo-timbergrove-18We can help reduce waste, improve quality and increase throughput while enabling your employees to access information, share ideas and work better together.

Timbergrove is a provider of strategic project planning, project management, business analysis and solution architecture skills to facilitate the complex dialogues between IT and business users, ensuring the success of your enterprise projects. The company combines out the best-of-industry team with our proven methodologies to enable team collaboration and shorten solution time-to-market. Timbergrove is an Advanced IBM Business Partner providing a technical expertise in the areas of Enterprise Portals, Business Process Management, Enterprise Asset Management as well as Mobile and Cloud initiatives.

Founded in 2006, Timbergrove is an IT Services and Consulting Company headquartered in Houston, Texas. An expert in the WebSphere Portal family of products & technologies, as well as on Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and have led efforts in fortune 100 companies for the past 10 years, Timbergrove provides its clients with a business and technology savvy team able to deliver solutions to focus your enterprise.

Providing Expert Strategic Planning, Business Systems Analysis, And Solution Architecture Consulting Services

An IBM Advanced Business Partner, Timbergrove is focused on enterprise deployment projects that cross multiple departments or business units. These include corporate transformation initiatives such as enterprise portals, business process management (BPM), service-oriented architecture (SOA), and enterprise asset management (EAM) initiatives. Experts in the WebSphere family of products as well as Maximo Asset Manager and WebSphere Portal, the company has led efforts in Fortune 100 companies for close to a decade.

The firm’s consulting team possesses extensive experience in projects with large international organizations in a wide range of industries. Among these are Staples, State of Michigan, Transocean, Golden Living, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lloyd’s Register, ExtremeTix, The Work of the People, Lightstriker, and many others. Timbergrove works in a variety of industries and specializes in oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.

Timbergrove understands the cost of ERP disjunction. Lack of integration among business processes slows the ability to make critical business decisions. Manual processes are difficult to scale and lack visibility for stakeholders. Timbergrove helps businesses achieve operational excellence with best-in-class IBM software solutions.

IBM Expertise

IBM technology has helped make the world work better and smarter for more than a century. Timbergrove is proud to offer expertise in these products.

WebSphere MQ Series: Meets enterprise-wide messaging needs and connectivity for the Internet of Things and mobile devices. Simplifies and accelerates the integration of applications and business data across multiple platforms.

WebSphere Portal: Enables enterprise web portals that deliver a highly-personalized, social experience. Increases visitor response and reduces web operations cost while offering a range of capabilities to meet business needs.

Maximo Asset Manager: Manages assets such as production, infrastructure, transportation and communications on a common platform, allowing organizations to share and enforce best practices, resources, and personnel.

WebSphere Business Process Manager: Provides faster time to deployment for instant collaboration and real-time visibility to drive continuous insights into business operations. Scales for better customer interactions within business processes.

Illustration of Success: Clientele Testimonies

 “We have worked with Timbergrove in the past year creating a revolutionary product and we are excited about our partnership. They have delivered value every step of the way, and their vision on the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and cloud-based e-commerce is allowing us to jump ahead with confidence.”

  • Paul Abrahams, COO, Lightstriker

“Timbergrove has assisted us with many projects over the last 12 months and continues to do so. I really appreciate their attention to detail and focus on communication. Timbergrove does a great job of asking questions to make sure the solution is going to solve both the immediate and long-term need.”

  • Tony DiCamillo, Sr. Vice President & General Manager, ExtremeTix, Inc

“Timbergrove has been a key partner for the past two years in helping us craft a go-to-market strategy to deliver a streamlined customer process and create a better way to manage risks and ensure compliance using BPM technology. We have loved working with them and hope to continue to do so in the future.”

  • Scotty Roper, Commercial Manager, Lloyd's Register Energy

The Master of the Game

Ian Uriarte, Founder, and CEO: Ian is the founder and CEO of Timbergrove Solutions. At heart, Ian is a problem solver and thinker who likes to get things done. He is also a serial business and social entrepreneur who has successfully led business and non-profit organizations over decades. Ian’s focus over the last twenty years has been in the Software Services, Technology, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation, and eCommerce industries. During his years at IBM Ian consulted for companies like Shell, Nissan, Michelin, and the US Federal Government. At Timbergrove, Ian has led his team in the last few years into the space of IoT for Enterprise Asset Management solutions. He helps clients maximize investments on physical assets by increasing asset longevity, increasing work order visibility, and creating operational excellence–all while reducing risk to health and safety, and increasing environmental compliance.

“Our team at Timbergrove is expert at enabling automation and providing a view into formerly manual business processes – allowing decision-makers to control, measure and improve KPIs.”