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Visibility across Your Entire Supply Chain: Jesta I.S.


Our goal is to be a leading global innovator of solution systems for wholesalers and retailers.

Jesta I.S. is a global supplier of integrated software for wholesalers and retailers specializing in apparel, footwear, housewares, and electronics. The company’s end-to-end solutions streamline your day-to-day operations throughout your entire supply chain while always keeping your customers top of mind.

With more than 50 years of combined wholesale and retail experience, Jesta I.S. recognizes the importance of providing solid software solutions coupled with impeccable client service.

Product portfolio

Vision Central Portal

Vision Central Portal (VCP) functions as a single point of entry for all the Vision Suite products: Vision Sourcing & Demand, Vision Merchandising, Vision Store &Omnichannel, and Vision Analytics. Jesta’s four main products and all of their associated modules are incorporated under VCP.

The VCP home screen consists of widgets where you can save your most frequently used menu options and reports. The menu options can be organized according to your daily, weekly or monthly tasks; the widgets can be arranged and swapped according to your preferences.

The Vision Central features

Answers: Answers is for quick business insights, which is especially useful for businesses that don’t have an Analytics solution. Users can create and schedule public or private reports that run automatically using real-time data pulled from the Vision Suite modules. The reports can be extracted into an Excel document and scheduled to be emailed. They can also be viewed on any mobile device.

Reports:Out-of-the-box reports, some with drilldown capabilities, are available in VCP: PO Review by Style, Summary of Open POs, Site Inventory Stock Status, Stock Ledger Details and more. The reports can be grouped together by topic (Sales Reports, for example), department (Merchandising, for instance) or even under a specific business role (like Buyer).

Alerts:VCP users can create alerts based on their own pre-defined business rules. Alerts prompt users when an event that may impact business operations requires immediate attention or when a task has been assigned to them. Alerts can appear on the home screen, be sent as an email or as a mobile notification.

Smart and Custom Query:The Smart Query tool gives users the ability to filter data and narrow in on specific merchandise; the results appear in Vision Merchandising’s Item Management feature. For example, a user can create a Smart Query to retrieve a carousel of the top 10 performing blouses without having to manually sort through and compare mountains of information themselves.

The Custom Query tool displays additional information about an item that is not a standard detail in the Item Management style card.

Vision Suite

Jesta’s Vision Suite is a family of end-to-end software programs for retailers, wholesalers and brand manufacturers. The Suite is comprised of four main products: Vision Sourcing and Demand,Vision Merchandising, Vision Store and Omnichannel, and Vision Analytics. Each addresses a different segment of the supply chain from product design and sourcing, to merchandising, omnichannel retail and analytics. The Suite is unified yet modular, thereby eliminating the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of disjointed programs.

Jesta’s new Vision Suite 20.0 includes multiple enhancements. Among the most notable is that the solution is now cloud-ready and browser-based, certified on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Also, Vision Suite 20.0 is usable on mobile devices making the software accessible anywhere, anytime.

Lastly, each and every one of Jesta’s modules have now been incorporated under Vision Central Portal, a widget-based solution that functions as a single point of entry for all the Vision Suite products a client owns. Its customizable home screen features a dashboard that provides an overview of menu favorites, reports, alerts and more.

The Vision Suite products

Each of the four Vision Suite products addresses a different segment of the supply chain. Some of their associated modules come out-of-the-box, others can be added on individually.

Vision Sourcing & Demand:Vision Sourcing & Demand (S&D) is designed to help manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers reduce cost and time to market while providing complete visibility of full-package and raw material procurement cycles. It streamlines the movement of merchandise throughout the supply chain all the way to the Point of Sale. Vision S&D includes Jesta’s Wholesale & Distribution, and Supply Chain solutions.

Vision Merchandising:Vision Merchandising helps buyers and merchandisers build market segments, product ranges, and price lines while using historical performance as a guiding factor to minimize markdowns and maximize sales. The solution subsequently distributes inventory through robust, demand-driven automation and tracks merchandise as it moves through omnichannel platforms while ensuring that the right products are delivered to the most optimal locations. Vision Merchandising includes Jesta’s Retail Planning and Retail Merchandising solutions.

Vision Store &Omnichannel:Vision Store &Omnichannel gives frontline and back-office retail employees the tools to cultivate seamless shopping journeys even when customers switch between touchpoints. Armed with real-time inventory visibility, the ability to draw from vendors’ stock and fast order fulfillment from optimal sites, Vision Store and Omnichannel enables experiences that improve loyalty and sales.

Vision Analytics:Vision Analytics delivers granular metrics that decisionmakers need to make strategic decisions about their global business. The solution collects and analyzes real-time transactional and customer information from an enterprise’s multiplatform environments, then consolidates everything into a holistic view of performance so patterns and trends are easy to identify.

The man who means business

Arvind Gupta, President:Arvind Gupta has a unique ability to critically analyze broad macroeconomic and technology trends, and decompose them into tactical process improvement and IT solution development roadmaps. He possesses a vision that allows him to foresee the end result with clarity and plan accordingly for long-term and complex endeavors.

Arvind has held a number of leadership positions at Jesta I.S, including Chief Operating Officer, accumulating over fifteen years of retail experience. As EVP of Development and Strategy, Arvind directed the growth and expansion of Jesta’s Vision Suite ® product line and was instrumental in cementing its place as a leading ERP and retail business management system. He has built and implemented focused and optimized ERP solutions for several notable companies across America, Europe, and Asia.

“We’re continuously enhancing our products to meet the evolving needs of the ever-expanding wholesale and retail industries as well as developing innovative solutions to maximize operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.”