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Turning Data into Actionable Insights by Leveraging AI: ITC Infotech


ITC Infotech is a specialized global full service technology solutions provider. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd, a $50 billion conglomerate. Incorporated in 2000, ITC Infotech has grown steadily over the years.

With offices in eighteen countries and multiple global development centers, ITC Infotech has established a proven track record of consistent value delivery to clients. Today, the company is engaged with over 200 global clients, with 60+ Fortune listed clients in its roster.

ITC Infotech enables competitive outcomes for its clients, by enhancing customer experience and driving deep organizational efficiencies.

At the Cusp of a Data-Driven Digital Revolution

Harnessing data generated from an ever increasing plethora of sources across consumers, supply chains and business operations, ITC Infotech enables insight-driven decisions to create powerful, new and relevant experiences – a clear competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive business environment. In over 20 countries, ITC Infotech’s Data end-to-end line of business has helped global enterprises with innovative technology and industry domain-centric solutions.

ITC Infotech has been implementing Data projects for over a decade. The company’s journey into enterprise scale Big Data Engineering started with 2 key implementations. As part of the first large scale implementation, ITC Infotech brought in streaming, real-time mobile device data from tens of millions of smartphones for a leading Android phone maker to cloud storage – this enabled analysis of smartphone performance and network coverage. In another case, ITC Infotech worked with one of the largest US healthcare provider over multiple years to re-architect and modernize their traditional Data Warehouse environment and replace it by a Modern Data Lake. Since then, ITC Infotech has successfully delivered more than 25 transformative enterprise scale Big Data implementations, and today boasts of one of the most mature Big Data practices in the industry using open source Apache Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and Graph Database technologies.

Building on its success in Big Data Engineering, the company has now developed its own AI driven Big Data automation platform, which caters to multiple industries with numerous industry use cases under deployment. ITC Infotech is once again leading the industry in adoption of cutting edge Deep Learning AI technology. In fact, ITC Infotech’s AI based toolkit and platform allows clients to develop AI solutions easily by using Data already ingested into a Big Data Lake and utilizing the latest Deep Learning algorithms without needing to become a technology expert. Ultimately, this allows citizen data scientists, power users, and business analytics within enterprises to efficiently harness the Data inside their Modern Data Warehouse to solve business problems using best-in-class AI techniques.

Examples of industry specific solutions, frameworks and accelerators that ITC Infotech has successful commercialized include Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution, Trade Insights (for Consumer Packaged Goods), Shopper Insights & Customer Value Management (for Retail, Hospitality and Airlines), FinSights (for Banks and Financial Institutions), Supply Chain Insights (Manufacturing, and Consumer Packaged Goods) and Healthcare Insights (for Healthcare Payers and Providers).

Delivering Results

The proof of any offering is in the results it can deliver. ITC Infotech’s recent implementations for clients have delivered results both in terms of significant performance improvements, and also in terms of cost savings and future-proof scalability.

An example of ITC Infotech delivering results is a Big Data Lake created for a leading airline, which improved the performance of the airline’s data management by orders of magnitude (seconds instead of hours to perform analytics) while reducing the overall operating expenses.

A cloud based Modern Data Lake implementation for another Consumer packaged goods (CPG) client is not only helping reduced operating costs by multiple millions of dollars, it is also providing the ability for the enterprise to finally create a single view of their customer on which a lot better analytics and reporting is now possible.

ITC Infotech’s Intelligent and Connected Planning solution for CPG companies’ leverages advanced analytics models to improve planning efficiencies which reduces the planning cycles. Intelligent models further provide prescriptive recommendations to Trade planners – bringing in higher efficiencies in Trade planning for global CPG conglomerates.

Another application of Data led technology which ITC Infotech has put in use for clients is the company’s AI driven Connected Consumer solution – which connects brands with their consumers to enable precision, personalization and permissioned marketing which brands control collaboratively with consumers. This platform churns large amounts of data and uses advanced algorithms for clustering to identify a number of naturally occurring segments and sub-segments for precision targeting.

ITC Infotech’s take on issues regarding the impact of Big Data, Cloud, and Security

For most enterprises today, Big Data technologies are required to manage the large volume, variety, and velocity of data available. With the cloud, enterprises no longer need to struggle to build and maintain their own data centers, maintain SLA’s and guarantee uptime or figure out how to scale up compute in times of peak load. When it comes to security, enterprises need to implement encryption key management methods. Moreover, it is extremely important to implement monitoring and alerting against unwanted usage. Audits that track data usage by individuals in an organization are also important to deter potential misuse.

The Vision for the Future

ITC Infotech remains committed to becoming highly relevant to clients, alliances, industry, the parent - ITC Ltd and to its employees, in the Digital World. The company’s strategy for growth is supported by four distinct pillars – achieving Meaningful Scale, Future Readiness, Enhancing Profitably, and building Institutional Capabilities. Initiatives are underway to achieve the next level of growth and position ITC Infotech as leaders in niche areas and as an effective challenger.

Drivers for Growth and Expansion

ITC Infotech’s Digitaligence@work infuses technology with the domain, data, design, and differentiated delivery to enhance experience and efficiency, enabling its clients to differentiate and disrupt their business.

The company is powered by a growing portfolio of specialized solutions addressing critical business challenges, including Industry 4.0 solutions (PLM, IoT, and Embedded), Customer Value Management, Loyalty, Trade Marketing & Distribution, Supply Chain Optimization, Data Engineering and Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, Digital Banking solutions and Digital Agriculture solutions. The company provides solutions to enterprises in Supply Chain based industries (CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech) and Services (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare, Airline, Hospitality) through a combination of traditional and new business models, as a long-term flexible, trusted and sustainable partner.

About Sushma Rajagopalan, MD & CEO of ITC Infotech

Sushma Rajagopalan is Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, ITC Infotech, one of India’s most admired company. She is also Member of the NASSCOM Executive Council – NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPM industries in India.

An industry stalwart, Sushma has vast global leadership experience in the Information Technology industry. She has led organizational transformations, headed strategy & corporate development and has been responsible for several large deal acquisitions through planned strategic investments. Sushma is passionate about entrepreneurship and building a viable eco-system to promote new thinking and a culture of innovation. She has actively identified groomed and mentored start-ups in the US and in India.

“We are building a solutions led company of scale. We are enabling our clients and our global workforce reimagine the future – with technology.”