August Edition 2019

We are transforming cybersecurity with a cloud-native endpoint protection platform: Carbon Black


Solving Security asa Big Data Problem

Growing trends in mobility and cloud have made the endpoint the new perimeter. New and emerging attacks are beating traditional defenses, and security teams are too reactive and held back by their technologies.

Carbon Black is leveraging the power of big data and analytics to solve the challenges surrounding endpoint security. With the CB Predictive Security Cloud platform, it is transforming cybersecurity to deliver a cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) designed to protect against the most advanced threats.

Carbon Black Predictive Security Cloud

The CB Predictive Security Cloud is Carbon Black’s endpoint protection platform (EPP) delivering next-generation security and IT operations services through the cloud. It applies big data analytics across all endpoints to make predictions about — and provide protection from — current, future, and unknown attacks.

Carbon Black offers more than an endpoint security and operations platform; it supports a robust community made up of customers, partners, and industry experts that engage daily to collaborate and combat today’s threat landscape. Their collective knowledge is shared through active forum discussions, product tips and training, and curated watchlists and threat intel.

Carbon Black is Transforming Security Through Big Data and Analytics in the Cloud

Cybersecurity has become a big data problem. Solving it requires sophisticated analytics and the computational power and agility of the cloud.

Endpoint Security Leader: Carbon Black has been a leader in endpoint security for years. With the CB Predictive Security Cloud, it is providing an endpoint protection platform (EPP) to consolidate security and provide you the information needed to secure your endpoints, using a single lightweight agent.

Innovative Technology: The company’stechnology approach differs from other security vendors. The CB Predictive Security Cloud focuses on understanding attackers’ behavior patterns, enabling it to detect and stop never-seen-before attacks. Leveraging the power of the cloud, the firmanalyzes more than 500B events per day across millions of global endpoints, helping you stay ahead of emerging attacks.

Customer Focused:More than 5,600 global customers, including approximately one-third of the Fortune 100, trust Carbon Black to keep their organizations safe. Its diverse customer base includes Silicon Valley leaders in internet search, social media, transportation, and hospitality, as well as leaders across finance, manufacturing, retail, and government. With an eye on empowering every security team and protecting every endpoint, Carbon Black stands true to its founding vision: To create a world safe from cyberattacks.

Security Expertise

Experienced, strategic perspective combined with on-the-ground, data-driven investigation and research, give the Carbon Black team proven advantage in exposing active threats, improving threat response, and actively contributing to the broader security community expertise. It engages at every level:

  • Carbon Black security experts develop data-driven threat responses and leading-edge security strategies
  • Threat Analysis Unit researches, detonates, dissects, and reverse-engineers emerging threats
  • It actively collaborates with leading global community efforts like the MITRE framework

Strategic Insights And Actions

From financial services to the DOD, to the NSA, Carbon Black has brought together some of the most tested leaders in the cybersecurity community. Building upon the data-driven insights of its Threat Analysis Unit, feedback provided from its incident response partners, and their own experience discerning and learning from kill chains used by the most elite hackers, its Security Experts share their insights and develop groundbreaking strategies to protect the critical infrastructures of its world.

Behavior-Based Detection

Think of the Carbon Black Threat Analysis Unit as the special ops of cybersecurity. Its team is delving into the dark web, detonating hundreds of thousands of legitimate and malicious samples each day, identifying malicious behaviors, techniques, and processes, and broadcasting advisories to improve protection and response.

By continuously sampling the threatscape, its team has a deeper perspective about the attack surface, which delivers better protection. From enabling minute-to-minute improved response deployment to the ongoing enhancement of machine learning algorithms, it uncovers the underlying behaviors that allow faster threat identification and gives you the telemetry you need to make better decision-making, easier.

Cybersecurity Strategists And Trusted Advisors

A Howler is a dedicated, devoted and active participant in the ongoing discussion of cybersecurity, regularly employing their expertise and experience to help the community and the individuals within it succeed. They are focused on empowering security professionals at all levels, advising both leaders and power users, and building trust within the larger security community. A Howler is always bringing their cybersecurity DNA to the forefront of today’s ever-increasing challenges; they are cybersecurity strategists and trusted advisors.

Deep Dive into Carbon Black

Next-Generation Antivirus

Consolidate your endpoint security stack and get better protection and visibility with CB Defense, Carbon Black's next-generation antivirus and EDR solution. 

