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VOLANSYS offers you a wide spectrum of offerings for converting your ideas into actual product

thesiliconreview-manan-patel-ceo-volansys-2017In today’s competitive business environment, the key and most critical need of any organization are lower time to market and lower cost to market. Companies are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, innovation cycles, product re-engineering, manufacturing process optimization and design costs. Volansys’ product engineering team helps you transform your vision into the successful real-world product. The team puts the idea into a real product and evolves the product as per client requirements ensuring to meet their changing demands of product design and development to consumer choices in parallel to meeting critical timelines.

Unlock the door of multiple opportunities

VOLANSYS is Next Generation Digital Transformation, Product Realization, and Data Sense Company, which acts as a ‘One stop solution enabler’ to realize your ideas into life. VOLANSYS has evolved into ‘300+ passionate curious engineers’ serving 150+ Customers all over the world and is gradually soaring in both facets. Its technical domain strengths, innovative approach, craving to do things differently and adherence to on-time delivery with uncompromised quality; make it a preferred choice for all technological needs. At VOLANSYS, they build a culture that rewards self-development and innovation. In all the aspects, the perspective is – “Ecosystem of trust can be built in collaboration”. VOLANSYS is based out of Santa Clara, CA and have design center in Ahmadabad, India and is founded in the year 2008.

Areas of expertise

VOLANSYS helps enterprises, technology providers, and startups build products in the domains of IoT, Healthcare, Consumer Devices & Electronics, Multimedia & Entertainment, Industrial IoT, Engineering R&D, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Education, E-Commerce, Security, Banking, Oil & Gas, Travel & Transportation businesses. It deliver consistent customer experience, business efficiency, and actionable insights by leveraging an integrated set of leading technologies like Big Data Analytics, Mobility, Cloud Computing, Unified Communication, Sensorization, Hyperscaling, Business Intelligence, Perceptual Computing etc. The company offers domain centric solutions applying skills, IPs and functional expertise in Product Engineering & Manufacturing, Software Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud & Big Data, Quality Assurance Services and Business Analytics.

From a small beginning                               

In 2008, a small team of Innovative, Visionary and Experienced engineers started VOLANSYS Limited in a very small premises with the aim of ‘Transforming the extraordinary ideas into actionable insights for the world’. Since then – Volansys is providing technology solutions and services along with the exceptional business values to them. Aimed to offer best products and services along with bleeding-edge technologies, it offers high-quality solutions and services from initial concept stage to prototyping through production – catering to the complete product development lifecycle with less time to market. The company’s team of designers & engineers specialize in the design, development, verification and validation of Software solutions and Electronic Products.

Connected devices and mobility services

Wireless interfaces like Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-wave, WI-Fi, and Cellular are becoming ubiquitous in devices, with attach rates approaching 100% in some cases due to the boom in IoT. Volansys provide services & solutions in board design, firmware & applications for building products around these wireless interfaces. With a long-hauled experience in working with such products including board design, firmware & application development, integration, system validation, pre-certification, production as well as field deployment, it can design a new product having wireless connectivity. With strong-grounded experience in designing such portable libraries on multiple platforms for various wireless interfaces along with the sample applications, it helps in designing portable components which can assist those semiconductor companies.

It offers various Mobile Business & Connected Applications Development Services. The enthusiastic expert developers have extensive in-depth knowledge about the major platforms/frameworks and cross-platform mobile application development. Thus it provides end-to-end Mobility solutions and services to Lifestyle, Healthcare, Business, Education and Utility Industries and enterprises around the world.

The Mobility services and expertise of Volansys are not just limited to, Business or Enterprise Solutions or Social Networking Solutions, but they expand with proficiency in the embedded domain, making a unique service provider, where Mobile talks with various devices in areas of Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, Wearable Devices and Unified Communication, Multimedia Devices & Gaming Augmentation. The high-quality Mobility offerings bring together content, technology, and device expertise to ensure an enhanced digital experience to the end-users.

The Success Mantra

Volansys’ DNA is about Solutions & Technologies. They believe that “Every problem has a solution”. A solution that wins business for our customers, a solution that helps our employee grow and a solution that helps in building excellent products. The attitude to realize a solution establishes a strong value system, to always work as a team. A team that strives for excellence for the customers is what makes Volansys special.

For them nurturing relationships is of great importance. Also they believe in the success of their clients. ‘Customer First’ is the first core value and corporate DNA. It’ll come as no surprise, that VOLANSYS has more than 95% client success rate.

Meet the Honorable dignitaries

Manan Patel, CEO: At VOLANSYS, as a CEO and Founder, Manan is responsible for defining Business Strategies and Company’s Overall Direction, Engineering Function, Technology Management, Talent Nurturing and Leadership Enabling & Team Building. His expertise lies in identifying optimum technologies for solutions, architecture, and design of solutions encompassing complete lifecycle in the areas of Audio / Video and Convergence, Web Based Technologies, Renewable Energy, Consumer Electronics, Streaming Media & Surveillance Systems. During his last tenure, Manan held technology leadership roles in one of India’s leading Electronic Design Services Companies. As a founding team member, he grew the company to 700+ people with revenue in excess of USD 18M. He established and grew the Embedded Division to 300+ team members with revenues exceeding USD 8M+ in three years. He was instrumental in building Streaming Media and Surveillance practices. Manan holds Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Gujarat University, INDIA.

“Our technical domain strengths, innovative approach, craving to do things differently and adherence to on-time delivery with uncompromised quality; make us a preferred choice for all technological needs.”