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“We are primarily an R&D technology firm investing heavily in AI and algorithm technology for financial trading”: Clone Algo Inc

thesiliconreview-niraj-goel-founder-clone-algo-inc“We intend to list on NASDAQ and are currently raising US$250m for Round C, as pre-IPO round.”

About Clone Algo Inc

Clone Algo Inc is a Technology firm incorporated in Las Vegas, Nevada, US on 22 Feb 2010. Our head-quarter operations is based in Singapore and we develop artificial intelligence (AI) trading systems for financial markets using time tested algorithms combined with timing technology and risk management systems. We research timing sciences, develops algorithms and risk management system based on AI.

Vision and Mission of the company

Our Vision

To be amongst the top three technology companies in the world

The Clone Algo Application runs and operates a social network. Its unique Ecosystem allows users who are connected to brokers, banks & hedge funds, to easily Clone trades from master accounts on to their own account. Cloned algorithmic trades are based on advanced cloning and non-predictive timing technology. The App is a social network where FX, Stocks, Futures, CFD`s, Crude Oil and Gold can be traded.

Our Mission

The app provides access to complex strategies, combining Real World Success Strategies and Applied Research. Clone Algo’s Technology enables you to implement complex strategies swiftly and accurately. Our Turnkey Solutions gives Brokers the advantage of auto execution and access to sophisticated Analytical Tool, thus taking your profit potential to the next level. The Clone Algo Technology Platform delivers an Execution Management Infrastructure that increases efficiency and facilitates a fully automated workflow.


We will be a part of the Social trading revolution where trading system is simplified for everyone understanding and benefiting from the trading market through earning passive income. We continue top and bottom line growth with key focus on emerging markets with commitment to deliver long-term shareholder value.

Corporate Governance

Clone Algo Inc., has established a strong Corporate Governance system for managing and supervising our company. We have set up monitoring mechanisms to makes sure our organization’s values, corporate principles and guidelines are adhered to; as well as making sure that internal and external controls are met.

Effective and transparent corporate governance guarantees that Clone Algo Inc., is managed and monitored in a responsible manner and is focused on its’ value creation. This is to foster the confidence of our investors, the financial markets, our customers and business partners, as well as our employees.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is centric to our R&D in algorithm trading

Risk Management:

Losing trades are not closed immediately. Another set of AI algorithm is employed to “nurse” the losing trade over a certain period to minimize the lost or recover net position. However, if position is deemed unrecoverable, AI algorithm will take the lost and closed position to prevent further lost. With other winning trades, this lost can be net off.

Timing Technology:

AI Algorithms do not use historical data and do not predict. They use information available “at the moment” to decide whether to enter a particular trade.

Self-learning AI Algorithms: Algorithms have artificial intelligence, which allow them to trade dynamically in the market. They are trained to be self-learning according to the market condition “at the moment”.

Probabilistic-based Approach: AI algorithms use probability based trading to decide execution of trade “at the moment”

 Hardware intensive backend operations: We have and need more than a thousand of servers to support the dynamic AI algorithm trading system.

The Evolution of Trading

“Our technology uses AI algorithm that is self-learning and dynamic in trading “at the moment” of the market.”

Advantage of using AI Algo Trading

AI algo trading can achieve performance consistency:

  • Operates on a set of rules without greed, fear, ego or bias
  • Monitors the markets 24 hours a day
  • Identifies and reacts to opportunities faster
  • Consistently carries out the trading plan
  • Executes trades error-free
  • Trades simultaneous multiple positions with different time frames

Our Clients (Hedge funds and investment firms)

  • Brillance Capital Management
  • Vostok Funds
  • Treasures Spring Holding Limited
  • Clarion Capital Limited
  • Expert Talent Limited
  • Megatron Capital Limited
  • Indo Strategies

Meet the luminary: Niraj Goel, Founder

Niraj Goel has more than 28 years experience in the technology industry and financial markets. He began developing algorithms and timing technology in the 1990s based on his experience as a Market Maker and Futures Trader. With an MBA from Newport University, Mr. Niraj has been successful professionally winning awards such as “Sales Turnover Growth Excellence Award” from SME 1000 Singapore. Years of Mr. Goel’s innovation and applied technology culminated in a vertically integrated company under Dragon Holdings AG with its 2011 listing.

“We continuously invest in R&D to develop sustainably stable AI algorithm trading system.”