Autumn Special Edition 2021

Vitelle Labs: Leading Manufacturer of Private Label and OEM Products in the Professional Skincare Market


Vitelle Dermatology Laboratories Inc. are internationally recognized experts in the manufacturing of specialized, professional quality products that meet the demands of day and resort spa, medical spa and eco spa markets. Founded in 1997 by a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in cosmetic chemistry and professional skincare, Vitelle has established itself as an industry leader in the development of cutting edge formulations and product innovation.

The company offers custom product formulation and manufacturing in addition to the largest in-stock collection of private label skin and body care products available in the industry. With product collections that span the full spectrum of the professional market, Vitelle opens the door to unparalleled opportunities for private branding and customization. An extensive in-stock packaging selection provides skincare professionals with numerous choices to create a product line that reflect their brand vision and budget.

Vitelle follows the recommendations of the FDA and Health Canada and they adhere to CTFA Quality Assurance Guidelines. These guidelines enable them to guarantee the consistency and quality of its products from batch to batch. They perform microbiological, temperature and stability tests on all formulations.

In accordance with the company policy Vitelle does not test on animals. All botanicals are selected for freshness, purity of source, quality and potency. The majority of its botanicals are extracted in-house using a traditional steam distillation method, which optimizes the freshness and efficacy of Vitelle's products.

Vitelle Labs manufactures skin and body care for professionals who sell its products under their own business name or brand. This is commonly referred to as OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer). Their OEM, or Private Label, offers skin care professionals the opportunity to build equity in their business by controlling their own markup, merchandising and product promotions. Offering a line of products sold under a client's own name/brand opens the door to enhanced distribution opportunities, profitability and business value.

While OEM manufacturing typically requires minimum orders, which exceed the reach of smaller businesses, its Private Label collections are the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes with a set-up and minimum order that is surprisingly affordable.

Vitelle offers one of the largest collections of in-stock product and packaging in the industry so clients are able to explore and embrace the opportunities and possibilities Private Label offers. Vitelle knows that embarking on a new venture can be daunting so they are here to help navigate the product selection and setup process.

Vitelle is one of a handful of North American manufacturers who offer premium private label and contract manufacturing services to the professional skincare market. Vitelle works with clients of varying sizes to create unique, effective products sold in premium packaging and finely finished.

Cosmeceutical Skincare

For almost a quarter of a century the product development team at Vitelle Labs have been conceptualizing and developing skin and body care that is widely used and recommended by medically focused practices, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. The clinical esthetic marketplace is highly competitive, to compete and excel, requires products which deliver visual results and scientifically-validated efficacy.

The company's approach to product development unites the best of science with green formulation technology, resulting in highly effective products that demonstrate a preference for natural source materials. Inception MD is Vitelle's newest, most powerful skincare collection offered exclusively to Doctors and clinical practices.

INCEPTION MD is a ground-breaking professional skin care collection that favors both phyto-origin and scientifically validated actives that help protect, nourish and enhance optimal skin health. With more than 20 years of experience working with Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons and skin care professionals, the formulation team at Vitelle Labs has meticulously evaluated and selected active ingredients which offer truly amazing skin conditioning benefits. Vitelle Labs is a recognized expert in the formulation and manufacture of professional skin care and they are the manufacturing partner for many of the leading skin care brands used and sold globally in professional venues.

The company's newest collection of Peptide fortified products that contain meaningful concentrations of Vitamins and active ingredients resulting in substantial skin conditioning benefits.

Advanced Skincare Collections

Medical Spa owners know the importance of highly effective, evidence-based skin care to the clientele. They work at a fast-paced environment, with demands on time, so it’s important that they find a supplier they can trust and who understands a hectic schedule.

Vitelle understands the needs and has several programs designed for the medical esthetic market, to help launch a brand. Not only does Vitelle offer very effective products clients can be proud to call their own, they also offer everything from turnkey to a la carte collections for professionals who want to start modestly. Vitelle's products create a perfect harmony between the medical and esthetic fields and allow clients to create a line of products that will elevate their practice.

Liz Cocchia, CEO

Liz is the company founder and a recognized expert in the field of skin care trends, marketing, branding and product development. She has been involved in the skincare industry for many years and serves as the creative director and strategic manager of Vitelle. She has a background in Business Administration and Finance from B.C.I.T and the University of British Columbia.

"Vitelle follows the recommendations of the FDA and Health Canada and they adhere to CTFA Quality Assurance Guidelines."