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“We are committed to solving our customers’ physical security needs with the latest technology”: Brivo


“Our mission is to provide commercial physical security solutions that are simpler and better than any other technology on the market.”

Brivo was founded in 1999 with the vision to use cloud technology and internet connected devices (IoT) to control access to physical spaces. We refined our technology in 2002 to focus on commercial security applications by providing the first SaaS-based access control platform to the physical security market.

Product overview

Brivo provides industry leading physical access control and video services so you can protect your data, employees and assets. 

Brivo OnAir®

Brivo OnAir, our flagship product, allows you to monitor, manage and control your facilities in real-time from anywhere. Our customers use our platform to secure their buildings inexpensively with minimal hardware and only an internet connection. Brivo OnAir provides hosted entry control, video and ID badging for unlimited sites, devices and doors. You don’t have to cover the high costs of deploying or managing IT infrastructure or software, we deliver that through the cloud. 

Brivo Onsite Server Access Control

Brivo OnSite Server is a robust, secure and scalable appliance-based access control server for single or multi-site applications. The Brivo OnSite Server is delivered complete and ready to configure via an Internet browser with its operating system and applications pre-installed on an on-premise high performance rack mount server.

Case Study

Lifestyle Communities Provides Mobile-First Experience

The Situation

Lifestyle Communities | LC is a niche, residential real estate development and asset management company focused on serving the specific needs of its residents through the thoughtful integration of living, entertainment and socially-focused ventures. With a portfolio of brands to serve the needs of its residents, neighbors, and communities in the Columbus, Ohio, Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee markets, LC is focused on delivering exceptional resident experience by inspiring meaningful connections, and providing smart living experiences. 

The Challenge

Prior to installing Brivo OnAir®, LC primarily offered physical access cards to residents with limited abilities to manage, issue and revoke access control as needed. With a growing portfolio of communities across the country, it was imperative for LC to have a secure access control solution to support residents’ desire for mobile access to their communities. Unlike other security providers, Brivo was able to support the residence experience at LC by providing a sought-after mobile application with a cloud-based security platform.

The Solution

As an innovative, resident-focused company, LC sought out a mobile access control solution to meet the growing needs of its resident population. “LC designs and manages its communities with a commitment to deliver a distinctive customer experience. We recognized mobile as a preferred solution for our residents, who increasingly use their smart phones for daily interactions,” said Chad Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer at LC. This recognition of resident preferences informed LC’s decision to offer Brivo Mobile Pass, the new mobile feature of the Brivo OnAir platform which creates a fast and easy way for residents to access community amenities via their smart phones.

Tightening Airport Security across 180 acres

The Situation

Redlands Municipal Airport has been serving the area’s aviation community since 1947. The general aviation airport spans 180 acres and serves more than 31,000 flights per year. A rash of avionics thefts prompted city officials, led by assistant public works director and airport manager Tom Fujiwara, to seek an affordable method to more effectively secure the expansive facility.

The Challenge

Fencing and two access gates controlled access to hangars and other restricted areas of the field. The gates were controlled by a standard non-networked card access system. A user could access the airport by inserting a card into the reader, which opened the entrance gate. Unfortunately, this traditional, non-networked electronic access control (EAC) system provided no intelligence about who entered the gates and at what time. The system provided precious little useable data to support investigative or forensic efforts surrounding the avionics thefts.

The Solution

Fujiwara selected Ultra-Safe Security to perform Redlands’ security upgrade. Ron Lander, Ultra-Safe’s president, was able to overcome the location’s design challenges by installing two wireless control panels, each outfitted with In and Out readers. The use of wireless control panels meant that no new trenching was needed. Such an installation plan enabled the airport to be operational throughout the four-week security upgrade.

Another plus from the new system was the Web-based interface. This gave Redlands tighter control over their multiple hangars. The system’s ability to immediately register all activities and provide a digital audit trail—from routine access to failed attempts—and display them in a Web browser or text message meant that Fujiwara’s eyes and ears were never more than a few seconds away from the activity at any gate.

A backdrop of this appreciable personality: Steve Van Till, President and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Van Till founded Brivo in 1999 and has led the company to become the number one provider of cloud-based access control in the world. Prior to Brivo, Steve was Director of Internet Consulting at Sapient, a software development and interactive firm, where he led strategy and technology engagements for Fortune 500 and deployments. Steve holds a Bachelor Degree from Calvin College and was a Ph.D. candidate in physics at the University of Maryland.

"We are the global leader in cloud physical access control systems."