NGAV is designed to replace traditional AV, stopping the full spectrum of modern cyberattacks and providing the detection and response capabilities needed to address every threat. NGAV uses a fundamentally different approach to detect and block malicious activity, taking a complete system-centric view of endpoint security rather than simply focusing on point-in-time malware threats.

Enterprise Av Replacement

To stop attacks in progress enterprises need to invest in emerging endpoint security platforms like next-generation antivirus (NGAV) that incorporate endpoint detection and response (EDR). However, they must ensure the platform is enterprise-ready, able to withstand the scalability demands and administrative requirements inherent to large organizations.

Ransomware Protection

Get CB Defense, Carbon Black's next-generation antivirus and EDR solution, in your environment to see how it makes your life easier.

CB Defense participated in a broad-based test conducted by independent security firm MRG Effitas against a comprehensive set of fresh and prevalent commodity, master-boot infector, file-less and other types of samples from 42 crypto-ransomware families collected in the wild. CB Defense stopped every sample. Read the report for complete methodology and detailed results.

Malware & Non-Malware Protection

Replace your AV and stop more attacks with CB Defense, Carbon Black's next-generation antivirus and EDR solution.

Stopping a non-malware attack requires a different approach than traditional methods that stop malicious files at a single point in time. Since non-malware attacks leverage a series of known, allowed applications and processes, the entire event sequence must be analyzed to uncover the threat.

Threat Hunting

In today’s world, it’s no longer a matter of if you’ll face a cyberattack, but when. To prevent this, threat hunting has emerged as an essential process for organizations to preempt destructive attacks.

The people defending your organization are your best chance at staying a step ahead of your adversaries. While it may seem aggressive to work on the “assumption of the breach,” the reality is that attackers may be inside a network for days, weeks and even months on end, preparing and executing attacks, without any automated defense detecting their presence. Threat hunting stops these attacks by seeking out covert indicators of compromise (IOCs) so attacks can be mitigated before the adversary can achieve their objectives.

Increase Visibility to Respond Faster

Incident response is about getting answers quickly. To start, you need the details of all endpoint activity available to you at all times. This allows your responders to visualize the attack, see it evolve, and determine the root cause of infiltration and its intended targets. With complete visibility, you'll be able to quickly find conclusive answers to the questions you're asking.

Critical System Lockdown & Application Control

Critical systems are increasingly targeted because they contain the most valuable information. These systems cannot afford a moment of unscheduled downtime or performance degradation as they are the lifeblood of the organization. Companies whose systems hold highly sensitive data must utilize a solution that can guarantee their data won’t be breached or stolen.

Happy Customers

“CB Protection is a robust product that is architecturally sound. It is capable of doing so much and we’ve benefitted greatly from having it in place.”

~Geoffrey Cole, Business Analyst III, Cybersecurity & International, Chick-fil-A

“We leverage Carbon Black solutions for their effective threat hunting capabilities… giving us the chance to conduct advanced attacker profiling and intellectual enrichment.”

~Jimmy Sanders, VP of Information Security, Netflix DVD

“We strongly realized the importance and urgency of having the best possible endpoint protection platform.”

~Kotaro Nakanishi, Information System Department Senior Specialist, Domino’s Pizza Japan

The leader

Patrick Morley, President, and CEO: Patrick Morley has led Carbon Black as president and chief executive officer since 2007. Under his direction, the company has grown from a startup into the market share leader in next-generation endpoint security. Morley drove the effort to merge Bit9 with Carbon Black in 2014, which resulted in the industry’s most complete endpoint solution. 

Previously, he was president and CEO of Imprivata Corporation, a leading provider of authentication, access management, and secure communication. He has held senior leadership positions with six venture-backed software companies, including three that had successful IPOs. As a chief operating officer of Corel, he led the company’s global sales, marketing, and operations functions for the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. Morley played a significant leadership role in the company’s turnaround, acquisition strategy, and eventual IPO. He also held senior management positions at Macromedia, Allaire, Rational Software, and SQA. Morley earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Providence College.

“Our threat intelligence helps better protect our customers and strengthens the cybersecurity collective by delivering research, solutions, and strategies that help minimize threat impact, decrease attacker dwell time, inhibit lateral movement, and suppress intrusions.”